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Published on: 05.15.2023, Updated on: 11.26.2023

iPhone 13 Won’t Charge

With over 1.5 billion active iPhone users throughout the world, it is safe to say that Apple is leading the charge when it comes to being one of the most popular and sought-after devices. But, just like any other high-tech gadget, the iPhone is not immune to technical difficulties.

Whether you experience the inability to charge your phone, a black screen, or a number of other issues, it can be frustrating and stressful as a user to figure out how to fix your iPhone. In this article, we will cover a few of the most popular situations in which your iPhone 13 will require troubleshooting.

By providing you with causes and solutions for each situation, we aim to help you get your smart device working again.

iPhone 13 won't charge


Key Takeaways

In this article, we’ll talk about common situations that you may encounter when using your iPhone 13 device. From issues like the inability to charge and black screens to the device encountering water damage, we will cover all things causes and solutions.

Solutions can range from performing a hard factory reset and trying new charging cables to purchasing Apple repair kits and replacing the entire battery if more severe damage is assessed.

Read on for more information about how to solve the unique iPhone 13 challenges that you may encounter as an owner.

Why is My iPhone 13 not Charging?

With respect to your iPhone 13 not charging, there could be several reasons why this is happening. Let’s take a look at the most prevalent causes below:

  • Damaged charging cable or adapter
  • Dirty or damaged charging port
  • Outdated software
  • Software-related issues
  • Battery-related issues
  • Third-party apps
  • A glitch in the software
  • Water damage
  • Third-party charging cables
  • Phone is overheating
  • The USB wall box is not designed to charge devices

How to fix iPhone 13 not charging?

My iphone 13 won't charge - which solutions are available for this?

  • Check to see if the power adapter is working properly. Make sure the powerpoint is on and the cord is not damaged and the box is working properly.
  • Check to make sure the charger port is not dirty. If there is dirt and debris in the port it can stop the connection occurring. Using a soft brush try and clean out the port. A can of air is also a good way to blow out dirt.
  • Always use Apple branded accessories as they are designed for the phone and won’t degrade the battery as the third-party chargers do.
  • If you think the phone has been wet or placed in a mositure prone room such as the bathroom then take the plug out and let the phone dry out. A can of air can help to dry moisture and move it out of the port.
  • The phone might have a genuine fault and it has just died. If this is the case Apple will either need to replace the phone or offer to repair. If you don't have an Apple warranty, then you may need to take the device to any other repair store nearby after checking their rates for iPhone repair.
  • Let your phone cool down if you suspect it has overheated. The iphone 13 will not charge if the battery is too hot. Try to place the phone in a cool spot and let it cool down for an hour and try to charge it again.

iPhone 13 Won’t Turn On or Charge

It can be frustrating to deal with your iPhone 13 when it does not turn on or does not want to charge. This can really disturb your activities of daily living, work life, and even family life to some extent. For more information about why your iPhone 13 is encountering this issue, we will highlight the most common causes and solutions.

Why Your iPhone 13 Won’t Turn on or Charge?

  • Your battery could have malfunctioned.
  • The prongs in your charging port are bent.
  • You have a bad charging cable or charging block.

How to Make Your iPhone 13 Turn On and Charge?

  • Check your charging cable and adapter to see if there is fraying or any other sign of damage.
  • Clean your iPhone 13 charging port with a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt or debris that could impede electrical activity.
  • Try doing a full restart of your phone by holding the side button and volume button until the Apple logo pops up.               

The Prevention

To prevent this problem from happening again, always check the cables to ensure there is no damage to the cords. After 12 months, replace your charging cord and box to keep everything running smoothly. Before you plug your charger in, inspect the port to see if dust and fluff are blocking the connection. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max Won’t Turn On or Charge

If your iPhone 13 Pro Max won't turn on or charge, it can be a concerning issue. Here are some of the reasons why this might happen:

Why Your iPhone 13 Pro Max Won’t Turn On or Charge?

  • Your battery may be completely drained which means that it won’t turn on.
  • If your phone is not charging, your charging cord or adapter could be faulty.
  • Your phone may have encountered water or some other kind of physical damage that harmed the internal components.

How to Turn On and Charge Your iPhone 13 Pro Max?

  • After connecting the charging cable for a few minutes, try a hard reset with the volume and side buttons.
  • Switch out your cable and adapter to see if your accessories are the issue.

How to Prevent this?

Try to keep a waterproof and dustproof cover on your phone to ensure water and dust don't get into the charging port. Try to keep your phone sufficiently charged to avoid completely draining the battery.

iPhone 13 Won't Charge When Plugged In

It can be confusing that your iphone is plugged in but won’t charge. Le’ts get to the bottom of why iphone 13 not charging and what you can do about it.

