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Published on: 11.19.2022

How to keep your phone safe during a heatwave

Forecasters have verified that the US will continue to experience oppressive heat for the remainder of the summer, and while the majority of you are embracing the warm temperatures, your electronic devices may be having a different experience.

People normally keep their smartphones in their pockets when not in use, and when they are, they hold them in their hands. While your phones might not heat in normal conditions, it's a different story when talking about heat waves.

You might not feel it, but when you prefer getting that amazing tan in the summer sun, your smartphones are fighting off a sunburn! It need not be mentioned that overheated cell phones have trouble operating properly. In addition, their batteries can also be damaged after long exposures to heat.

Therefore, Simply Fixable offers you this guide that'll come into play to keep your devices from overheating.


using phone in summer

Nine tips and tricks on keeping your phone safe during a heatwave

1. Keep your phone away from direct sunlight

A hot summer day spent lounging in the park and admiring the clouds may be the best thing ever, but your phone may not agree.

It's not a good idea to leave a phone in direct sunlight to bake because the heat-absorbing components in most phones can easily become overheated (namely, glass, metal, and plastic).

UV rays can irreparably damage your phone's screen and outside finish in addition to its inside components.

2. Organize your mobile apps

Many apps take up storage space and processing power on your phone, especially those running in the background and are on for updates or check-ins.

Every notification you receive consumes processing power, signaling that certain programmes are taking up too much of your device's memory. By removing all instances of harmful apps, you can avoid the stress of such notifications.

Even frequently used apps can be energy hogs (and, therefore, egregious heat producers).

Check the app settings to ensure any unnecessary programmes aren't constantly running in the background (the procedure differs across Android and Apple devices, but it should be easy to discover in "Settings").

3. Keep your phone updated with the latest software

Keeping current with phone upgrades will help keep your phone cool and simplify your apps and background operations.

Most app upgrades contain "bug fixes," which often increase your phone's performance. Your phone will use less energy and stay cooler if it operates more effectively.

4. Protect your phone with a secure but breathable case

Cases often do not significantly hinder good phone cooling. But your case might be a contributing issue if your phone and the summertime weather aren't getting along.

A large, thick rubber case may trap heat inside and around your phone. We advise using a thin, unobtrusive case, such as many available in our store, which will provide adequate ventilation while providing a wealth of protective advantages.

Even in the hottest temperatures, your phone will stay cool because of the precisely constructed air-cushioning ridges in our phones that act as a barrier to heat dispersion.

5. Quit and let your phone relax

The simplest way to return your phone to a normal working temperature if it is overheating may be to take a break. Heavy use causes phones to heat more, so giving them 20 or 30 minutes to rest will allow the extra heat to dissipate. Simple enough!

6. Set your phone in airplane mode to ground

Although turning off many of the phone's features using airplane mode is an extreme action, it is one of the greatest ways to prevent your phone from overheating.

Your phone won't connect to the outside world, but removing such capabilities will save a lot of computing power.

7. Place your phone somewhere cool but not freezing

If you're outside and your phone feels warm to the touch or even shuts off, your first impulse could be to put it in the fridge or freezer, if one is accessible, to cool it off quickly.

Avoid doing this! Extreme temperature changes harm your phone just as much. Your gadget may develop condensation, and phones and water do not mix.

It should be fine to leave your phone inside the house for a bit or even outside in a shady area. To be cautious, turn off your phone while it's cooling.

8. Lower the phone's brightness

The backlights can also cause overheating on your screen. Keep the screen as dark as possible to prevent overheating difficulties from that variable. It's a fantastic technique to protect your eyes and keep your phone cool.

9. Charge sensibly and safely

It's crucial to keep your phone well-ventilated when charging if you're wondering how to keep it cool.

Make sure your phone has enough space to disperse the extra heat being poured into it by the charging cable, whether on your nightstand or your desk at work.

Make sure it won't get covered by a pillow or blanket if you keep your phone in bed with you while it's charging (perhaps you use a sleep monitor app).

How to handle an overheated phone?

phone in the sand

Don't worry if your efforts at preparation and technique fail and your phone overheats. Each terrible omen has a chance of turning out to be false.

You might be thinking, "How can I cool down my phone securely," if you're staring at a heat warning or your phone feels hot to the touch. Here is what we advise you to do:

  • If it hasn't already shut off automatically, turn the phone off. All heat-generating processing inside the device will end immediately.
  • Bring your phone somewhere cool and dry. Cold does not imply cool, thus no refrigerator or freezer. Someplace indoors, or even under a lovely shady tree, might suffice.
  • Cases and charging wires should be removed. At this point, adding more electricity to the phone is not a good idea, and a case will merely trap the heat even more.
  • Allowing it to sit will allow your phone to cool down. This typically lasts for a short while, up to an hour or two.
  • If available, blowing air from cold AC or a fan over the device will hasten the process and cool your phone down.


There you have it: the most effective manual for keeping your phone from overheating. Remember that electronics often automatically control their temperature, but the intense heat could cause problems.

Your smartphone or another gadget may be at risk of overheating if you notice it is slower than normal or feels physically quite warm in your hand. Remember to use the preventative actions we've mentioned or the troubleshooting above steps to avoid these.

If you face any serious issues with your phone because of a heatwave, contact our professional technicians who will repair your phone in just 30 minutes.

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