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Computer repair in Mentor OH

If you have damaged your Computer and looking for Computer repair service in Mentor OH, our nearest partner Computer repair shop offers seamless and professional service with 90 day service warranty. Book your Computer repair now to get your Computer fixed in 30 minutes in Mentor OH.

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Customer Simply Fixable

My screen was cracked and I called Fixable to get information and they were fast, convenient, and professional. I’m so glad I contacted them!

Customer Simply Fixable

My iPhone was having problems. Fixable was very helpful. Great response time and communication. The service was great would highly recommend!

Customer Simply Fixable

Awesome, awesome company and person to do business with. Was extremely helpful in helping me with a minor Microsoft Surface Pro laptop issue. Would love to come here again anytime!

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Is It Worth Repairing Your Computer?

Your computer is often more important than your phone. If you've noticed an issue with your computer lately, you may be wondering if it's worth or even possible to repair it. A computer is quite costly, similar to a phone or tablet, and a professional should always assess whether it can be repaired. Computers sometimes take longer to replace than cell phones or tablets, but a few days in the shop is worth it, rather than spending thousands of dollars replacing them. Repairing your computer depends on your needs and budget. If your computer is 10+ years old, has many issues, and doesn't function up to your needs anymore, repair may not be the best option. But, if your computer still functions adequately and has a simple issue or two that need repair, taking it in to be serviced is the way to go.

Can You Repair Your Computer By Yourself?

Suppose you've ever repaired a device of any kind. You know just how challenging it can be. Computer repair is much more extensive than a simple phone or tablet repair. Taking apart a computer requires tools and experience to perform the job well. Computers are touchy devices and easy to damage if a repair isn't done properly. Trying to replace a computer by yourself is never a good idea. Doing so may result in creating even more damage than you had originally, increasing the repair bill when you finally decide to take it into a shop.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your Computer?

Computer repair costs vary quite a bit. The cost depends on the repair or service itself and the shop you take it into. We partner with the top five% shops in Mentor OH, so regardless of where you go and the prices they offer, expect to have the best service possible in your area. Some repairs, such as replacing a key on your keyboard, aren't as labor extensive as replacing the hard drive. The only way to truly determine how much your computer repair will cost is to have it evaluated at a shop by a professional.

Is It Cheaper to Repair or Replace a Computer?

Most of the time, deciding if it's cheaper to repair or replace a computer depends on your piece of equipment. If you have a newer device, usually, it's cheaper to have it repaired. Many computers and laptops cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Most people don't have that kind of money lying around, and who's to say that a new device isn't going to have any issues later down the road? Before buying a new computer, always assess your repairs to help you determine the best course of action for your budget.

What Does Computer Repair Include?

There are many components to computer repair. A repair shop can repair hardware, software, data recovery, networking issues, and many other services. Of course, there are instances where the repairs needed may need parts that are no longer made or are extensive enough that a full replacement may be best, but nine times out of 10, there's a chance for repairing your computer. Regardless of your issue, chances are one of our partner shops in Mentor OH can help get your computer back in working order.


From Eleanor B Garfield Park head east toward Mentor Ave for 0.2 mile, and turn right onto Mentor Ave for 0.9 mile. Then turn right 66 feet and turn left. After 236 feet, PR Phone Repair store will be on the right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Fixable is a platform that partners with more than 2000 local repair stores across the United States, including Mentor OH. You can find the most convenient and affordable Computer repair shops in Mentor OH at any time to schedule an appointment directly.

Although we require min. 90 day service warranty by stores that we are partnering with, still most processes are dependent on you and the store. You can contact the repair stores in Mentor OH to learn more about their warranty policies regarding your Computer repair.

The technology behind our platform allows you to find the closest store in Mentor OH. Simply select a date & time which is the most convenient for you.

We will inform you with detailed information about your appointment by text or email after you schedule an appointment. This means that you can contact the store in Mentor OH directly to ask any question or learn more information about your Computer repair. If you wish to contact Simply Fixable, please email us at [email protected] anytime.

We do not require any payment upfront on our website. You will pay directly to the repair shop after you get your Computer fixed.

Price for Computer repair services depends on the brand, model, issue and the repair shop in Mentor OH.

Simply Fixable lists top 5% repair stores that offer professional Computer repair services in Mentor OH. We partner only with professional Computer repair stores that have earned the trust of their customers.