Why Won’t iPhone 13 Charge When Plugged in?

You could be dealing with a battery that has failed due to being overcharged or has just died because they sometimes do. Depending how you charge your phone and what you do on it the battery could have been overworked and needs replacing.

How to Fix iPhone 13 Won’t Charge When It’s Plugged in?

iPhone 13 charging issues what does it mean? Unfortunantly if the battery is completely dead it will need to be replaced.

Try doing a reset to see if the problem was just a glitch. If the phone still fails to turn on seek advice from Apple. 

How to Prevent this Problem?

Avoid overcharging your phone either overnight or for long periods of time. Avoid using high-tech games that make the battery and system work harder. Avoid playing with the phone when charging it as it can cause the phone to overheat. Most battery problems are due to an overheating issue.

iPhone 13 is Dead and Won’t Charge

iPhone 13 is Dead and Won’t Charge


Like many iPhone users, from time to time our smartphone will die on us. However, sometimes the iPhone 13 can turn off and not want to charge again. If you have ever faced this issue there may be a few causes behind the scenes.

Why Your iPhone 13 is Dead and Won’t Charge?

  • The battery is outdated.
  • Your software malfunctioned and caused your phone to freeze.
  • Your phone encountered physical damage from being dropped or exposed to inclement environmental conditions.

How to Make Your iPhone 13 Charge Again?

  • Purchase one of Apple’s designated repair kits to open the device and replace your battery.
  • Perform an iPhone 13 hard reset to improve the software’s responsiveness.
  • Take your iPhone to an authorized repair store for further diagnostic testing to be done.

How to Prevent this Problem?

It is a good idea only to charge your phone to 80% so you don't end up overcharging the phone. Keep your phone updated and keep an eye on the battery levels. It is bad for the battery to charge it from dead flat all the time. It makes the phone work harder. Close all the apps before charging so the phone isn't working hard in the background.

iPhone 13 Got Wet and Won’t Charge

When it comes to your iPhone 13 getting wet, there is a higher likelihood that most of the damage occurred internally as opposed to externally. It is not uncommon for water to short-circuit the battery, and completely damage your charging port entirely. But, do not fear, we will dive into the reasons why your phone might have gotten wet and why your iphone 13 won't charge after getting wet.

Why Your iPhone 13 Got Wet and Won’t Charge?

  • Your phone fell victim to an accidental spill.
  • Your device was left out in the rain.
  • You dropped it in the sink, toilet pool, lake, ocean, etc.
  • The battery is short-circuited.
  • The electrical wiring in the internal system can no longer conduct electricity properly.

How to Dry Your iPhone 13 and Charge It?

  • Dry your iPhone 13 with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Let the device air dry for a few hours without use.
  • Try plugging your device into a charging port after drying to see if the battery still functions.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer or designated heating device as it can cause more damage.

How to Prevent the iPhone from Getting Wet?

iphone 13 not charging after water you may need  a waterproof cover, so water and moisture cannot get into the charging port or the phone’s components. Water can wreck the phone and cause corrosion of the connections. Keeping water out of the phone is important to prevent water damage.

iPhone 13 Won’t Charge on Wireless Charger

While the growing use of wireless chargers for smartphones is promoting the need for cordless charging, there are a few issues that you should be aware of when it comes to figuring out why your iPhone 13 might not be compatible with such a device.

Why Your iPhone 13 Won’t Charge Wirelessly?

  • There are too many electronic objects in the area, thus interfering with the electromagnetic field.
  • Your iPhone 13 is improperly aligned on the charging pad.
  • The case on your phone may be too thick or have fragments of metal inside of it.

How to Charge Your iPhone 13 Wirelessly?

  • Center your iPhone 13 directly on the wireless charger.
  • Remove the phone case to see if that improves the wireless connection.
  • Try using a different wireless charging pad to see if the charger is the issue.

How to Prevent the Issue?

Use an Apple phone cover that is compatible with wireless charging. Always have a spare charger on hand to check to see if it is the charger itself failing to charge. Try not to have any other electronic items nearby that can interfere. Try to have the charger in an area by itself.

iPhone 13 Mini Won’t Charge

Quite like the normal iPhone 13, the mini version also can come with a number of frustrating device difficulties that can leave users feeling perplexed. Let’s take a look at why your iPhone 13 mini might not be charged on a deeper level.

Why Your iPhone 13 Mini Won’t Charge?

  • The charging prongs are bent or clogged with debris.
  • There is a bug with the latest software update.
  • The phone's battery is out of date.

How to Fix iPhone Mini Won’t Charge?

