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Published on: 04.07.2023, Updated on: 09.22.2023

iPad Battery Is Draining Fast. Check Reasons and Solutions

You must have fallen in love with your iPad's performance because it can do almost whatever you do on a computer. However, if your iPad battery is draining fast, it leads to frustration because now you can work on it for longer periods. So, to help you figure out the problem, this article will discuss the primary reasons for this issue and what troubleshooting methods to try before taking your iPad for repair or battery replacement. 

Key Takeaways 

If the iPad battery drains fast, this usually happens due to the enabled Background App Refresh feature, resource-intensive apps, software glitches, constant usage with high screen brightness, overheating issues, incorrect charging pattern, or faulty battery. 

To stop your iPad battery from draining fast:

  • Disable Background App Refresh.
  • Check battery health and turn off resource-intensive apps, system services, and features.
  • Reset your iPad.
  • Switch on Auto-Brightness.
  • Adhere to best charging practices.
  • Replace the faulty iPad battery.

iPad battery is draining fast

iPad battery is draining fastSource

Are you watching a movie, preparing a college assignment, or doing work-related tasks on your iPad, and all of a sudden, a low battery warning pops up on the screen? Does this happen after you fully charge the gadget before using it? 

Looks like your iPad battery is draining fast, which can be a concern for an average user. 

How long should an iPad battery last?

Although it depends on various factors, your iPad battery can last up to 8 to 10 hours with a bit of care on a single full charge. 

How much battery drain is normal for an iPad?

As mentioned above, your iPad battery can last an average of 8 to 10 hours. But if you frequently play games, watch movies, use high screen brightness, or leave social media apps active in the background, the battery drains in 4 to 6 hours, which is normal. 

Why is my iPad battery draining so fast?

Why is my iPad battery draining so fast?Source

Wondering why your iPad battery is draining faster than average time? Here’s why: 

  • Active Background App Refresh letting suspended apps update content frequently.
  • Using resource-intensive apps frequently for longer intervals.
  • Glitching or corrupt iOS.
  • Constant usage with high screen brightness.
  • Bad battery or poor charging practice.

How do I stop my iPad battery from draining so fast?

How do I stop my iPad battery from draining so fast?Source

If your iPad battery is not lasting longer or draining fast, you can tweak the settings a bit or use a few tricks to make the most out of a single charge. 

Background App Refresh 

Background App Refresh is a feature in your iPad that allows the installed apps to check for content updates, even if you are not using them. When enabled, this feature can cause your iPad battery to drain faster than usual.

Why Background App Refresh drains iPad battery?

Active Background App Refresh setting uses your iPad battery, Wi-Fi, or data (For iPad cellular models) to update the suspended apps. The more inactive apps installed on your device, the more Wi-Fi and battery it needs to commence the updates, resulting in faster drain. 

How do I turn off background app refresh on iPad?

You can quickly disable Background App Refresh on your iPad with these steps:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “General.”
  • Tap “Background App Refresh.” 
  • Toggle off “Background App Refresh.” 

How do I turn off background app refresh on iPad?

Note: If you want, you can also turn off Background App Refresh for specific apps showing in the list. 

Apps Consuming Battery

If you use many apps on your iPad or a lot of system services or notifications are active, a few may be resource-intensive and can cause the battery to drain faster. 

Which apps are draining my iPad battery?

The following apps, default features, and services on your iPad can drain the battery faster:

  • Game apps
  • Music apps like Spotify
  • Location services
  • Share iPad Analytics
  • Services and system notifications 
  • Active system services like Find My iPad, Time Zone, Emergency SOS, etc.  
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Widgets

Which apps are draining my iPad battery?Source

You can restore your iPad battery timing to default by turning off the following system services, default apps, and push notifications. 

  • Head to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services,” tap an app, and tap “Never.”
  • Navigate to  “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Analytics,” and toggle off “Share iPad Analytics.”
  • Go to “Settings” > “Notifications,” select an app or service, and switch off the notifications for those you don’t need. 
  • Open “Settings,” head to “Privacy” > “Location Services” > “System Services” > “Significant Locations,” and toggle off all options under “Product Improvement.”
  • Open “Control Center” and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not using your device for online access.  
  • Swipe left to right from your iPad’s Home screen, scroll down, tap Edit, and tap “Remove” to delete unnecessary widgets. 

How do I find out what's draining my iPad battery?

To find out which apps are draining your iPad battery, go to “Settings” > “Battery” (Wait for a few moments, then tap > “Show Detailed Usage,” and select “Last 7 days” or “Last 10 days” for a complete power usage breakdown.

How do I find out what's draining my iPad battery?Source

Let’s assume Spotify or some other app shows it’s taking 7% of the power in the foreground but 40% in the background. This clearly indicates that the particular app is causing your iPad battery to drain faster.

To fix this issue, double tap the “Home” button to bring up the app switcher on the screen. Next, tap on the culprit app and swipe up to force close it. If the battery timing still won’t improve, maybe something has gone wrong with the app. So, it is best to delete it and reinstall a fresh and bug-free version from the App Store.   

Software glitches or Corrupt iOS

Your iPad can experience temporary software glitches, resulting in battery draining faster. This also happens if the iOS corrupts due to a virus in the third-party apps installed from App Store. 

