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The technicians at our partner repair stores in Your area can restore any Game console to its original glory. High-quality and fast game console repair service, affordable prices, and a minimum 90-day warranty are what you can expect from them. Get your Game console repaired today to keep your streak on!

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Customer Simply Fixable

My screen was cracked and I called Fixable to get information and they were fast, convenient, and professional. I’m so glad I contacted them!

Customer Simply Fixable

My iPhone was having problems. Fixable was very helpful. Great response time and communication. The service was great would highly recommend!

Customer Simply Fixable

Awesome, awesome company and person to do business with. Was extremely helpful in helping me with a minor Microsoft Surface Pro laptop issue. Would love to come here again anytime!

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What types of Game Console repair are offered?

Simply Fixable repair services cater to a variety of common issues that gamers face. We offer PlayStation HDMI port replacement, HDMI port repairs for various consoles, Xbox DVD drive repairs, and replacements. 

Game console HDMI Port replacement

Game console HDMI port can be damaged due to faults like short circuits or electric surges disrupting the connectivity.

How long does it take to replace a Game Console HDMI Port?

Replacing a game console HDMI port typically takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the model and the nature of the damage.

How to stop the Game console HDMI Port from being broken? 

You can prevent the game console HDMI port from being broken by avoiding frequent plugging/unplugging and ensuring the cable is not twisted or bent. 

Game console DVD Drive replacement

Game console DVD drive replacement may be needed when there is damage to the drive such as inserting a disc incorrectly or using a scratched disk. 

How long does it take to replace a Game Console DVD Drive?

It can take around 1 hour to replace the game console DVD drive for most models if the replacement part is readily available.

How to prevent the Game console DVD Drive from being broken? 

Handle the DVD drive carefully, and don’t insert the DVD forcefully. Also, keep the drive clean from any dust or debris. 

Game console Hard Drive replacement

Game console Hard Drive replacement is required when the existing drive fails due to prolonged use or overheating. 

How long does it take to replace a Game Console Hard Drive?

It usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour, to repair a game console hard drive. 

How to prevent the Game console Hard Drive from being broken? 

To prevent the game console hard drive from being broken, make sure not to let the drive overheat by allowing proper ventilation. 

Game console Charging Port replacement

Game console charging port replacement is typically needed if the port becomes loose or damaged from repeated use or forcing a cable into it.

How long does it take to replace a Game Console Charging Port?

It takes around 1 to 2 hours to replace the game console charging port. 

How to prevent the Game console charging port from being broken? 

You can avoid the game console charging port damage by using the authentic charging cable and inserting it into the port gently. 

PlayStation Repair

The repair partners of Simple Fixable can address PlayStation issues, from faulty controllers to HDMI port damage. They have the expertise to get your PlayStation back in action.

Xbox Repair

The repairs include replacing hard drives, DVD drive repairs, and charging port repairs to keep your Xbox running smoothly. 

Nintendo Repair

Nintendo repairs include HDMI repair, charging port repair, and controller repair. Simply Fixable ensures that your Nintendo device is handled with care, restoring the fun to your favorite games.

Common Game Console Problems That Could Be Fixed With Us

Game console users often face a range of issues that can disrupt their gaming experience. Common problems can range from hardware malfunctions like faulty drives and overheating systems to software issues such as system errors and connectivity troubles. Understanding these common issues is the first step towards quick troubleshooting and getting back to seamless gaming experiences.

Game console won't turn on

Power supply disruption or hardware failure can prevent the game console from turning on. Check the power cables and connections or try a different outlet. To prevent this issue in the future, use a surge protector to save the game console from power spikes.

Game console shuts down for no reason

Overheating or software errors can cause the game console to shut down. Ensure proper ventilation and check for system updates to resolve the issue. Keep the console in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to avoid this issue in the future.

Game console overheating

Dust buildup or inadequate ventilation can cause overheating of the game console. Clean the vents and move the console to a cooler, ventilated space. Regularly clean your console and keep it in an open space to prevent it from overheating. 