If you pull the cord out rough or wiggle the charger cord when it is plugged into the phone port it can damage the prongs or bend them. When this occurs try not to do this yourself. If you bend them too far, you can risk snapping them altogether which makes matters worse. Contact your Apple store to get the phone fixed.

If the phone's battery has been overcharged too many times or the wrong charger was used the battery will degrade and overtime it won’t charge.

Sometimes there is a bug when you download the latest software. It can either be a glitch on Apple's end or yours. Try to reset the phone if it still wont charge. Take the phone Apple and they can help. If the problem is with the update, Apple usually offers a release. 

How to Prevent this situation?

Always take care when putting in the charger cord and never just yank it out. If you feel the charging area is loose you may need to get it repaired by Apple. 

Always ensure you have the latest software installed to keep everything running smoothly including the battery. Try not to overcharge the battery. Charging your battery to 80% is a good idea. Anything over this is considered overcharging. 

How to Charge Your iPhone 13 Mini?

  • Reset the software to factory settings by following Apple’s guides.
  • Try using Apple-produced accessory cables to charge your phone instead of third-party options.
  • Try a wireless charger. If it charges, then the issue could be with the mini’s charging port.

iPhone 13 Pro Won’t Charge

iPhone 13 Pro Won’t Charge


If you have an iPhone 13 Pro that won't charge, you may be wondering what could be causing the issue. There are several potential reasons why this could be happening.

Why Won’t My iPhone 13 Pro Charge?

One possible reason is a faulty charging cable or adapter. One other common reason that your iPhone 13 Pro won’t charge is that there is a related software issue.

How to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Charging Problem?

Check to make sure that the cable and adapter you are using are genuine Apple products and that they are not damaged or frayed. If they are, try using a different cable and adapter to see if that solves the issue.

If you just so happened to update your device to Apple’s latest version, then you may have encountered a bug that needs to be fixed by the developers. We insist that you try the factory reset technique to see if this rectifies the issue. 

If the charging issue still persists after resetting your device, then you can rule out a software origin and point your finger to a hardware issue. For example, there could be a faulty charging port, battery, or other hardware component. We recommend that if you encounter any internal hardware issues then to seek out assistance from a certified repair technician.

How to Prevent This Problem?

Only use Apple products to avoid degradation of the battery and phone. If could be a faulty charging cord, so try and have a spare one on hand in case you need it. Check your phone often for updates and install when they are ready. Restarting your phone often can help you to

iPhone 13 Pro Max Won’t Charge

With the iPhone 13 Pro Max offering a sleek design, high-tech features, and unparalleled performance this does not mean that it is immune to technical difficulties. Despite the incredible robustness this iPhone version offers, there are a few scenarios in which you may experience issues with the device.

A prevalent situation that owners commonly encounter is when the iPhone does not want to charge. The reasons behind your iPhone 13 Pro Max not charging can vary.

Why Won’t iPhone 13 Pro Max Charge?

Perhaps, your charging cable is damaged, which means that your phone won’t charge at all. Similarly, if the charging port is blocked with debris, it can cause issues with the charging process. Or rather, your iPhone 13 might have encountered a software glitch or possesses a faulty battery that can also lead to charging problems.

How to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Charging Problem?

To fix these common charging problems on your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can try to check the charging cable, clean the charging port, restart your iPhone, update your iPhone, or seek out professional help.

Opt for an Apple charger, as these are more reliable and won’t cause damage to your battery. Try to replace the charging box with a spare and see if you can get it to work.

You can use a pin or toothpick and gently pry around the opening of the charging port in case any debris or fluff is stuck in there. Ensure your phone has the latest software installed to ensure an optimized battery.

How to Prevent The Problem?

You can keep the charger port area free of dust and dirt by using a cover with a removable flap to protect the port when it is not in use.

Using a proper Apple charger will ensure you get optimized battery health and charging.

iPhone 13 Charging Port Not Working

It can be a worry when your iphone 13 charger port not working phone starts going flat, and the charger is not working. There are a few fixes for this let’s check them out.

What Causes the iPhone 13 Charging Port Not Working?

When the phone is plugged into the charger but isn’t charging, it could be that the charging cable is no good anymore. It also may be damaged, which is affecting its use. Another cause of the charger not charging your phone is lint or fluff caught in the port. It can stop the ends from connecting properly.

How to Fix iPhone 13 Charging Issues?

If you suspect the cord or charger box is the problem, try a different one and see if you have any luck charging it.  Clean the charger port with a soft-bristled brush or an air spray can. This will remove anything in the port that may stop the connections from meeting.

How to Prevent the Problem?

