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Published on: 11.23.2022

Why is My Phone so Slow? Reasons and Solutions

With the rapid development of technology, the services offered are increasing day by day. Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Phones that provide high performance when first purchased start to slow down or even freeze after a while. This situation, which is extremely annoying, causes many people to ask, “The phone suddenly slowed down, how should I speed it up?” brings questions. If you are looking for answers to your questions, our article is for you.

Whether Android or iOS; It is inevitable for smartphones to lose their power over time and lose their performance. Especially when the phone loses its speed, it causes you to have a hard time. Having problems with freezing and shutting down on the phone, installing the camera, and not being able to make a voice call can cost you minutes.

Problems such as “The phone suddenly slowed down, constantly freezing...” are among the issues that many users suffer from. So, the solution to this problem is to buy a new mobile phone? Of course not. In this article, we told you how to return your phone to its former power.

Causes of Phone Slowdown

One of the important problems is the slowdown of mobile phones that sometimes function as cameras and sometimes computers. Of course, it's a good idea to find out what the problem is before you speed up your smartphone. If you are wondering why the phone freezes, here are the reasons for the phone slowdown.

Phone memory full, Lack of ram, Rooting the phone, using the phone in private mode, spyware, Pirate application installation, Virus or harmful add-ons caused by downloading the application, full background, Numerous photo and video archives, The crowd of data accumulating in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Technical and hardware problems.

If one or more of the above items sound familiar to you, you have found the root cause of the main problem. Now let's look at how to solve the slowdown problem on the phone together.

slow phone


Phone Slowdown and Solutions for This Problem

1. You must restart your phone

It is very normal for the phone to slow down after a busy and tiring day. In long-term use, the phone processor gets tired and causes some problems. If you turn your phone off and let it rest for a while and then turn it back on, the problems may disappear. Below we describe how to restart Android or iPhone correctly:

iPhone: Hold down the Home and Power buttons simultaneously until the device turns off. Hold down these buttons even if the screen goes black until the Apple logo appears on the screen. When that occurs, you can let off of the buttons, and your home screen should appear on the phone.

Android: To remove the battery from an Android phone with a removable back, simply pull it out, and then replace it. Hold down the power and volume buttons at the same time on Android phones with non-removable batteries, and don’t let go until the boot-up animation shows up on the screen.

2. You should free up your storage space

As with computers, some problems occur when phones are full of storage space. Cache usage increases as storage space decreases on smartphones. This is also one of the reasons for phone slowdown. You can free up storage space by deleting files and applications that you do not use on your phone. If you take care not to use more than 3/4 of the memory, freezing problems will disappear. Below we will describe how to free up your storage on Android or iPhone correctly:

iPhones: Open Settings >> General > iPhone Storage to discover where your memory is being used. Enabling the “Offload Unused Apps” option will help you conserve space. Then check to see if there is anything you can eliminate after choosing “Review Large Attachments.” Additionally, you may view the memory-intensive apps and the time since you last used them. Scroll down to Safari in the main Settings menu if you use Safari as your web browser. To clear the cache, select “Clear History and Website Data.” Last but not least, navigate back to the main Settings menu and choose Privacy > Location Services. A location service should only be enabled for the apps you are now using, if it is activated at all.

Android: Making room on your phone is simple if you use Android’s most recent operating system, “Oreo.” Click the “Free Up Space” button at the top of Settings >> Storage. There will be a list of things, including downloaded files, pictures, movies, and “Infrequently Used Apps”. Once you have chosen what to remove, the house is clean. Go to Settings >> Find Apps, find the app, then click the “Clear Cache” option to delete the app’s cache.

Saving your images and movies to the cloud and deleting them from your phone will free up a ton of space on both devices.

phone storage


3. You must manage your audio media properly

If your smartphone's operating system is Android, you may be using music download apps. Music you have purchased or uploaded, audio recordings from WhatsApp or podcasts that are automatically downloaded will cause your memory to become full. At this stage, being able to manipulate the phone memory is a challenging process. If you do not have internet connection problems, it is useful to delete some files. You can free up your memory space by using online music programs.

