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Published on: 04.07.2023

Samsung's New Feature: Hiding Your Pictures During a Phone Repair

You might have become cautious at least once while handing over your phone for repairIt may contain private and confidential photos, texts, or messages and increase the risk of your data being leaked during the repair process.

Well, don’t worry.

Samsung hopes to end your worries by introducing a new privacy feature called Repair Mode.  But how?

What’s more to know about the new repair mode?

We’ll talk nitty-gritty details about the latest Samsung phone feature and understand how it can benefit you.

So, without further ado, let’s get the learning started.

The Repair Mode

The exclusive features provide the technician's limited access to your phone’s innards during the repair process. The overall ecosystem created by the feature will make the technicians access enough to make the fix but limit them from leaking your pics.

The feature is not official for all Samsung devices, but it comes first with Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea. Samsung has planned to extend support to other models in the future.

The company released a press release where it was mentioned that the user could switch on the feature using the “Battery and Device Care” segment within the built-in Settings app.

Once activated, the phone will reboot, and your accounts, photos, and messages will be hidden from the technicians for others using your phone during the repair process.

It restricts access and helps you remain tension free while giving your phone for repair to the official service center or the third-party service providers.

Once the Repair Mode is activated, only the default installed apps will be accessible by the technician or anyone who uses your devices during the repair process.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed more details about Repair Mode’s availability for other reasons apart from South Korea and which phones will support the Repair mode feature in the future.

How Does the Repair Mode Work?

How Does the Repair Mode Work on Samsung



As of now, only the Galaxy S21 smartphone users have the power to secure a phone part that may have sensitive information or data.

As you might be aware, a phone repair means you have to factory reset your device, forcing you to back up its data on another device. By introducing the repair mode, Samsung has taken a great initiative to remove all such hassles.

The feature can be accessed from the phone's settings, and the phone will restart once the changes are made. It will ensure all the important data on your phone is secure.

Samsung also says that the stock apps on the smartphone will be visible, and the interface of a factory reset device will be visible to the technicians or other users during the repair.

Once your phone is repaired and you get it back, you can regain access to your data by unlocking your device using your registered finger ID or PIN.

Only you have the authority to roll back to the normal operational zone of the device. You can also minimize the risk of data loss by choosing professional phone repair service providers in the city.

When choosing your phone service repair, you should perform thorough research to complete a reliable phone repair service provider.

Get Your Phone Fixed From a Reliable Source

fix your samsung



Choosing the best phone repair service provider is important to minimize your data loss risk and effectively use the Repair mode feature.

Even if you don’t use a Samsung device, still you require a good quality working phone to minimize your half of the work and personal issues.

Getting your phone repaired upon encountering a troublesome situation can enable you to escape the hassle and streamline your day-to-day processes.

You can improve your productivity and deliver the best results at your work. You can stay connected with your closed ones and handle your tasks seamlessly.

Avoiding a phone repair because of the risk of data loss can cause trouble and decrease your productivity.

Ensure that you connect with the professional and reliable phone repair service providers in the US like Simply Fixable that can deliver your excellent phone repair experience and ensure you get the phone into brand new condition.

Unlike other phone repair stores near you, we at Simply Flexible offer reliable phone repair services that won't risk your confidential data and provide you with the best repair solutions in no time.

Our team of professional technicians ensure ‌you get the best experience from our first interaction till you get your phone repaired.

Being a professional customer-centric Samsung phone repair shop in the US, our focus is to transform the traditional, risky, and time-consuming customer service approach.

We ensure high-quality, professional phone repair and affordability.

Why Simply Fixable For Your Phone Repair?

Simply Fixable can keep your data safe and secure. Irrespective of you using Samsung's Repair mode feature, we deliver the safest and cost-effective phone repair service.

We have the best-skilled technicians, technology integration, and customer service to deliver you achieve your desired phone repair results.

Experience end-to-end phone repair services for a very reasonable price.


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