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iPhone Charging Port Replacement in Ohio

Simply Fixable partner iPhone Charging Port Replacement shops in Ohio provide a professional and high quality service. Schedule your iPhone repair service now. 

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What are the symptoms of a broken iPhone Charging Port

  • Phone does not charge while plugged in
  • The tip of the charger does not fit in your phone
  • Charger gets loose while inside the charging port

iPhone charging port replacement - DIY

Not being able to charge the iPhone can be very annoying. Nowadays, the iPhone is perhaps the most important daily use gadget in our lives.

More often than not, the iPhone does not charge because of a faulty charging port. Apple or other third-party repair shops charge a fortune to repair what, on the surface, seems like a small charging port. If you want to learn charging port repair costs at local repair stores, it's important to check their prices on the websties beforehand.

You can save a great chunk of money by performing the iPhone charging port replacement repair yourself. Here’s a step-by-step DIY guide on how to replace the iPhone charging port. 

What you will need for the iPhone charging port replacement?

The iPhone charging port repair is an intricate and challenging task, so having the right tools definitely helps in making sure the repair is not any more difficult than it should be. The following tools will be used throughout the repair process. 

  • New iPhone charging port assembly
  • Plastic triangle opening pick
  • Fine tip spudger 
  • Fine tip electronic tweezer
  • iPhone pentalope screwdriver 0.8mm
  • Y000 screwdriver 
  • Philips screwdriver 1mm
  • Heat Gun/Hair Dryer
  • Suction cup 
  • Silicon Adhesive for battery 
  • Adhesive tape for the screen 

What is the difficulty of the iPhone charging port repair?

In terms of difficulty, the iPhone charging port repair is among the toughest and the most challenging. This is because reaching the charging port requires removing the screen, loudspeaker, taptic engine, and multiple connectors before you can access the charging port. 

The iPhone charging port replacement gets an eight on a difficulty scale from 1-10 due to the multi-stage processes involved in this repair.

What is the Average time needed to complete the iPhone charging port repair? 

The iPhone charging port repair is quite tricky. Therefore, if you don’t have any prior experience repairing iPhones, you will be in for a long while. On average most users complete the iPhone charging port repair within 2-5 hours, depending on how far you can push the repair. Needless to say, be prepared to devout a weekend afternoon on the DIY iPhone battery port replacement if you want to save money on the repair. 

iPhone charging port replacement DIY Guide 

Note: Attempting to replace the iPhone battery will void the warranty and compromise the iPhone’s waterproof capability. 

Step 1: Turn off the iPhone and remove the sim tray

  • To turn off the iPhone, press and hold power and volume down button. Select the power off option.
  • After that is done, remove the sim tray, as it can get stuck later on. 

Step 2: Remove the two pentalope screws 

  • At the bottom of the iPhone are two pentalope screws, one at each side of the charging port. Remove these screws using a pentalope screwdriver. 

Step 3: Apply Heat to the edges of the display

  • After the screws are removed, the only thing holding the screen to the frame is the display adhesive. To remove the display adhesive, use a heat gun or a hairdryer along the entire edge of the iPhone’s display. 
  • Do not concentrate the heat on a single spot, as it can burn and damage the retina screen. 

Step 4: Use a suction cup to lift the display

  • Once the display adhesive is softened using a heat gun, put the suction cup to the display. 
  • Lift the suction cup slightly, creating enough gap to slide in the triangle opening pick underneath. At this point, we are not looking to force open the display, so make you gently lift the display. 

Step 5: Use the triangle pick to break any loose adhesive

  • Run the triangle opening pick along the entire edge of the iPhone’s screen. This will break any loose display adhesive still bonded to the screen.

Step 6: Separate the screen from the frame revealing the inside 

  • Now you can separate the screen from the iPhone’s frame. 
  • The screen opens like a book with the LCD, digitizer, and front assembly cables still attached. Do not try to detach these cables forcibly. 

Step 7: Remove the metal plate covering the battery connector

  • The battery connector is hidden under the L-metal plate. To remove the metal plate, undo the three Phillips head screws.
  • Use a tweezer and separate the metal plate from the iPhone’s frame. 

