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Published on: 04.21.2023, Updated on: 09.22.2023

iPhone 12 Overheating. Follow Easy Steps to Fix the Problem

iPhone 12 is still a technological powerhouse even after the release of the latest iPhone 14 and the upcoming iPhone 15. However, you may have been experiencing iPhone 12 overheating issues, robbing you of its performance. If you don't know how to fix this problem, this article will explore why this happens and share tried and tested solutions to get your iPhone 12 cool down and work like before. 

Key Takeaways

If you are facing an iPhone overheating problem, this usually happens due to excessive usage in hot environments, a degrading battery, or using a thick protective case.  Other reasons can be a faulty adapter or lightning cable, software issues, or apps or features constantly running in the background.

To get rid of iPhone 12 overheating issues:

  • Replace the faulty adapter/lightning cable and ensure best charging practices.
  • Close the power-intensive background apps and features after using them.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh from the Settings menu.
  • Address software glitches and update iOS.
  • Use your phone with a low brightness setting.
  • Get rid of the protective case to let the phone cool down faster.
  • Remove the phone from direct sunlight and hot conditions, especially while using the Camera app. 
  • Replace the faulty battery.

Why is my iPhone 12 overheating?

iPhone 12 overheatingSource

Many users are experiencing iPhone 12 overheating problems, causing a blacked-out display, warning messages, inability to charge, and malfunctiong camera, along with other symptoms.  

The most probable causes of iPhone 12 overheating are a degrading battery or corrupt and outdated iOS firmware. Other reasons can be:

  • Incompatible charging accessories.  
  • Exposure to hot environments.
  • Thick protective case. 
  • Resource-intensive apps running in the background. 
  • Phone overcharging.
  • Software glitches.
  • You are using large and data-heavy apps on your iPhone while charging it. 

How do I stop my iPhone 12 from overheating?

You can stop your iPhone 12 from overheating, depending on the cause, by practicing different tips and tricks. Let’s discuss these issues, their reasons, and fixes in detail below. 

How to Stop iPhone 12 From Overheating?

You can stop your iPhone 12 from overheating, depending on the cause, by practicing different tips and tricks. When your phone feels hot, turn it off and move it somewhere cool to avoid it getting to the point where it actually has overheated, as this can cause damage to the phone.

  • Always use Apple products 
  • Never charge your phone and play with it at the same time
  • Make sure the brightness is down before using Facetime
  • Always make sure the phone is kept in a cool place.

Taking a few steps in consideration can ensure your phone doesn't overheat and led to further problems with the phone that will need repairing from a specialist which can be quite costly, so it's better if you check iPhone repair costs before taking an action.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating 

You might find that your phone feels hot to touch when you pick it up, which means it’s overheating. When iPhone 12 gets hot and overheats for too long, it can cause significant damage to the phone. 

Why is iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating?

Does your iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheat? The CPU in your iphone is responsible for the running of your phone. It doesn't use much capacity and usually sits under 5%. Sometimes a third-party app can cause the phone to malfunction, and as a result, it overheats. 

How to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating?

To check if an app is a reason for your iphone to overheat, try the following:

  • Step 1. Go to settings
  • Step 2. Go to privacy and then analytics and analytics data.
  • Step 3. Once here you should be able to see the data for the apps causing problems with your phone.  If an app has more than one entry, it is most likely the problem and must be deleted.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating?

Keeping your iPhone up to date is the best way to avoid the phone overheating from software or app glitches. Always check your app store to see if there are any apps with updates ready to download.

iPhone 12 Overheated and Won't Turn On

There’s nothing more worrying when your iphone 12 has overheated. The important thing to do is to find what is causing your phone to overheat. 

My iPhone 12 Overheated and Won’t Turn On. Why?

In many cases, a common reason for your iPhone to overheat is when it has so much going on and too many apps running in the background. 

How to Fix iPhone 12 Overheated and Won’t Turn on?

For overheating problems that are related to too much going on in the background of your phone, you need to lessen the load. To do this, you need to close all the currently open apps by swiping up on the screen and swiping on each individual one to close it.

How to Prevent IPhone 12 Overheated and Won’t Turn On?

In this case, the best way to prevent phone overloading is to close each app when finished using it. If you forget to do this, it's a good idea every night to go in and shut all the apps down. Then when the phone is charging, nothing is going on in the background, causing the phone to struggle and keep up.

iPhone 12 Overheating iOS 16

Why is my iPhone 12 getting hot? Good question! Many users have complained that after updating to iOS 16, they noticed their phones were overheating. The updates are important to keep your phone running smoothly, but sometimes they come with problems too.

