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iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Repair iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement in Your area

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement in Your area

Model: iPhone 11 Pro
Avg. Repair time: 1-2 hours
Avg. Warranty: 90 days

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Repair iPhone 11 Pro Battery in Your area

Our partner iPhone 11 Pro repair stores offer the most reasonable prices for its iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement in Your area. They are equipped with the advanced technology and apt skill set to deliver the best Battery Replacement solutions for iPhone 11 Pro in Your area. Book your iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement  now and get your problem fixed in just 30 minutes.


What are the symptoms of a broken iPhone 11 Pro Battery

  •  Battery does not hold a charge 
  •  Charging the battery is very slow
  •  Battery no longer charges or phone does not turn on
  •  Battery is swollen
  •  Phone turns off for no reason even battery percentage is high
  •  Phone gets hot while in use or plugged in to a charger
  •  Phone is stuck on its company logo

Many enthusiasts of the original iPhone 11 widely admired the 11 Pro model due to its sleek matte finish, enhanced photo capturing, 4K video recording at 60 FPS (frames per second), and - most importantly - fast charging capability.

However, after years of repeated use, the iPhone 11 Pro's battery may drain quickly after an uninterrupted charge, necessitating an urgent fix. If you're looking for a high-quality iPhone 11 Pro repair service in Your area, don’t worry, Simply Fixable is here to help.

Simply Fixable is more than glad to assist you, thanks to its broad network of repair service centers that will cater to your iPhone 11 Pro repair needs in Your area. Since we include only the highest-rated repair stores on our website, you can rest assured knowing that our network of technicians are licensed and professional. A few of these phone repair shops have already become our franchise partners and, thus, bear our brand name.

To proceed with your repair inquiry, visit our official website, input your zip code, and you will then get a list of the most top-rated repair stores in Your area.

Before you decide to have your iPhone 11 Pro fixed, especially the battery, browse through the repair and replacement FAQs below, so you can pick which actual steps work best for you.

Can I repair the defective battery of the iPhone 11 Pro by myself?

There is no documented evidence of a successful iPhone 11 Pro battery repair. Additionally, if you try to tamper with the internal components of your iPhone 11 Pro, you might unintentionally void the device warranty and also worsen the gadget's condition. The best initial course of action you can take to get your iPhone 11 Pro battery issue sorted out is to have a local certified technician assess the extent of the defect.

Is an iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement worth it?

Even though Apple has discontinued the production of the iPhone 11 Pro since October 2020, you can still bring the device in for a manufacturer battery replacement as long as the device warranty is still active. If your iPhone 11 Pro warranty has already expired, we highly recommend that you search for a nearby repair shop through our website.

How much does an iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement cost?

To set your expectations, the cost to replace your iPhone 11 Pro's battery may vary, depending on the overall condition of your phone. A visible screen crack - for instance - could impede the battery replacement process, so the technician should take care of the cracked screen first. As a result, there might be an additional cost for the phone screen repair on top of the battery replacement.

The price for iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement is approximately $99.

Have your iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement in a customer-oriented repair store

At Simply Fixable, we focus on convenience and satisfaction. We established this online platform for us to make smartphone repair more accessible and more efficient for everyone throughout the country. We have meticulously gathered the top-quality smartphone repair services in Your area to make phone repair more accessible and frictionless for our valued clientele.


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