Why iPad iOS glitches lead to faster battery drain?

iPad software glitches or corrupt iOS can lead to faster battery drain as it has to work harder and longer for the processes to perform and show up correctly on the screen. This causes a heavy burden on the processor and consumes enormous battery resources.  

How do I fix iPad software issues?

Simply restart the device to fix the temporary glitches on your iPad software. If the battery still drains fast, do a force start, and then factory reset the device in this way:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “General.”
  • Select “Reset.”
  • Tap “Erase All Content & Settings.”

How do I fix iPad software issues?Source

  • Tap “Erase Now.”

How do I check the health of my iPad battery after resetting it?

Your iPad will be as good as new after resetting it; most likely, the battery won’t drain faster afterward. 

To confirm this, check the health of your iPad battery by heading to “Settings” > “Battery” > “Show Detailed Usage.” If all seems A-Okay, make sure to install only those apps you would like to use regularly that are not dragging the battery. 

Note: You may need to seek the help of a professional if the iPad battery keeps draining fast after the factory reset process. 

High Screen Brightness and Active screen

It is possible that you are using your iPad with high screen brightness while watching a movie, browsing YouTube or Google, or doing some work. This affects battery times tremendously and can result in a faster discharge.  

Why is high screen brightness causing the iPad battery to drain faster?

Using your iPad screen at full brightness for long intervals drains the battery faster because it constantly exhausts itself to keep the display lit for the desired viewing experience. 

Your iPad will also always wake up at high brightness whenever a notification pops up, contributing to less battery time. 

How do I change my iPad screen brightness?

To let your iPad drain the battery slower, turn Auto-Brightness on to let the device adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient or room light. To do this, head to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Display & Text Size,” and toggle on “Auto-Brightness.”

How do I change my iPad screen brightness?Source

You can also change your iPad background from light to dark at night for improved battery performance. Simply go to “Settings,” tap “Display & Brightness,” and tap “Dark under the “Appearance” section. 

Quick Tip: Turn off “Reduce Motion” to cut down the animations and pop-ups appearing on the screen, causing it to wake up and consume more battery.

If your iPad battery is still draining quickly, turn on Auto-Lock to turn off the screen after a specific time rather than the long default time. For this, again open “Settings,” head to “Display & Brightness, tap “Auto-Lock, and select the number of minutes instead of “Never.” 

Another thing you can try is to go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > Display & Text Size” and drag the “Reduce White Point” slider to make the iPad screen darker than the standard high brightness.  

Poor Charging Practice 

Poor charging practices often result in low iPad battery performance, causing the battery health to start deteriorating slowly and drain faster than usual. 

What is the best way to charge an iPad battery?

To make your iPad battery last longer and show peak performance, here are some of the best charging practices that can help you in the long run.

What is the best way to charge an iPad battery?

  • Only use the included iPad charging cable and the adapter to charge the battery.
  • Plug the power adapter directly into a wall outlet rather than using a power bank, power extension, or another device’s USB charging port.
  • If you want to store your iPad, charge it half first.
  • Try removing the protective case before charging the device.
  • Do not use your iPad for extended periods while plugged in.
  • Use your iPad with the active Low Power mode to disable many battery-draining features. 

At what percentage should I charge my iPad?

To get the most out of your iPad battery, charge it at around 30% capacity and unplug it at approximately 80%.  

Is it OK to leave iPad charging all day?

The iPad Lithium-ion battery has no memory effect like the older Nickel Cadmium batteries, so you can leave the device plugged into the charger all day or night. 

However, it is never a good practice to fully discharge your iPad before charging it, topping it to 100%, and keeping it plugged in. Doing this regularly can lead to premature battery demise. 

Bad iPad Battery 

If you have tried all the above solutions and your iPad battery continues to drain faster, it could simply be that the battery is damaged and needs replacing. 

Bad iPad Battery Source

Why is my iPad battery going bad?

Your iPad battery can go bad due to several reasons, including:

  • Overheating issues.
  • Using iPad while charging.
  • Constant usage outside of the specified temperature limits.
  • Poor charging techniques. 
  • An Internal hardware failure causing the battery to work hard, get hot, and swell. 

Can the iPad battery be replaced?

Fortunately, you can replace your failing iPad battery instead of investing heavily in a new iPad. If your Apple iPad is under warranty or you have AppleCare+, the company will replace the battery at no cost in case its health is below 80%. 

However, you’ll find yourself out of luck when visiting the Apple-authorized repair stores for your out-of-warranty iPad.

Why? Because they have already hiked the price for replacing various iPad model batteries. But there is an alternate route. You can contact an iPad repair professional in your area, get a genuine battery, save on repair costs, and replace it without breaking the bank

How do I know if my iPad battery needs replacing?

How do I know if my iPad battery needs replacing?Source

Following are the tell tail signs that your iPad battery needs replacing:

  • Battery level drops while you're charging the device.
  • The battery cannot hold a charge for more than an hour or two.
  • The battery takes a lot of time to reach the optimal charge percentage.
  • iPad is getting hot.
  • Battery swelling.
  • iPad turns on only when it is plugged in with the charger.


In this detailed guide, we’ve discussed why your iPad battery is draining fast by exploring the most common causes. We’ve also addressed each issue contributing to abnormal battery behavior and what you can do to fix most battery issues yourself through handy hacks.  

Hopefully, you have restored your iPad battery health after reading this guide. But if it continues to drain faster, replacing the battery might be your only option. 


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