Why is iPhone 12 Overheating iOS 16?

In many cases overheating after an update can be due to a bug that is in the iOS update itself. The second common cause is you might have apps on your phone that aren’t compatible with the iOS 16 update. When you try to run the apps, it will cause the phone to become hot.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Overheating iOS 16?

When iPhone 12 keeps overheating you need to do a force restart after letting the phone cool down can help to control the phone until another patch comes out to fix the issue. 

To force restart your iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Step 1. Press and depress the volume up button quickly
  • Step 2. Do the same for the volume down button
  • Step 3. Press the button on the side until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Overheating iOS 16?

Keep up to date with any problems occurring with the iOS 16 update that way, you can be ready when they release another update to fix the problem. If this is the case, close all the apps you are not using in the background to avoid the phone working too hard.

iPhone 12 Overheating on Facetime

Do you find that your iPhone overheats when you're using Facetime? It can be a common problem, and there is an easy fix. 

Why is iPhone 12 Overheating on Facetime?

A common reason for your phone overheating when you're using Facetime is you have the brightness on too high. When you have the brightness up high and you're using Facetime, the phone has to work harder, which can result in overheating.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Overheating on Facetime?

To stop this problem when it’s related to the brightness is a simple fix of just turning down the brightness when using Facetime.

To turn down the brightness, follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1. Go to the settings area 
  • Step 2. Go to display and brightness
  • Step 3. Turn down the brightness and avoid using Facetime until the phone cools down.

For more information, check out this video for turning down your iPhone brightness.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Overheating on Facetime?

iPhone 12 heating up don’t worry there is a way to prevent it from happening. Always close all the apps on your phone and turn your brightness right down before using Facetime. This means your phone won't have so much going on and won't have o work as harder.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating For No Reason

It can be frustrating when your iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating For No Reason luckily, there is something you can do about it. It’s hard to pinpoint the problem, but if you have gone through other causes, like a phone in direct sunlight or too much background capacity being used, it might be because you haven’t thought about.

Why is iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating For No Reason?

One cause people forget about is when you are in low connectivity areas so your phone continuously searches for a better Wi-Fi signal to connect to. By doing this, your phone will heat up. 

How to Fix Iphone 12 Pro Max Overheating For No Reason?

When iphone 12 pro max gets hot it’s best to put your phone into airplane mode in poor network areas to stop your phone from searching networks and heating up.

How to Prevent 12 Pro Max Overheating For No Reason

Ensure your phone stays in aeropane mode or off completely to stop it from searching for better networks while in low-connectivity areas.

iPhone 12 Mini Overheating When Charging

If your iPhone mini overheats when Charging, it most likely isn't a problem with the phone itself but the charging side.

What is Causing iPhone 12 Mini Overheating When Charging?

If you have a damaged charging cord or a faulty charging box, you will notice your iphone 12 mini gets hot to dangerous levels. Some phones have overheated and caused burn marks on the pillows and carpet 

How to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating When Charging?

It is best every 12 months to buy a new charger and box to ensure it’s in safe working order. It’s recommended to check the cables and box before charging the phone if a cat chewed the cord or a child has caused damage.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Mini Overheating When Charging?

The best way to prevent iphone 12 gets hot during charging problems is to use Apple-branded cords and chargers. Avoid third-party accessories. Always ensure the cord and charger and in perfect order before plugging your phone in, and never cover your phone when it is charging as this can overheat it to. 

iPhone 12 Pro Overheating and Battery Draining

Why is iPhone 12 Pro Overheating and Battery Draining?

 A common reason for people’s iPhones to overheat is the temperature. If you leave your iphone in direct sunlight, in a hot car, or sitting in a humid place, it will start to overheat. If the phone gets hotter than 35 degrees C, it will struggle and overheat. When the phone is hot, it will work harder to cool itself down, draining the battery fast.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Overheating and Battery Draining?

When iPhone 12 Pro gets hot you need to fix the problem right away. Avoid putting the phone in hot places and if you suspect the phone is overheating, turn it off and place it somewhere cool until it no longer feels hot. Also, ensure the case you are using isn't causing the phone to overheat.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Overheating and Battery Draining?

Always use Apple covers, as third-party ones can be made on the wrong materials, which will only cause the phone to heat up more. Never put the phone in hot rooms, and avoid putting it on your body if the weather is hot, as our body heat can cause the phone to overheat. 

iPhone 12 overheating when charging

iPhone 12 overheating when charging is a common issue that makes the phone uncomfortable to hold. This can also affect the phone’s battery life, performance, and battery time. 