4. You should not forget to check your photos

The fact that photos and videos are automatically backed up on smartphones is among the reasons for the phone to freeze. Of course, you can solve this problem by deleting images that you no longer use or need.

5. You need to free up space on your phone

Many people forget to delete their previously installed apps. Too many of these applications, which occupy the storage space, shorten the life of your phone. You can free up space on your phone by following the steps below:

Review the apps you have used recently by going to Settings >> Apps >> App Manager. If there are applications in the list that you no longer use, you can delete them.

Check how much space you have by going to Settings >> Storage >> Free space. Remember, the fuller your phone is, the more likely it will slow down .Below we will describe how to free up space on your Android or iPhone correctly:

iPhones: Go to Settings >> Battery >> Battery Health if you have an iPhone 6 or later (with the most recent operating system). There, you may verify the maximum capacity of your battery, which ought to be between 0% and 100%. An average Apple battery may hold up to 80% of its initial capacity. This proportion will decrease over time as the battery gets older until it eventually loses its ability to store a charge.

You can also select “Peak Performance Capacity” under “Battery Health” in your settings, which will reveal one of the following five details:

  • Performance is normal

  • Performance management applied

  • Performance management turned off

  • Battery health unknown

  • Battery health degraded

Androids: To check the health of the battery on phones running the Android operating system, you need an app, such as the AccuBattery app, which is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher. App displays:

  • The current battery life of your smartphone

  • Battery usage when installed applications are active in the foreground

  • Estimates of how long your phone will last before needing to be recharged

  • how much of the time is your phone sleeping deeply

  • The battery’s charging and draining history

  • Using a test to determine the charging rates of your wires

6. You can close applications running in the background

Even if you exit the application, smartphones continue to run applications in the background. For this reason, you often encounter stuttering situations when making transactions on the phone. In such cases, after you are done with the application, you should not only exit, but close the application completely.

7. You should reset your phone to factory settings

If you have tried the above items and you think that your phone is not accelerating enough, you may have to apply this item. It may be necessary to reset your phone to its original settings. But before doing this step, do not forget to back up your phone and transfer your important files.

You can restore automatically via Settings >> Backup >> App Data.

8. Examine the Wi-Fi signal’s intensity

Sometimes your Wi-Fi connection, not your phone, is the slow one. A mobile network issue can possibly be the cause. Check these connections, then change to a different Wi-Fi network or location.

9. Check your Android or iOS smartphone for updates 

Fixes for problems like background processes that could slow down a phone are frequently included in operating system updates. Update your iPhone or Android OS system if there is one available.

10. Check for iOS app updates as well as Android app updates 

Make sure the apps you do use are up to date. App upgrades frequently include bug fixes that can affect performance, just like OS updates do.

11. Use a memory card with fast speed

A high-capacity memory card can provide a significant performance increase for phones with limited internal storage. However, it gives the phone more speed in addition to extra storage space. The storage space that allows high-speed read and write operations ranges from 2GB to 32GB. If you want to improve the performance of your phone, always use memory cards that are Class 6 or 10.

12. Do not include live wallpapers

Live wallpapers on different phones require different amounts of CPU power to function, which means that your battery will discharge more quickly. The wallpaper will also be activated each time you switch on your computer.

phone wallpaper



“I did everything but the phone suddenly slowed down.” 

If so, check the operating system. Check and install the latest updates available on your phone. If your phone's operating system is already up to date, your phone may be at the end of its life. It means that your smartphone is not suitable for applications and files in the device. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done after this point. You may need to buy a new mobile phone, taking into account the amount of time you have used the phone and the actions you have taken.

If you are determined to bring your device back to life in safe hands, then you are at the right place.

We provide 24/7 service in Lower Manhattan with our team specialized in any kind of phone repair. Simply Fixable comes to you with 30 minutes turn around time and 90 days warranty advantage. Book your phone repair now!

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