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iPhone XS Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

Repair iPhone XS Battery Replacement in Your area

iPhone XS Battery Replacement in Your area

Model: iPhone XS
Avg. Repair time: 1-2 hours
Avg. Warranty: 90 days

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Repair iPhone XS Battery in Your area

Our partner iPhone XS repair stores offer the most reasonable prices for its iPhone XS Battery Replacement in Your area. They are equipped with the advanced technology and apt skill set to deliver the best Battery Replacement solutions for iPhone XS in Your area. Book your iPhone XS Battery Replacement  now and get your problem fixed in just 30 minutes.


What are the symptoms of a broken iPhone XS Battery

  •  Battery does not hold a charge 
  •  Charging the battery is very slow
  •  Battery no longer charges or phone does not turn on
  •  Battery is swollen
  •  Phone turns off for no reason even battery percentage is high
  •  Phone gets hot while in use or plugged in to a charger
  •  Phone is stuck on its company logo

The iPhone XS is an excellent phone. It has a lot of enthusiasts, thanks to its dual camera, fast processor, dual-SIM support, and efficient face ID.

But, as time goes on, chances are your phone battery will also deteriorate. When the battery is no longer in optimal condition, you need to bring a battery pack and look for charging stations all the time. Having said that, a damaged battery can be highly inconvenient and affect your usage.

So, what should you do when it happens? You can turn to Simply Fixable . We can connect you with the most capable iPhone XS repair services in Your area. Simply Fixable teams up with trusted repair stores that are able to carry out battery replacement. Rest assured that we only work with top repair shops and technicians.

The only thing you need to do is head to the Simply Fixable website and enter your zip code to see the best repair shops nearby.

Before that, allow us to walk you through common iPhone XS repair questions. These will prepare you for the battery replacement service that you need.

Is the iPhone XS still worth repairing?

While it depends on the damage, the iPhone XS is still a good phone overall. Always get it checked by a professional before you have it replaced. Repairing it will likely be cheaper than buying a new unit and better for the environment.

Is iPhone XS battery replacement worth it?

Have you noticed the battery slowing down on your iPhone XS? Once battery health reaches 85% or lower, it is time to get a replacement. You can have it replaced for free if the unit is still under warranty with the Apple store. If not, it’s always best to work with experts in Your area.

Should I replace my iPhone XS battery on my own?

Keep in mind that attempting to do so can void the warranty. It is tempting to DIY this when you want to save some money, but you might do more harm than good. In case things go wrong, you might have to pay even more than the original quote for iPhone XS battery replacement.

What is the warranty policy?

Simply Fixable does not handle and offer warranties, but our repair shop partners have individual warranty policies. When choosing the store through our platform, inquire about the warranty period to make informed decisions.

How do you repair an iPhone XS?

We pair you with qualified technicians in Your area, but the repair processes depend on the repair shop. Our search tool will let you find expert technicians, who can elaborate further on their processes and policies.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone XS battery?

The exact price of repair depends on the level of damage, and repair stores. To learn the final price, you need to contact individual repair stores, and you can find their contact details on our website.

The price for iPhone XS Battery Replacement is approximately $79.

Who will replace the iPhone XS battery?

Your unit will be fixed by a top-notch serviceperson. Simply Fixable only works with the top 5% repair stores in Your area. There is no need to worry because your phone will surely be in good hands.


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