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Published on: 04.17.2023, Updated on: 09.24.2023

ASUS laptop won't turn on

ASUS laptops are popular among gamers and professionals due to their amazing performance, better design, and affordability. Nevertheless, you may encounter an exasperating problem where your ASUS laptop wont turn on, which adds a lot of frustration. So to help you out, this article will provide the common reasons for this issue and some step-by-step solutions that may help you identify and resolve the problem in no time.

Key Takeaways

If your ASUS laptop wont turn on, this could be due to a dead battery, faulty charger, internal hardware malfunctioning, Power button failure, incorrect BIOS settings, damaged screen, stuck hibernate mode, or corrupt external devices.

To turn on your ASUS laptop:

  • Check display settings and adjust screen brightness.
  • Turn on the laptop without the Power button and repair it afterward.
  • Press the Power button for 15-20 seconds to get it out of stuck Sleep/Hibernate mode.
  • Adopt best-use practices to avoid overheating and hardware failure. 
  • Disable Overclocking from BIOS and replace CMOS if needed. 
  • Unplug corrupt external devices.
  • Ensure your laptop screen isn't damaged.
  • Update the graphics card or replace the damaged screen.
  • Reset your ASUS laptop from the shutdown state through the Recovery menu.

Where is The Power Button on Asus Laptop?

There are so many functions and buttons on a laptop that it can be confusing when it comes to locating the power button. In most models of Asus computer you will find the power button located in the section just above the keypad. You should be able to see a row of function buttons and the power button should be there on the right. It will either be a button with the word ‘power’ on it or a round icon with a line in the middle going half way down.

ASUS laptop wont turn on

ASUS laptop wont turn onSource

ASUS laptops are specially built for gaming and performance lovers who want maximum output from the machine. If you have one, you might experience a typical scenario where it simply wont turn on, making you search for valid fixes.

Why won't my laptop turn on but has power?

Here are some potential reasons for your ASUS laptop wont turn on but power light is on:

  • The Power button on your ASUS laptop is malfunctioning.
  • Incorrect BIOS or display settings.
  • Your Acer laptop is stuck in Sleep or Hibernate mode.
  • Internal hardware failure (Motherboard, RAM, Hard disk).
  • CPU overheating due to extreme usage or dried-up thermal paste.
  • Damaged screen or low brightness.

When I press power button on my laptop nothing happens

A hardware problem, such as a malfunctioning Power button, can be responsible for your ASUS laptop not turning on when you press it. 

Why is my ASUS laptop power button not working?

Your ASUS laptop power button could stop working for various reasons, including wear and tear over time, liquid damage, motherboard issues, or software glitches.

How do I start my ASUS laptop without the power button?

If you have configured your BIOS settings earlier to turn on your ASUS laptop with AC power, keyboard, wall socket, or lid, you can bypass using the Power button.   

However, most users fail to configure these settings before the Power button malfunctions. A quick workaround is to remove the ASUS CMOS battery and connect the laptop to a power source that will make it switch on with default factory settings. 

Now you can access BIOS to configure various settings to turn the laptop on without using the Power button. 

Note: You can also remove the Power button connectors from the ASUS motherboard and short Pin 1 and 3 to turn on the laptop. However, these methods require great technical expertise. So, it is best to ask a professional in your area to help you troubleshoot and fix the Power button issue.

ASUS laptop stuck in Sleep/Hibernate mode

Sleep or Hibernate mood helps preserve your ASUS laptop battery by automatically turning off the screen after a particular time of inactivity.

Sometimes, your laptop becomes unresponsive while getting out of this mode and mimics like it has turned off.  

Why is my ASUS laptop stuck in Sleep/Hibernate mode?

Your ASUS laptop may become stuck in Sleep or Hibernate mode due to software glitches, low battery, improper keyboard or mouse wake configurations, or a malfunctioning power button. 

How do I start my ASUS laptop stuck?

To start your ASUS laptop stuck in the Sleep/Hibernate mode, press the Power button for 15-20 seconds until the power light turns off. 

How do I restart my laptop if it wont turn on?

How do I restart my laptop if it wont turn on?

A force restart is another effective solution to start your ASUS laptop.

  • Press the Power button and hold it 15 seconds to force shut down the laptop.
  • Remove the AC adapter.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds to discharge any remaining power.
  • Reconnect the AC adapter, press the Power button again, and see if your ASUS laptop turns on.

Internal Hardware Malfunction

Internal Hardware Malfunction


Internal hardware failures such as a malfunctioning RAM, hard disk, or motherboard can restrict your ASUS laptop from turning on, leaving you at a loss for solutions. This usually happens when you use multiple RAM sticks or hard drives to increase performance.

What causes internal hardware failure?

Your ASUS laptop can suffer from an internal hardware failure that won’t allow it to turn on. The common reasons for these failures might result from mishandling the laptop, power surges, magnetic interference, overheating, or wear and tear with time.

How can I prevent laptop internal hardware failure?

You can adopt the best practices to prevent internal hardware failures that are causing your ASUS laptop not to turn on. 

  • Handle your laptop carefully; avoid dropping it or exposing it to liquid.
  • Do not use the laptop constantly in a hot room. 
  • Invest in cooling pads.

How can I prevent laptop internal hardware failure?Source

Make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware updates for your hardware components. 