Preventing the problem is fairly simple. Ensure you buy a phone cover with a flap over the charging port area. This will keep any dirt and dust out of the port. Always inspect the charging cable and box to look for damage and replace if you see anything out of the ordinary.

iPhone 13 Not Charging When Plugged In

While it’s frustrating that your iphone is not charging sometimes, there is a simple issue with an easy fix. Let’s look at what the problem could be.

Why is My iPhone Not Charging when Plugged in?

There are a few things that could be causing the problem. The charger box may not be plugged into the outlet securely, or the cord is not in the charging port fully enough to connect. If there is moisture present in the charging port, the phone will not charge.

How to Fix the Charging Issue?

Check that the plug is pushed in fully to the outlet and the switch is turned on. Make sure that you look over the plug and cables for any damage. Try another charger to see if the problem is fixed. If moisture is present in the charging port, you should receive a notification on the screen telling you that moisture is present and you need to dry the port out first. If the phone is dead flat, you may not see this warning. Blowing into the port can help move moisture away, but avoid using a hairdryer, which can damage the components.

How to Prevent This From Happening Again?

Always avoid using your phone near water or in moisture-prone rooms like a bathroom. Leaving your phone in the sun can cause condensation, and moisture can wreck the internals. It’s a good idea to replace your charger and cord every twelve months to avoid it failing and not charging your phone correctly. 

iPhone 13 Pro Not Charging When Plugged In

In most cases, unless you have dropped the phone, jailbroke it, or there is water present, then the problem is most likely minor. This means there are a few things you can try at home. Forcing your phone into a soft reset can fix any glitches in the system and start the phone fresh. Here’s how to complete a soft reset:

Step 1. Press and let go of the volume up button

Step 2. Do the same for the volume down button    

Step 3. Let go of the volume button, and now press the power button. You can let go once the Apple logo appears, and the phone should start up normally.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Not Charging When Plugged In 

Nothing is more frustrating than a phone that isn’t charging. Let’s discuss the reasons why and solutions for this problem. 

The two common reasons for this problem are when lint or dust is stuck in the port, or the lightning cable is damaged. Another one, not many people know is if you are using an old charger with a different model, it can cause problems when charging. Try using a modern Apple-branded charger and see if this fixes the problem.

iPhone 13 Won't Turn On After Charging Overnight 

You expect your phone to turn on after you have charged it all night, right? You would think so but it actually is harmful to charge your phone overnight.

Why Won’t the iPhone 13 Turn On After Charging Overnight?

The most common reason for this problem is that your phone has overheated. When your phone has fully charged, and you keep the power plugged in, it can overheat the battery. This is especially true if you have apps open. With apps going on in the background and the phone plugged in charging the phone will work harder and eventually get hot. The problem is it will send you a notification on the screen but if you’re asleep, you might not get it. Hence it shuts off completely and won’t turn on.

How to Fix the iPhone 13 Turn On After Charging Overnight?

Try unplugging the charger and place the phone in a cool area. Let the phone cool for an hour or more if you can. Try to turn the phone on. If the phone does not come on, you have fried it, and it will need to be repaired by an Apple specialist.

How to Prevent the Problem?

Avoid charging your phone overnight. If you turn your phone off and charge it, you will find it doesn't take long to charge. Putting the phone on the charger and taking it off once it has reached full battery is the best way to protect the battery from overcharging and heating up the phone.

How to Avoid iPhone 13 Not Charging Problems?

  • Always keep the phone away from moisture and water
  • Use Apple-branded chargers and cords
  • Use a waterproof cover 
  • Heavy-duty covers can prevent damage to the charging port from drops
  • Keep the phone up to date so things can run smoothly
  • Try not to overcharge the phone 
  • Avoid charging the phone overnight 
  • Check the charger port for dirt and dust
  • Pull the cords in and out gently

Where to get professional help for iPhone 13 not Charging?

Keep in mind that if issues persist, then you can always seek out professional help from a qualified repair store for your iPhone 13. It's advised to check their iPhone 13 repair costs before asking for help. Here are the charging port repair costs offered by Simply Fixable for iPhone 13:

Model name

Simply Fixable iPhone charging

port repair cost

Apple iPhone charging port repair cost

iPhone 13



iPhone 13 Mini



iPhone 13 Pro



iPhone 13 Pro Max



Table 1. iPhone 13 charging port repair cost per model

*Data in the given table is based on Simply Fixable's market research and the official Apple website


Pertaining to the iPhone 13, charging issues can be especially frustrating. For those that rely on the device on a daily basis, the urgent need to use their phone when it happens to be dead has a black screen, or has succumbed to internal damage can impede your need to live.

If you have encountered any of the situations discussed in today’s blog, we recommend trying the solutions that we have posed for you to try. Most of the solutions that can be used for the common technical difficulties with the iPhone 13 can be solved on your own.





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