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Published on: 08.12.2023, Updated on: 09.13.2023

When Is the iPhone 15 Coming Out? iPhone 15 Release Date - Get Ready for Device Rollout!

A big update is coming to the iPhone family; the new iPhone 15 will be released on 12 September. Jam-packed with many features, like the improved display and the colorful fun colors to enjoy. The iPhone 15 series is said to be better than its previous counterparts. Once we get our hands on one, we will know whether it is true.

The Apple iPhone 15 release date is fast approaching. Read on to determine which model is being released and when.

Key Takeaways

In this article, we discuss just when the new iPhone 15 release date will be and what to expect surrounding this release. The iPhone 15 has some new features we look at and find out just what price tag these phones have. Is it different to the iPhone 14? What colors are we going to see? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the iPhone 15 launch date.

When is the iPhone 15 Coming Out?

When is the iPhone15 release date in USA? It is confirmed that the iPhone 15 models will be released on 12 September 2023. Now that we’ve got your attention and know you can’t wait to get your hands on the iPhone 15 release. 

Further details about iPhone 15 models and what they will look like will be discussed below.

What Will the iPhone 15 Look Like?

It is said that the iPhone 15 will have deeper curves, but that will only be seen on the Pro versions. The standard iPhone 15 will look similar to the 14 models, with a glass back, front and flatter edges. Bright colors look promising, and a dynamic island will replace the notch.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Release Date

The iPhone 15 pro max release date is also expected on 12 September this year. This is the perfect time to get your hands on the latest phone with all-new features. You must complete a booking once the iPhone has been officially released. This will ensure you can receive the iPhone in the first batch of stock.

iPhone 15 Ultra Release Date

We are not 100% sure that Apple will be putting an Ultra version out this year. One of the rumors is that the ultra version will be released in 2024, the first iPhone 16 ultra.

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date

it is expected to see the iPhone 15 pro release date scheduled for the same date this year. There was some word that it could be pushed back until October due to production delays. It seems that the release date will be 12 September, thus, less stock will likely be available for this model. 

iPhone 15 Flip Release Date

It seems Apple is not in a hurry regarding the iPhone 15 flip release date. There is still some movement happening, but most likely, a flip version won’t be released in September with the other iPhone models. Apple plans to get into foldable versions, but there is more chance of seeing iPhone 15 fold release date next year than anytime soon.

iPhone 15 Mini Release Date

Unfortunately, those holding out for an iPhone 15 mini release date are again disappointed. There is no hope for an iPhone 15 mini version since it was dropped when the iPhone 14 came out. The majority of the iPhone audience didn't like the small screen, which saw a lack of sales, so it was scrapped.

Pink iPhone 15 Release Date

Pink lovers will be excited when they see a beautiful bright ink-colored iPhone 15 being released this September 2023. It’s a huge design change that was supposed to remain a secret, but it has been leaked that, yes, Apple will be selling a pink iPhone. It cannot be 100% confirmed that the pink iPhone 15 will be avail in September, but further stock will certainly have pink in the color range.

iPhone 15 Price 

How much will the iPhone 15 cost? Good question! Let's give you a breakdown of each model and how much you can expect to pay for one.The iPhone 15 Plus will set you back between $799 and $899. For the iPhone 15 Pro $999, and the iPhone 15 Pro max $1,099.

iPhone 15 Colors

A leak was exposed that went on to reveal the iPhone 15 colors will have us seeing three new ones. Light yellow, pink, and green are the new colors that will follow the full range of colors, such as:

  • Midnight 
  • Prodcut red
  • Starlight
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green

iPhone 15 colorsSource

iPhone 15 News

iPhone 15 leaks from a reliable source have stated that the dark red colored iPhone that Apple have been quiet about is only reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro version, and the green is for the iPhone 15 plus.

Pink has been a much-loved and wanted color in the iPhone range, and rumors were floating around about a bubblegum pink finish which was leaked earlier this year. There is also word that we might see a bright blue color emerge.

Rumors had emerged from 9to5Mac that mobile carriers were asking their staff to be present on September 13 due to a mobile announcement. Due to Apple taking the lead role of releasing its products in September, this could be the release date. The original release date which is 12 September is very close to this date, so their rumors were actually true.

iPhone 15 Features

  • It’s said that Apple is bringing Dynamic Island to their iPhone 15 non-pro versions this September. 
  • The iPhone 15 and the Plus version will get the 48MP camera the same that you can find on the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • The iPhone 15 will be lighter as the materials have changed from stainless steel to titanium bands.
  • The iPhone 15 will feature curved edges in its new design. We will also see thinner bezels around the display. 

iPhone 15 USB C

There is a slight difference that many iPhone users are not happy about: the new charging port. Since 2012 we have been happy using the lightning port, but it’s soon to be replaced with the Usb-C port.  If you already use that type of charger for other technical devices, it won’t be much hassle for you. The iPhone Pro versions may experience faster speeds with the usb-c ports. Check out this video to find out more.

iPhone 15 USB-C


iPhone 15 Camera

Apple has always been known for having one of the best phone cameras over the years. It seems they are continuing this process with the new iPhone 15. In fact, we expect to see the iPhone 15 with some impressive upgrades compared to previous versions. 

A big upgrade is seen in the pro versions which is the telephoto camera which has an impressive 5-6 x zoom. Say hello to the new 48MP image sensor from Sony.

The iPhone 15 and the Plus version will most likely have the continued two rear cameras. One will be the ultra-wide, and the other the main shooter. The pro max will get the additional telephoto camera.

iPhone 14 vs. 15

There isn’t much difference between the 14 plus and 15 plus, and they remain similar to those on the base models. There isn’t much to get excited about regarding the base and pro models apart from the screen size. 

The charging port is another big difference; some people are just not ready to switch to the usb-c port just yet. Some will not buy the iPhone 15 because they cannot yet go from the lightning cable to the usb-c port. Unfortunately, there isn’t much difference between the battery life, which leaves many wondering what features are causing the higher price tag. It will depend on which features you want, whether you buy the iPhone 14 or 15. For example the charging port and the screen size.  


We are all ready for the iPhone 15 release. So far, September 12 is what we are looking at. There is no locked-in date that we can set our alarms for. 

While the new iPhone 15 and its different models have a higher price tag than the previous generations, some say the price is worth it, but others don't think so. Time will tell, and we won’t know for sure until many have their hands on the iPhone 15 and can navigate the system and features to see whether it is worth the price.



Author: Hollie Spooner

Professional Content Creator

Hollie is a technical writer with over 15 years of experience specializing in creating content to help keep the rest of the world informed and updated on all tech-related subjects. Hollie has created content for many writing platforms in the tech and IT industry, and her passion for turning words into helpful articles is still growing. Hollie holds several certifications, like "Professional Article and Blog Writing", "Writing Editing and Publishing", "Creative Writing" and "Technology Digital Solutions" by Open Education and Thompsons Education Direct. When she isn’t creating content for the web, she is enjoying a crazy life with her family and friends.



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