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Customer Simply Fixable

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iPhones with cracked screens aren't fun to use. You run at the chance of getting broken glass pieces into your fingers, your display quality becomes low, and your cell phone using experience becomes unpleasant. 

So, what can you do? Do you use it despite the cracked screen? Do you submit your contract before the end of the term? This post covers every step you must take to have the screen on your iPhone replaced.

repair iphone screen


Is it safe to use a cracked iPhone screen?

You should always avoid using iPhones with damaged displays. It could harm the basic functionality of your iPhone and make it stop functioning completely.

Since the screen shields all crucial internal components, they can be exposed to the elements, including the air, water, moisture in the air, food particles, and oils from your skin when the screen is cracked. 

All of which could further harm the phone. Also, you might know that your phone's glass screen is not safety glass, completely different from the one you have in your cars.

This indicates that it breaks into tiny fragments, which could end up cutting the skin of your hands and even entering your body. 

iphone repair


In addition, you can rub your eyes while using your phones, the glass shards stuck to your hands can end up going inside your eye, damaging it. 

And do not think that glass shards aren't on your hand if you can't see them. Some glass pieces are invisible to the naked eye and can be very dangerous, as explained above. 

 Is it possible to fix your broken iPhone screens?

It's not as simple to determine whether or not a cracked iPhone screen can be repaired. It depends on the extent of damage, causes, and much more.

Your iPhone must fulfill the following conditions to be eligible for a screen replacement:

Your iPhone's battery and logic board appear to be in good condition.

The metal/plastic enclosure hasn't been substantially dented, bent, or distorted.

The phone is still intact; no catastrophic harm has occurred.

If your iPhone satisfies those requirements, it may be worthwhile to look into a screen replacement.

Keep in mind that depending on the harm caused to your iPhone, you have distinct repair alternatives, each with a different pricing point.

 Is it worthwhile to replace the iPhone's screen?

You must be knowledgeable about the different varieties of iPhone screens to determine whether replacing the screen is worthwhile. Listed here are two crucial types:

iPhones having LCD display

LCD, short for Liquid Crystal Display, has liquid crystals with the appearance of liquids, i.e., their molecules are arranged differently with respect to one another. 

When a light source, in this case, an LED panel, emits light, it travels through these crystals and color filters, and as a result, multiple colors are produced when the white light is refracted.

The LCD screen used in the iPhone XR, according to Apple, is the most sophisticated LCD on the market. Solar panels can be made quickly and cheaply, and their construction is no longer as expensive a procedure as in the past is their most significant benefit.

So, is it worthwhile to replace the iPhone's screen? Yes, but only if you pick the right LCD based on the model of your phone.

iPhones having OLED display

In comparison to LCD technology, OLED, also known as Organic Light Emitting Diode, is a significantly more recent technology. In contrast to LCD panels, which need a reliable light source, OLED panels have individual pixels that can produce light on their own and a variety of colors simultaneously.

Technically speaking, the OLED panels are more appealing, with the deeper black and cleaner giving out more vibrant hues of particular notes. Older monitors often had one panel instead of two, making them thinner than LCDs, albeit this difference is not very obvious.

OLED displays are significant for the arrangement of their pixels. The pixels of the iPhone X's display were laid out in a diamond-shaped "PenTile" layout, according to experts who closely inspected it. 

So if you ask now, is it worth replacing the iPhone screen? Yes, but only if you need a stunning display.

how to repair iphone screen


How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen?

Everyone is aware of how they can stroll into an Apple Store, leave their broken device there, and pick it up again within a day or two (usually). That's how good Apple is at marketing and following its repair service.

In addition, Apple also gives its customers to mail their iPhones to Apple service centers for repairs. However, since Apple also works with a number of "Authorized Apple Service Providers," postal mail is rarely required. 

You can get high-quality servicing even if there isn't an Apple Store close by, thanks to these approved service providers who use the same repair procedure as Apple.

Apple itself, however, overcharges for repairs. You should prepare to spend several hundred dollars on a new screen if you don't have an AppleCare+ subscription.

iphone screen replacement prices


Apple charges the following prices to replace various well-known iPhone screens:

$229 to $329 for the iPhone 13 Series

$229 to $329 for the iPhone 12 Series

$199 to $329 for the iPhone 11 Series

$199 to $329 for the iPhone X Series

$149 to $169 for the iPhone 8 Series

$149 to $169 for the iPhone 7 Series

You can view Apple's complete list of screen replacement costs here.

Remember, these repairs only cost $29 with an AppleCare+ subscription. If you're careless or purchasing an iPhone for a youngster, we strongly advise subscribing to AppleCare+, which costs between $3.99 and $13.49 a month.


Frequently asked questions regarding Iphone Screen Repair

Would I lose my data if I replace my iPhone screen?

Since your phone's data is kept in its memory, if you are only getting the screen replaced, it shouldn't affect any of your other phone data. 

All your images and other content would still be on the iPhone when it is returned to you once the screen has been changed. Remember, every time you have essential information, keep a backup.

 Is it possible to replace your iPhone screens on your own?

Replacing an iPhone screen is a challenging repair even for seasoned iPhone specialists. When connecting or disconnecting the replacement display, breaking one of the small connectors within an iPhone is simple.

It's very important to note that your warranty is fully invalid whenever you disassemble your iPhone and swap out a part with a non-Apple component. 

The result of this would be that Apple Mail-in Support will not fix your iPhone and where it could have only cost $199 to fix your iPhones, it'll now cost $749.

A complete iPhone repair kit is available on Amazon if you are aware of all the risks and still wish to replace your iPhone's screen. If Apple is out of your price range, the third-party alternatives can also save you money and provide good work.


Should you use toothpaste to fix your broken iPhone screens?

Using toothpaste might help you fix basic cracks on your iPhone screen. Many kinds of toothpaste contain abrasive chemicals that peel away a screen layer when you apply it, therefore "fixing it."

But if your screen is cracked to a higher degree or broken, using toothpaste will only make matters worse. 

Get only the best iPhone screen replacements

The above blog post contained all the information about iPhone screen replacements. But remember, iPhones are often your prized possession and big investments, so be careful that finding iPhone repair solutions is never an event for you. 

But still, where prevention is better than cure, accidents always happen; our advice is to review all your terms for your iPhone screen repair and then choose the best one. 


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