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Published on: 04.15.2023, Updated on: 11.27.2023

Acer Laptop Won’t Turn On

Acer laptops are known for their sleek design, top-notch performance, and advanced features. However, you can encounter an unexpected problem where your Acer laptop won't turn on, leaving you frustrated and at a loss for solutions. So, to help you with this, we'll explain why you are facing this issue and provide some step-by-step fixes that have worked for other Acer users.

Key Takeaways

If your Acer laptop won’t turn on, it could be due to a bad battery/charger, incorrect BIOS settings, damaged RAM, stuck Sleep/Hibernate mode, static charge buildup on capacitors, overheating issues, or internal hardware failure.

To turn on your malfunctioning Acer laptop:

  • Check the battery, charger, or charging cable and replace them if needed.
  • Configure the mouse or keyboard to wake the laptop from a stuck sleep/Hibernate state.
  • Remove the battery and hold the Power button for 1 minute to remove the excessive static charge.
  • Load default BIOS settings.
  • Reapply thermal paste on the CPU to address overheating issues.
  • Check and replace faulty RAM.
  • Replace the damaged screen or use an external monitor with the laptop.

Why my Acer laptop wont turn on?

Acer laptops are cheaper alternatives to more renowned brands like Lenovo, HP, and Dell. However, several issues might annoy you as an Acer laptop user; one is that it simply won’t turn on and leave you guessing what might have gone wrong.

Why my Acer laptop won't turn on?


If you are wondering why your Acer laptop is not turning on, here are some potential reasons:

  • Your Acer laptop battery, charger, or charging cable is bad.
  • Incorrect or corrupt BIOS settings.
  • Your Acer laptop is stuck in Sleep or Hibernate mode.
  • Excessive static charge has built up on the capacitors.
  • CPU overheating due to dried-up thermal paste.
  • Internal hardware failure (Motherboard, RAM, Hard disk)
  • Faulty display panel or low brightness settings. 

Now that you know the reasons,  let’s explore the causes and discuss some fixes to help you quickly turn on your Acer laptop.

Acer laptop stuck in Sleep/Hibernate mode

You might have enabled the sleep or Hibernate mode to preserve power and pause all activities when you are not working on your Acer laptop. 

However, your Acer laptop can sometimes get stuck in these modes and won't turn on when you try to wake it up using the trackpad, pressing a key on the keyboard, or hitting the Power button.

Why my Acer laptop is stuck in Sleep/Hibernate mode?

Your Acer laptop can get stuck in Sleep or Hibernate mode for the following reasons:

  • Temporary system glitches.
  • Low battery.
  • The keyboard or mouse is not configured to wake the laptop from Sleep mode.
  • The faulty Power button is causing the Acer laptop to get stuck in Hibernate mode.

How do I get my Acer laptop out of Sleep or Hibernate mode?

If your Acer laptop is stuck in sleep mode and won't turn on, ensure you have enabled the keyboard or mouse to wake it up. To do this:

  • Type “Device Manager” in the Windows search on the taskbar and click to open it.
  • Expand “Keyboards.”
  • Double-click “HID Keyboard Device” and click on the “Power Management” tab.

How do I get my Acer laptop out of Sleep or Hibernate mode?

  • Choose the “Allow this device to wake the computer” option, and now you can get your ASUS laptop out of sleep mode.

To enable the trackpad for waking up your Asus laptop, head to Device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices > HID-compliant mouse and allow it to wake the system.

Note: If you have activated the Hibernate mode through the Power settings and the system won’t let you out of this state, the Power button might be damaged and need replacing. 

How do I force restart my Acer laptop?

A simple force restart can quickly resolve the issue if the above method fails to wake up your Asus laptop.

  • Hold your Acer laptop's "Power" button for at least 10-30 seconds.
  • Wait for the laptop to power off completely.
  • Now, wait a few minutes for your laptop's system to refresh.
  • Press the "Power" button again and see if your Acer laptop is turning on.

How do I force restart my Acer laptop?


Static Charge Build Up

The capacitors on your Acer laptop pull and store energy from the battery. However, when the static charge exceeds a certain threshold on them, this disrupts the normal functioning of the laptop's electrical components, resulting in failure to turn on.

Why is my Acer laptop producing static electricity?

If your Acer laptop is producing static electricity, this usually happens due to grounding issues or a bad battery.

How do I stop static charge buildup on my Acer laptop?

To stop static charge buildup, plug out the charging cable from the Acer laptop, remove the battery, and hold the "Power" button for one minute. Next, put the battery back in and try restarting your system.

If the issue persists, remove the battery again and try to turn on the laptop with AC power

How do I stop static charge buildup on my Acer laptop?


If your Acer laptop turns on this time, you need to ask a repair professional in your area to replace the battery. 

Incorrect BIOS Settings

The BIOS or CMOS setup in the laptop lets you configure hardware settings such as boot drive, fan speed, GPU or CPU overclocking, etc. However, incorrect changes to these settings can prevent your Acer laptop from turning on.

Why does my BIOS settings keep changing?

