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Published on: 04.07.2023

Removable Back Glass returns to iPhone 14 after a Decade - Is Apple Making Repairs Easier?

Apple has been making recent iPhone models as impenetrable as possible. The news of iPhone 14 moving towards a removable back glass has caught the industry by storm and got positive attention from the media. 

The claims of the removable back glass in the iPhone 14 are verified by CNET and Techcrunch in their latest blog, which pointed out that the iPhone’s redesign not only allows it to dissipate heat in an efficient manner but also makes replacing the back glass panel much easier. 

iPhone 14


Removable iPhone Back Glass Has Been a Long Time Coming

The last iPhone to come with removable back glass was the much-adored iPhone 4s. After which, all iPhone models up until the iPhone 13 series came with concealed glass backs, which meant that the only possible way to open the phone was via the front screen. 

This made back panel repairs infinitely difficult to the point iPhone users refused to repair the back glass due to the high repair cost. So, if you are out of warranty and break your iPhone’s back glass,you just keep it like that.

Other users who opted to use a skin or a case on their iPhone to conceal the broken glass. While some people outright opted for a trade-in for a newer iPhone model. However, at a time when phone costs are rising astronomically, buying a new phone because the older one cannot be repaired is a difficult pill to swallow for most people. 

According to a CNBC report, an average American keeps his smartphone for at least 24-25 months. The rising user concern and the increased pressure on Apple to make their smartphones more environment friendly eventually led them to bring back the removable back on their iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus. Make no mistake, iPhone 14 Pro variants do not get the removable back glass. 

What the Removable Glass Back on the iPhone 14 means for Apple and the Users 

iPhone 14 back glass


Transitioning to a removable glass back for the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus results in easier and less costly back panel repairs. You can get it done even cheaper if you opt for a 3rd party repair service from us

The repair cost for a back glass panel of the Phone 14 plus has also dropped significantly. Although not as low as the smaller variant, you still don’t need to spend your entire money saving just to replace your iPhone’s back glass.

Like the iPhone 4s, we expect a passionate 3rd party community will spring, providing glass back replacements at a much lower, wallet-friendly price. Expect modders gracing us with cool iPhone 14 back designs as well.

We can’t wait for the community to dive into the iPhone 14 more and experiment with its removable back glass. 

Not only has the removable back glass made repairs easier but also enhanced the thermal efficiency of the phone. Engadget reported the new iPhone 14 being more efficient due to removable back glass. 

We all know that Apple does not like incorporating user feedback all that often into their product, so it makes one curious why they have pushed the removable glass back for the iPhone. 

To put it simply, Apple also wants to streamline repairs for their own technicians. There are millions of broken iPhones that fly into Apple stores for repair. So, a quicker and more timely solution is needed, and having the removable glass back is the first step towards that. 

A Closer look at the new iPhone 14’s Design 

iPhone 14 back glass in the black background


The design of the iPhone 14 is significantly different from its predecessor. In a cunning move, Apple has solved two of the biggest user concerns - screen and back glass repair. 

The screen of the iPhone 14 still lifts up in a similar manner compared to older iPhones making screen repairs very easy. 

The back glass of the iPhone 14 also opens like a book, revealing the Internals that Apple has desperately tried to hide in the previous generation iPhones. To remove the back glass from the phone’s shell, all you need to do is unlatch the two ribbon cables. 

The modular design of the iPhone 14 makes it highly repairable - well, at least mechanically. 

The Catch with Apple’s Repair-Friendly iPhone 14?

Apple’s hardware designers and engineers have knocked it out of the park when it comes to designing the iPhone 14. The design they have been able to come up with is revolutionary, making iPhone 14 the most exciting model for hardware enthusiasts after a decade. 

You always sense a but coming. Apple being the rigid company it is, has limited repairs by making them software bounds. For instance, after replacing the back glass of the iPhone 14, users will need to verify it in the software. 

This small nuisance makes repairing the iPhone 14 from 3rd party vendors quite difficult. I mean, why would someone need to verify a sheet of glass. For intricate hardware components, it makes sense, but for glass. Well, it is Apple’s policy, so we don’t get a say in it, but maybe we can. 

Apple is on the right track when it comes to repairability. So, we users need to push Apple into allowing 3rd party repairs as well. At least to a certain degree. Allowing repairs will not only be lighter on the wallet for users but will also decrease the carbon footprint for Apple, which is a win-win in my books. 


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