Frozen game console

Using your game console for longer periods can cause this issue. To fix the frozen game console, make sure it’s not overheating. Keep the console's firmware up to date and avoid overheating to prevent this issue in the future. 

Gamepad issues

Drained batteries or connection problems can cause damage to the gamepad. Replace the batteries or reconnect the gamepad if such an issue occurs. To prevent gamepad issues in the future, regularly charge your gamepad and update its firmware.

No audio/No visual

Faulty cables or incorrect settings can affect the audio and visuals of the game console. Check the console's HDMI/AV cables and audio/visual settings. Handle cables gently and ensure secure connections to prevent this from happening again. 

Game console Internet connection issues

A weak Wi-Fi signal or network settings error can interrupt an internet connection. Reset your router or reconnect to the network with the correct settings to resolve the connectivity issues. Ensure a stable internet connection and regularly update network settings to prevent such issues in the future. 

Game console won't update

Hardware or network issues can prevent your game console from updating. Free up storage and ensure a stable network connection for the update. Regularly clear unnecessary data and check for updates to avoid such issues in the future.

Game console Not Reading Disc

A scratched or cracked disk is not readable by the game console. Similarly, drive failure can also cause this issue. Clean the disc gently and check the drive for obstructions or damage. To prevent this from happening in the future, keep discs clean and scratch-free; insert and remove them gently from the console.

Errors with Xbox One Kinect Sensor

Sensor obstruction or sensor incompatibility can cause errors with the Xbox One Kinect. Reset the Kinect sensor and check for obstructions or recalibrate the system. Keep the sensor clean and unobstructed, and calibrate it regularly.

Who is Simply Fixable?

Simply Fixable is a platform that connects customers with local repair shops that have been vetted and approved by Simply Fixable. Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for people to get their mobile devices repaired. Our selection ensures  everyone has access to high-quality and affordable device repair services across the USA.

How long does it take to repair a Game Console?

Depending on the nature of the damage, repairing a game console can take an average of 45 minutes to a few days to repair. 

Is it worth repairing a Game Console?

The decision to repair a game console may be determined by a number of criteria, such as the degree of damage or problems and the cost of repair. In situations when the issue is minimal, the cost of repair is affordable, and you have a deep emotional connection to the system because of its sentimental value or your collection of games, fixing a gaming console might be a wise decision. It could be more sensible to think about getting a new console, though, if the damage is severe and the cost of repair approaches that of a new one.

Repairing Game Console vs buying a new Game Console

It’s better to get the game console repaired if the issue is minor and it doesn’t cost much to get it repaired. However, choose a reliable repair service that has expertise in repairing game consoles. 

If the damage to the game console is severe, and it will cost a significant amount to repair it, then it’s better to invest in a new, latest game console model. 

How do you know if your Game Console is damaged?

It's critical to determine whether your gaming system is damaged in order to maintain a seamless and trouble-free gaming experience. Typical indicators of damage include: 

  • Visible signs of physical damage like cracks, dents, or broken components indicate the console has been dropped or mishandled.
  • Unusual noises or excessive heating while using the game console can be caused due to internal issues.
  • A malfunctioning GPU or HDMI port might cause graphical distortion or failure to output video signal.
  • If the console frequently freezes or crashes, it could be a sign of failing hardware or corrupted system data.
  • Failure to connect to controllers or other peripherals could be due to damaged ports.
  • Inability to power on or sudden powering off could be caused by power supply issues or serious internal damage.

Can you fix a Game Console by yourself?

Certain gaming console problems may be resolved on your own, particularly if you have electronic repair knowledge and experience. You might be able to handle simple issues like changing small parts or clearing up internal dust. More complicated problems like motherboard or GPU troubles may need expert help. Compared to hiring a professional, DIY repair has pros and cons of its own.

DIY Game Console Repair



Because there are no labor costs involved, doing repairs yourself might be more economical.