If your Acer laptop BIOS or CMOS settings keep changing automatically, this can be due to a bad battery or hard disk. 

How do I fix the BIOS on my Acer laptop?

To turn on your Acer laptop, you need to reset your BIOS settings. 

To do this, hold the "Power" button for 10 seconds until the laptop turns off completely. Now, press the "Power" button again to power on the system and press the "F2"  button to enter the BIOS.

Press "F9" and hit "Enter" to load the default configuration. Next, press "F10" and select the "Yes" option to save and exit the BIOS settings. Hopefully, your Acer laptop will restart and turn on this time.

If the problem is still there, it is time to contact a professional to diagnose and fix hardware issues like a faulty hard drive or a failing battery. 

Dried-Up Thermal Paste on CPU

Your Acer laptop may be overheating due to a dried-up thermal paste on the CPU, causing it to shut down abruptly and not turn on for a few hours.

Why is my thermal paste dry?

Over time, the thermal paste on the Acer laptop CPU dries out because of the constant amount of heat accumulation, resulting in cracks in the paste that trap the air inside.  

How do I change the CPU paste on my laptop?

You can fix your Acer laptop overheating issues by putting in more thermal paste so it can tolerate and retake the heat. 

How do I change the CPU paste on my laptop?


Changing thermal paste yourself is complicated and can result in irreversible damage to the Acer laptop. So it is recommended to contact a laptop repair store near you to carry out this task.

Faulty RAM

Faulty RAM


A faulty RAM stick can trigger a hardware conflict that may fail the POST and prevent your Acer laptop from turning on. This is especially true when you are using two RAM sticks to improve the machine's performance.

What causes RAM failure?

RAM on your Acer laptop can fail for various reasons, such as heat or magnetic interference, power surges, electrostatic discharge, or defective modules. 

What to do if my RAM goes bad?

The only fix for your faulty Acer laptop RAM is to replace it with a compatible one. 

How do I fix my black screen on my Acer laptop?

To fix your Acer laptop's black screen, try to increase the brightness by pressing the Fn+Left key. If nothing happens, update the graphics card driver. 

For this, press "Win+X," choose "Device Manager," expand the "Display Adapters," and right-click on the graphics card driver. Next, click "Uninstall" and follow the on-screen prompts to remove the driver.

How do I fix my black screen on my Acer laptop?


Now, restart your Acer laptop, and Windows will automatically install the latest and corrupt-free graphics card version. 

If you are still experiencing the same issue, your Acer laptop screen may have been damaged. In this case, use an external monitor with the system for the time being. 

Acer monitor wont turn on

Sometimes, the external monitor you use with your Acer laptop wont turn on. This could happen due to faulty signal cables or corrupt monitor settings.

Acer monitor wont turn on

How do I turn on my Acer monitor?

To turn on the external monitor connected to your Acer laptop, connect the power cable directly to the primary power outlet. If this doesn’t work, press the monitor Power button for 30 seconds and plug in the power cable again.

You can also reset your Acer monitor to load the default settings and get it working again. Most external monitors have an OSD (On screen display) button. When you press it, a menu will pop up, and you can reset the monitor from the available options.

Acer Chromebook wont turn on

Acer Chromebook is a reliable machine for those who are a fan of Chrome OS, but it can also run into issues where it simply won't turn on, leaving you clueless.

Acer Chromebook wont turn on


Why wont my Chromebook turn on and it's not dead?

If your Acer Chromebook won't turn on, it could be due to a dead battery, a faulty charger/charging cable, an internal hardware issue, or a conflict of external devices with the boot order.

What do I do if my Chromebook won't turn on?

It is possible that your Acer Chromebook won't turn on if the charging cable or adapter is damaged or not completely plugged in. So, first, try to replace the charger or charging cable and verify that the issue is gone. 

If not, unplug all the external devices, such as a USB or hard drive, that might interfere with the boot order.

Finally, you may need to replace the Acer Chromebook battery, as a dead one could have no juice left in it even after a full charge. 

You can also try resetting your Chromebook to the default settings and see if this solution works.

Powerwash on Acer



What does it mean if your laptop won't turn on at all?

If your Acer laptop won’t turn on at all, it means that the power supply, motherboard, GPU, battery, battery charger, or RAM is faulty. 

To narrow down the problematic symptoms, start by replacing your Acer laptop battery and battery charger. 

In case the issue is not fixed, you need the help of a repair specialist to accurately troubleshoot and replace other hardware elements inside your Acer laptop to get it working again. 

What to do if Acer laptop is not starting? 

Before taking your Acer laptop for repairs for starting issues, you may want to give it a final go by resetting it. To do this, simply insert a straightened paper clip in the battery reset hole, hold it for 4-5 seconds, and see if you can start your laptop.

Where is the Reset button on Acer?

The battery reset button in the shape of a tiny pinhole on an Acer laptop is located at the bottom side. 

Where is the Reset button on Acer?



In this article, we've discussed why your Acer laptop won't turn on and shared a few troubleshooting hacks to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Hopefully, one of the fixes has worked for you, and you can now use your Acer laptop without any disruption.






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