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Published on: 04.07.2023

Phone repair: 8 tips to get your iPhone repaired efficiently

Having issues with your iPhones is a headache since that is the moment of the decision whether to make a heavy repair investment or run the risk of damaging your iPhones after repairing them yourself.

But worry not; the guide below will cover the common problems people face with their iPhones. Their solutions are mentioned easily so you can follow them without any risks.

phone repair


What is the most common problem with iPhones?

No matter what type of electronic device you're using, they all have a specific life after which they start malfunctioning. It's the same with iPhones too. No matter how expensive a model you have chosen, it'll start demanding repairs after running its course.

You'll start having problems with the iPhone home screen, volume, and lock buttons. Maybe the earpiece of your iPhone gets muffled, display activity starts having issues, software issues, and more.

The first thing you need to do during such situations is to restart your iPhones. This is the most common repair tactic for any electronic device. Restarting them often resolves many issues they might have.

Is it worth repairing your iPhone?

Your situation decides whether it is worth repairing your iPhone or not. First, see if your wallet allows you to get a new phone. If it doesn't, repairing your iPhone is more of a necessity than a choice.

Is it worth repairing your iPhone?


Also, check how much time it has been since you bought your iPhones. If it hasn't been much, the Apple warranty might already cover it, and you can get it repaired for a minimum fee or even free.

At last, if it has been a significant time since you've bought your iPhone and its life has run out, discarding them will be the best option.

Can you repair your iPhone yourself?

Common iPhone issues can be solved by restarting your iPhone, which you can do yourself. In addition, many small hardware issues can also be resolved at home, as shown in the below guide.

But if the issue is big, that might be your cue to contact professionals.

8 tips for iPhone repair

1. Shattered/cracked iPhone display

An iPhone screen that is broken, disabled, or won't turn on is among the most prevalent issues that have received a lot of attention.

Users typically switch to a new screen straight at the Apple Store. But, by following the procedures below, you can replace a broken iPhone screen yourself.

  • Purchase a replacement screen and equipment like knives and screwdrivers for fixing eyeglasses online.
  • Disassemble your device. To remove the screws next to the charging port, use the screwdriver.
  • After that, open the screen with the knife after sticking the plastic sucker on it.
  • To separate the front display component from the rear case, remove the screws holding the battery connection bracket and front display component cable bracket.
  • Put the new screen on your iPhone after removing the old one, and then screw each component back into place.

cracked iPhone display


2. Malfunctioning home button

A software bug or a hardware limitation could be to blame for a non-responsive iPhone home button. Wipe the button using a cotton ball and eye droppers before beginning the mending procedures.

Method 1: Restoring an iPhone in "Recovery Mode"

Try restarting your iPhone first, and if it doesn't work to resolve the problem, try entering "Recovery Mode" on your iPhone, exiting, and restarting.

  • Install any troubleshooting application (for example, Tenorshare ReiBoot) on your Mac or PC, launch it, and connect your iPhone to the computer. When your iOS has been found, select "Enter Recovery Mode."
  • Click "Exit Recovery Mode" after your iPhone successfully enters the mode.

Method 2: Hand-repair the home screen

Hardware issues are the real cause if the iPhone home button stops functioning after being dropped or wet.

Two cables connect the home button and logic board. You won't get any responsiveness from the iPhone display if there is a problem with these connectors or the home button.

  • After disassembling your iPhone screen, remove the screws surrounding the Home Button. Verify that the button and cords are intact.
  • Purchase a replacement home button if the one you have is damaged. However, the touch ID feature is disabled if you change the home button yourself; you must visit an Apple Store to activate it.

3. Disabled flashlight

Another frequent hardware issue for many users is the iPhone's defective rear camera flashlight. When the iPhone is dropped or gets wet, this problem could arise. The steps below can be used to attempt a rapid repair of the flashlight.

  • Disconnect all the bolts and the camera mount, then separate the front panel assembly from the back case.
  • Take out the iPhone's rear-facing camera, then replace it.
  • Put everything back where it belongs, and it should now function.

Disabled flashlight on phone


4. Malfunctioning iPhone battery

The best option when an iPhone battery is severely damaged is to upgrade to a new one from the Apple Store. If the warranty is no longer valid, you will have to take care of this yourself.

  • Start peeling the battery attachment tabs from the battery's bottom, then separate the front panel assembly from the rear casing.
  • A plastic card can also be used to extract the battery from an iPhone. When removing the battery, take care not to place the card where the volume button would be.
  • Use fresh adhesive strips to secure the new battery after inserting it.

5. Disrupted lock button

Unable to conveniently lock or turn off your iPhone due to a broken lock button is a very unpleasant problem. Use the steps below to try replacing a new power button.

  • Remove the battery and a portion of the iPhone screen.
  • Remove the dock connector assembly's plug.
  • Get rid of the logic board.
  • Disconnect the power button shield's screw as well as the cushion pad that covers the button.
  • Towards the left of the flash bracket and flashlight, remove the screws.
  • Push the frame's internal power button mechanism using a razor blade.
  • You can now install a new power button in place of the existing one.

6. Toned down earpiece speaker

Many users have experienced iPhone ear speaker issues when on a call or after getting wet. Follow the instructions to resolve the low volume or quiet earpiece speaker issue.

  • Remove the screws holding the earpiece audio mount to the iPhone after detaching the screen from the back case.
  • Push the front-facing camera's housing aside.
  • To reach the earpiece speaker, cut away the front-facing camera.
  • Replace the earpiece speaker by removing the old one.

7. Issues with Wi-Fi antenna

If the software troubleshooting advice hasn't fixed the Wi-Fi connection, there should be a hardware issue. Try replacing the Wi-Fi antenna on your iPhone by following the steps below.

  • Extract the top wire bracket from iPhone by disassembling it using the same steps as the previous components.
  • The Wi-Fi antenna's screws can then be removed.
  • The Wi-Fi antenna should now be removed and changed with a fresh one.

8. Malfunctioning volume control button

You cannot increase or decrease the volume on an iPhone when the side volume controls are malfunctioning. To solve this problem, use the troubleshooting methods listed below.

  1. Launch the iPhone again
  2. iOS upgrade: Go to "General" under Settings. To update iPhone to the most recent version of iOS, select "Software Update" from there.
  3. iPhone reset by hand: Until the Apple logo shows, simultaneously press and hold the power and home buttons.

A hardware issue is probably to blame if the suggestions above fail to address your problem. The best course of action is to replace the volume button.

Pull away from your iPhone repair stress

The above article covered the most common problems people face with their iPhones and their solutions. If you cannot solve the issue by yourself, it is important to request the service of professional repair services.

Simply Fixable offers professional repair services that make client satisfaction their priority. Located in the US, the company has deep roots in the industry and knows how to repair your iPhones in the shortest time. We ensure to repair your devices in a duration of 30 minutes, and all of that is done without any additional fees.

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