Contact a laptop repair store in your area to replace the faulty RAM or hard drive if it starts to show signs of trouble.

Incorrect BIOS Setting

BIOS settings (Basic Input/Output System) are a set of configuration options that determine how the hardware components of a computer interact with the software that runs on it. However, abnormality in these settings can restrict your ASUS laptop from turning on.

Why does my BIOS settings keep changing?

If your ASUS laptop BIOS settings keep changing by themselves, this could be due to CMOS battery failure or you are overclocking the CPU for better performance. 

How do I fix the BIOS on my ASUS laptop?

To turn your ASUS laptop, you need to reset BIOS to default settings. To do this, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds or until the system turns off. 

Next, hit the Power button again and press the "F2"  key to enter the BIOS as soon as the “ASUS” logo appears on the screen.

Now, press “F9” to reset BIOS to default settings. Next, press the "F10" key and select "Yes" to save and exit the BIOS. This will cause your ASUS laptop to restart and hopefully turn on as usual.

Although a temporary solution, if the BIOS settings on your ASUS laptop keep changing, you may need to contact a professional nearby to replace the CMOS battery.

CPU Overheating

CPU OverheatingSource

CPU Overheating can create a situation where your ASUS laptop wont turn on. Sometimes, it may start briefly and then shut off automatically to protect itself from further damage.

Why is my CPU heating up so fast?

Here are some common reasons why your ASUS laptop CPU is heating up quickly and preventing it from turning on:

  • Dust and debris accumulate on the CPU heatsink and fan, reducing its efficiency in dissipating heat.
  • Old or incorrectly applied thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink. 
  • Overclocking and running resource-intensive programs, such as video editing software or games, pushes the CPU to heat up quickly, causing damage. 

How do I fix my laptop's CPU hot?

How do I fix my laptop's CPU hot?Source

To fix your ASUS laptop CPU overheating problem and make it turn on: 

Damaged Screen

Damaged Asus screenSource

If your ASUS laptop wont turn on but lights are on, there can be an issue with its screen. When this happens, you may notice that everything inside the laptop is working except the display.

Why won't my ASUS laptop screen turn on?

If your ASUS laptop screen is not turning on, this could be due to incorrect display settings, low brightness, a faulty graphics card, a dead battery, or a damaged screen

How do you fix a laptop that turns on but the screen is black?

Here are some potential fixes for your ASUS laptop that turns on but the screen is black:

  • Press the keyboard's function key [Fn+F7] keys to reset the screen and turn it on.
  • Press the [Fn+F6] keys to adjust the brightness to ensure adequate illumination to see the display.
  • Update or reinstall the graphics driver.

How do I update my graphics driver on my ASUS?

To update the graphics drives on your ASUS laptop when it doesn’t turn on, press "Win+X," click on "Device Manager," expand the "Display Adapters," and right-click on the graphics card driver. Now, click “Update driver.”

A pop-out dialog box

In the pop-out dialog box, select the “Search automatically for drivers” option to let the system install the latest and corrupt-free graphics drivers. 

If none of the above solutions work, connect your laptop to an external monitor to check if the issue is with the screen. If it shows the display, the display is damaged and needs replacement.

What does it mean if your laptop won't turn on at all?

If your ASUS laptop fails to turn on at all, it could be due to a faulty battery, Power button, motherboard, RAM, display, or graphics card. To determine the exact cause, start by reinserting the RAM and hard drive and force restarting the laptop.

If the issue persists, seek professional assistance to let them diagnose your laptop's hardware components and replace any faulty parts to restore your ASUS laptop.

What to do if the ASUS laptop is not starting?

If your ASUS laptop is experiencing start-up problems, it may be worth attempting a reset before going to the repair shop. To do this, press the Power button on your laptop from the shutdown state and press the “F9” key as soon as you see the backlit panel to enter the Recovery mode.

Next, go to “Continue to advance options” > “Troubleshoot” > “Reset this PC” > “Keep my files,” and press “Okay.” Your ASUS laptop may turn on after the reset completes.
What to do if the ASUS laptop is not starting?Source

Where is the reset button on ASUS laptop?

The ASUS laptops have no specific Reset button, so the only way to reset it is from the “Recovery mode.”

ASUS Chromebook won't turn on

ASUS Chromebooks are known for their reliability and ease of use, but like other laptops, they can also encounter issues that prevent them from turning on.

Why won't my ASUS Chromebook turn on or charge?

If your ASUS Chromebook is not turning on or won’t charge, one common cause could be a damaged Chrome OS update that affects system files or partitions. Faulty power accessories or power supply issues could also prevent your Chromebook from turning on or charging. 

What to do if my ASUS Chromebook won't turn on?

If your Acer Chromebook wont turn on, do these troubleshooting steps:

If none of these fixes resolve the issue, there could be an internal hardware failure. To restore your Chromebook to its previous glory, take it to a nearby Asus repair center for further diagnosis and repair.

ASUS laptop won't charge or turn on

ASUS laptop won't charge or turn onSource

Are you wondering why MyASUS laptop is not turning on and not charging? This usually happens due to a faulty charger or charging cable, defective charging port, dead battery, or dysfunctional power outlet.


In this detailed guide, we’ve discussed why your ASUS laptop wont turn and what you can do to resolve the issue at your end. 

We hope that by following these solutions, you've been able to get your ASUS laptop up and running again.


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