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iPhone X Charging Port Replacement

Charging Port Replacement

Repair iPhone X Charging Port Replacement in Your area

iPhone X Charging Port Replacement in Your area

Model: iPhone X
Avg. Repair time: 1-2 hours
Avg. Warranty: 90 days

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Repair iPhone X Charging Port in Your area

Our partner iPhone X repair stores offer the most reasonable prices for its iPhone X Charging Port Replacement in Your area. They are equipped with the advanced technology and apt skill set to deliver the best Charging Port Replacement solutions for iPhone X in Your area. Book your iPhone X Charging Port Replacement  now and get your problem fixed in just 30 minutes.


What are the symptoms of a broken iPhone X Charging Port

  • Phone does not charge while plugged in
  • The tip of the charger does not fit in your phone
  • Charger gets loose while inside the charging port

Is it worth repairing the iPhone X Charging Port?

The iPhone X charging port issue is annoying and it might compel you to buy a new iPhone, but do you know this issue can be fixed? The charging port is an easily replaceable component of the iPhone. You can get the iPhone X charging port replaced for a fraction of the cost, so why spend extra on a new iPhone? Especially considering the fact that the charging port is the component that gets the most wear and tear and eventually it will need replacing even on a new iPhone.

How do you know if the iPhone X Charging Port needs to be replaced? 

The iPhone X charging port can get damaged due to multiple reasons. You will know when your iPhone X charging port needs replacing because it will start exhibiting the following symptoms. 

Can you replace just the Charging Port on an iPhone X?

Yes, the charging port on an iPhone X can be replaced without changing any other component. However, for just the charging port replacement you will need to ensure no other component of the iPhone X is faulty. For the full inspection of your iPhone X, enter your zip code and find the nearest repair technician. 

Can I replace the iPhone X charging port myself?

With the right tools and repair techniques users can replace the iPhone X charging port themself. However, it is a very committing and time-consuming process. Repairing the iPhone X charging port could eat up an entire day’s work or worse you can end up damaging the fragile ribbon cables attached to the motherboard. Therefore, it is better to let a professional technician handle the repair for you. 

How do we handle iPhone X charging port replacement in Your area?

Simply Fixable has made access to professional repair shops easy for you. Type your ZIP code on our website and you will get the list of Simply Fixable partnered repair shops in Your area. Pick the repair shops nearest to you so that you can get the best iPhone X repair in your town or locality.  

Will my iPhone X be new after the repair?

Yes, after professionally replacing the charging port of the device, your iPhone X should function like new. 

Replace the iPhone X with a Service Warranty

At Simply Fixable we want our customers to feel at peace of mind before and after the repair is done. All repair shops partnered with Simply Fixable provide at least a 90-day service warranty. The exact warranty timeframe can be different among shops, so we encourage our customers to confirm the exact warranty time frame with each repair shop before giving the iPhone for service. 

How much does it cost for iPhone X charging port replacement? 

We believe in complete transparency and we help users get professional repairs from the best technicians in Your area. The price of the repair is finalized after the inspection of the phone by the technicians. So, for the price, you can bring your iPhone X to any of our partner repair shops. 

The price for iPhone X charging port replacement is approximately $69.

Get your iPhone X charging port replaced at Customer-Centric Shop

Simply Fixable takes pride in its customer support. We are available for you on the web and on our social channels. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the repair process and one of our agents will guide you promptly. We only partner with repair shops that can uphold strong customer-centric values in Your area. 

Who will do iPhone X charging port replacement?

At Simply Fixable we want your iPhone X charging port to be replaced by the best technicians in the country. We partner with top 5% repair shops that have the best skilled technicians in the country. So, every time you use the services of our partner repair shops you will get top-notch service from the best technicians. 


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