Why does my iPhone 12 get hot when charging?

iPhone 12 can get hot when charging and displays a “Charge On Hold” warning notification due to a faulty and incompatible power adapter or lightning cable. Irregular voltages from the power source, a weak battery, overcharging, or using resource-intensive apps while charging can also result in overheating. 

How do I fix my iPhone from overheating while charging?

To fix your iPhone 12 from overheating while charging, unplug the lightning cable immediately. Next, turn on Airplane mode and remove the protective casing to let it cool down quickly. 

How to Prevent iPhone From Overheating While Charging?

Here are some of the ways to prevent your iPhone 12 from overheating before charging it: 

  • Head to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Location Services,” and toggle it off.

How do I fix my iPhone from overheating while charging?Source

  • Use only MFi-certified Lightning cables and chargers (20-Watt Apple adapter for iPhone 12).
  • Open Settings, navigate to “Battery” > “Battery Health,” and toggle on “Optimized Battery Charging” to stop the phone from overcharging.

  • Refrain from using your iPhone 12 while charging, and avoid putting it on charge immediately after extensive usage.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Battery’ > “Battery Health,” and if you see a Battery Health Degraded or Battery Health unknown message, ask an iPhone repair professional in your area for battery replacement.

iPhone 12 overheating after update

iPhone 12 overheating after update


iPhone 12 overheating after the iOS 16 update can be concerning and may leave you wondering what is causing this issue.

Why is my iPhone hot after a software update?

Your iPhone 12 overheating after updating to iOS 16 is normal, as it might still be updating the apps. One such example is the Photos app still indexing the extensive Photos library in the background, which puts a lot of load on the processor.

Other reasons can be the presence of bugs in the newly installed update or the apps on your phone are incompatible with iOS 16. 

How to fix iPhone overheating after iOS 16 update?

To fix your iPhone 12 overheating issue after the iOS 16 updates, close all the background apps. For this, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, pause in the middle, and swipe up every app’s preview cards individually.

Once all apps are closed, force restart your iPhone 12 and verify that the overheating issue is fixed. If not, try resetting all settings to wipe out any bugs by heading to “Settings” > “General” > “Transfer or Reset iPhone” > “Reset” > tap “Reset All Settings,” and typing in your passcode to confirm.

How to Prevent iPhone Overheating After iOS 16 Update?

The best way to prevent this problem from occurring again is to use Apple-certified products. Aftermarket chargers can damage the phone and cause it to overheat. The Apple charger has the right amount of power going to the phone to charge it correctly and safely. 

Ensure all apps are working correctly, as some can interfere with the update, which will cause the phone to run badly and end up overheating.

iPhone 12 getting hot and draining battery

Sometimes, your iPhone can get hot and drain the battery faster without indicating any warning signs. Both software and hardware issues can cause Your iPhone 12 to overheat and the battery to die fast.

Why is my iPhone 12 hot and dying fast?

If your iPhone 12 is overheating and dying fast, this could be due to a hardware problem, such as a weak battery. However, this is not always the case. The active “Background App Refresh” feature continuously updates suspended apps, reducing battery time.  

You may also be using services or apps like GPS tracking, Adobe Premiere, and Facetime excessively. 

What to do if your iPhone is Getting Hot and Draining Battery So Fast?

To fix your iPhone 12 getting hot and draining battery fast battery, here are some tried and tested solutions: 

  • Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update,” and update your iPhone 12 iOS.
  • Use only MFi-certified and compatible chargers designed for iPhone 12 for an adequate charge.
  • Close any apps or processes running in the background that you don't need, such as GPS tracking or Bluetooth.
  • Identify and delete unnecessary apps.
  • Disable “Background App Refresh.” For this, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Background App Refresh,” and toggle it off. 

Background App RefreshSource

  • Avoid gaming or video streaming/editing on your iPhone 12 in hot environments.

If the above methods fail to resolve overheating issues, inspect the battery's health and ask a professional in your area to replace it if needed.  

How to Prevent 12 Getting Hot and Draining Battery?

  • Avoid gaming or video streaming/editing on your iPhone 12 in hot environments.
  • Use only MFi-certified and compatible chargers designed for iPhone 12 for an adequate charge.
  • Ensure the case you are using is not retaining heat

If the above methods fail to resolve overheating issues, inspect the battery's health and ask a professional in your area to replace it if needed. 

iPhone 12 pro max overheating while using camera app

There have been reports of iPhone 12 Pro Max overheating while using the Camera app. This issue can even cause the camera flash to stop functioning, leaving you in a challenging situation when you want to capture a satisfying moment.

Why does my iPhone 12 get hot with the camera?