Step 8: Disconnect the Battery connector

  • Use a spudger to disconnect the battery connector. 
  • Once the connector is disconnected, set the battery cable to a side using a tweezer. 

Step 9: Remove the metal plate covering the front panel cables

  • To remove the metal plate, undo the five screws. Two screws use the Phillips head, while the other three screws use the Y000 head. 

Step 10: Disconnect the front panel cables

  • After removing the metal plate, disconnect the front panel cables with a spudger. 
  • Grab the cables by a tweezer and set them to a side so they don’t dangle around and get damaged. 

Step 11: Remove the bottom-firing speaker

  • To remove the bottom-firing speaker, undo the four screws holding the speaker to the frame.  
  • If you feel resistant, use a heat gun sparsely to melt the adhesive under the speaker. 
  • Separate the speaker from the frame using a spudger or a tweezer. 

Step 12: Remove the Taptic engine 

  • The taptic engine is located right next to the loudspeaker. To remove the taptic engine bracket, undo three screws. 
  • Gently lift the taptic engine using a tweezer to free it from the iPhone’s frame.

Step 13: Remove the sim-tray housing

  • If you haven’t removed the sim card tray already, do it now. 
  • The sim-tray housing is held to the iPhone’s frame by two Phillips head screws; undo them. 
  • The sim tray has a small connector, which you must remove with a spudger.  
  • With the sim-tray housing now free, remove it with a tweezer. 

Step 14: Disconnect the charging port cables

  • Use a spudger and remove the charging port cable from the motherboard. 

Step 15: Remove the charging port

  • The charging port is held in by three screws and adhesive. 
  • Remove the three screws.
  • Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive around the charging port.
  • Once loose, use a tweezer to separate the charging port from the frame.

Step 16: Install the new charging port assembly

  • After the old charging is out, install the new one. 
  • Use a heat gun sparsely around the adhesive to soften it. This allows the adhesive to bond better with the new charging port when it cools down.
  • Align the charging port correctly and screw back the three Phillips head screws.
  • Plug the charging port connector into the motherboard.

Step 17: Re-attach the sim-tray housing

  • Align the sim-tray housing with its bracket and plug two Phillips head screws to secure it in place. 

Step 18: Re-attach the Taptic engine

  • The taptic engine installs to the frame using three screws. Make sure you align it correctly when installing it. 

Pro Tip: You will know if the taptic engine is aligned correctly if the letters are in the proper orientation and read correctly. 

Step 19: Re-attach the bottom firing loudspeaker

  • Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive before placing the speaker onto the frame.
  • Tighten the four screws to secure the speaker to the iPhone’s frame.

Step 20: Plug in the Battery and front panel connectors

  • Plug in all the front panels and the battery connectors that we removed during the earlier part of the repair.

Step 21: Re-attach the two metal plates

  • Make sure to re-attach the metal plates covering the battery and the front panel connectors.
  • The battery metal plate uses three Phillips head screws, while the front panel metal plate uses two Phillips and three Y000 screws. 

Step 22: Clean the edges of the iPhone’s frame

  • Before re-attaching the screen, use isopropyl alcohol to clean the edges of the frame. 
  • To reach the far-off edges of the iPhone’s frame, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

Step 23: Install the new Display Adhesive

  • If the old display adhesive is in rough shape, install the new display adhesive. Using new display adhesive will ensure that the iPhone remains water-resistant. 
  • To lay the new display adhesive, remove the protective covering at the underside of the adhesive tapes. 
  • Align the adhesive tapes with the edges of the frame and secure them in place.

Step 24: Re-attach the Screen

  • Align the screen correctly with the edge of the iPhone’s frame.
  • Once the screen is aligned and seated correctly, gently press at the edge of the screen to lock in the clips. 

Step 25: Install the two pentalope screws

  • To close the screen, fasten the two pentalope screws on each side of the charging port.

How can I test my charging Port?

After completing the DIY charging port replacement, it is important to check if your efforts have been fruitful. 

To check the charging port, plug the lighting adapter into the charging port. If the iPhone is charging correctly without errors, give yourself a pat on the back because you have successfully competed the DIY iPhone charging port repair.


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