The camera module on your iPhone 12 can get hot due to the energy consumed by the CCD sensor in each of the three lenses. This mainly happens when you use the Camera app for extended periods in hot environments, such as recording with flash enabled in direct sunlight.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Overheating While Using Camera App?

If you have been using the camera for long periods, close the app, give it a break, and allow the phone to cool down.

Avoid using third-party camera apps as they can cause the phone to overheat and malfunction.

How do I prevent my iPhone from overheating when I record?

To prevent your iPhone 12 from overheating when using the Camera app for capturing images and recording videos:

  • Reduce the screen brightness from the Control Center.
  • Close all the background apps and turn off the system services momentarily. 
  • Avoid recording at high resolutions or frame rates under direct sunlight.
  • Remove the thick protective casing while using the Camera app. 

iPhone 12 temperature warning

iPhone 12 overheated and won't turn on


An iPhone 12 works perfectly between 32° and 95°F (0° and 35°C). However, if the phone’s interior temperature breaches the upper limits, it may turn off and won’t turn on until it cools to the normal operating temperature.

How can I cool down my iPhone 12 fast?

When your iPhone 12 gets really hot, and the “iPhone needs to cool down” warning message pops up on the screen, power it off, remove the charger and back case, and place it in a cool and ventilated area to let its internal temperature decrease gradually.

Warning: If your phone overheats and turns off, don’t try to start it immediately by plugging in the charging cable or putting it in the refrigerator. It may cause sudden temperature imbalance leading to irreversible damage.

iPhone 12 Mini overheating

Nothing worse than an iPhone 12 Mini that keeps overheating. It's not normal when your iphone overheats, and finding the cause asap is important for the health of your phone.

Why is iPhone 12 Mini Overheating?

Glitches in the software and app on the phone can cause overheating. Even a faulty battery can cause the phone to overheat. If the below doesn't work, you are most likely dealing with a faulty battery that needs replacing.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Mini Overheating?

The iPhone 12 Mini may overheat for various reasons, such as prolonged usage, software issues, or a faulty battery. To overcome this problem, try these solutions in a sequence:

  • Do a force restart.
  • Disable “Background App Refresh.” 
  • Update iOS.
  • Factory reset the phone.
  • Inspect battery health and replace the faulty battery.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Mini Overheating?

The best way to prevent this problem in the future is to force restart our phone when it feels like it’s warming up. Ensure the phone’s software and apps are all up to date. If the maximum battery capacity is below 80% then you need to get a new battery installed.

iPhone 12 Pro overheating

If you find your iPhone 12 is overheating there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. Luckily it doesn't always mean the phone is broken.

Why is iPhone 12 Pro Overheating?

If your iPhone 12 Pro is constantly overheating, this could be due to using it in a hot environment, running resource-intensive apps, or charging with an incompatible charger or cable. 

How to Fix IPhone 12 Pro Overheating?

Here is the best iphone 12 overheating fix. To fix iPhone 12 Pro overheating problems, replace the charging accessories, close or uninstall unused apps, and keep the device away from direct sunlight. Also, don’t try to use the phone while it is charging, and keep the iOS updated with the latest firmware. 

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Overheating?

If your iPhone 12 overheats Keep the phone in a cool place and never leave it in a hot car or near a heater. Turn the phone off when it's charging and avoid playing with it which can cause overheating when charging. Try to get a slim case with proper ventilation to avoid the case reserving heat.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 From Overheating Not to Happen Again?

Here are the best ways to keep your phone in working order to avoid overheating problems:

  • Use a proper cover that lets heat escape
  • Don’t use the phone while charging
  • Let the phone cool down after using it for extended periods
  • Avoid third-party apps as much as you can
  • Use a heavy duty cover to protect it from drops
  • Keep the phone updated with the latest installs.

Just by taking a few of these tips into consideration, it can go a long way to helping keep your phone healthy and safe from overheating.


This article explored every possible reason behind iPhone 12 overheating and provided several troubleshooting tips for you to resolve the issue.

Hopefully, the tips and fixes we've shared have helped you address the problem and restore any of your iPhone 12 model performance. 




Author: Hollie Spooner

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Hollie is a technical writer with over 15 years of experience specializing in creating content to help keep the rest of the world informed and updated on all tech-related subjects. Hollie has created content for many writing platforms in the tech and IT industry, and her passion for turning words into helpful articles is still growing. Hollie holds several certifications, like "Professional Article and Blog Writing", "Writing Editing and Publishing", "Creative Writing" and "Technology Digital Solutions" by Open Education and Thompsons Education Direct. When she isn’t creating content for the web, she is enjoying a crazy life with her family and friends.




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