Without the proper technical skills and tools, you might cause more harm than good to the game console.

There's no need to wait for an appointment with a repair technician; you can start the repair as soon as you want.

There's no service warranty; if you fail to repair yourself, you'll still need to pay for professional repairs, which adds up to the cost.

Professional Game Console Repair



Professionals have the expertise and knowledge necessary to effectively identify and fix complicated console problems.

Professional repairs can be costly, especially if the damage is severe.

The repair work is often guaranteed with a warranty for a certain period. 

You may have to wait for an available appointment, and the repair itself might take some time.

A professional is less likely to cause additional damage to the game console.


Should you buy a new Game Console or get it repaired?

The decision to buy a new game console or get the existing one repaired entirely depends on the nature of the damage. If the game console doesn’t face serious issues, then it’s recommended to get it repaired by a reliable repair service provider.

Getting your Game Console repaired



It may be less expensive to repair your current console rather than buy a new one, particularly for minor damages.

You may miss out on the updates and features that come with the latest game consoles. 

By ensuring that your current game collection remains intact, a repair service can prevent you from having to buy new games.

You may be without your game console for a period while it's being repaired.


It may be hard to find a reliable game console repair shop that has the technical expertise to fix any kind of damage. Simply Fixable aims to provide users with a seamless repair experience at affordable prices. You can get your game console repaired from any of the reliable repair partners of Simply FIxable and enjoy a smooth gaming experience again.

Buying a new Game Console



To guarantee access to the newest gaming experiences, new consoles frequently include exclusive games that might not be accessible on earlier systems.

It might be necessary to replace or upgrade your gaming setup at additional expense if your older controllers, games, or accessories are incompatible with the new system.

More recent gaming consoles usually come with better graphics, quicker load times, and more processing power, making for a more immersive gaming experience.

Since replacing a gaming system often costs more money than fixing an old one, players on a tight budget might be unable to afford it.

What type of Game Console repair services exist? 

When deciding which of these repair choices to choose, you should take into account your preferences for communication and convenience as well as your budget, the issue's type, and the repair's urgency. When your gaming system has to be repaired, carefully consider these facts to decide which service best meets your needs.

Mail-In Game Console Repair Services


  • You can send your console from anywhere without the need to travel.
  • Since mail-in businesses don't have the overhead expenses of a physical shop, they could be less costly.



  • Due to the time it takes to ship your console to the repair center, wait for repairs, and then receive it back, the procedure might be time-consuming.
  • Emails or phone conversations may be the only means of communication with technicians, which might cause delays or misunderstandings.
  • There is a possibility of additional damage or loss of the game console during transit.

Local Game Console Repair Services


  • Local services can often provide quicker turnaround, sometimes offering same-day repairs.
  • You may discuss concerns with technicians face to face, which improves communication and comprehension.
  • Issues can be diagnosed on the spot, providing instant feedback on the game console.



  • Local repair shops might be more expensive than other repair services. 
  • Depending on location, it might be less convenient than mail-in or at-home services.

Come to You Game Console Repair Services


  • Technicians come to you to repair your game console, which is extremely handy and time-saving.
  • You may obtain immediate help without having to travel or send your console.
  • You may address your problems with technicians in person, ensuring quick troubleshooting. 



  • Because of the convenience they provide, come-to-you services may be more expensive.
  • The availability of come-to-you services may be restricted to particular places or hours, thereby incurring delays.

How to choose the right repair store for your Game Console repair?

Choosing the appropriate repair shop for gaming console repair is critical for various reasons. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a repair store for your game console:  

  • Check to see if the business has a history of offering high-quality, dependable repairs. You can check their past customer reviews and get referrals from others who have utilized their services.
  • Look for repair shops that have knowledgeable technicians who specialize in gaming console repairs.
  • Choose a business that provides warranties on their video game console repair services to protect your investment.
  • Choose a repair shop that is open and honest about the repair process, including charges, projected timescales, and the work that has to be done.
  • Verify that the store uses high-quality replacement parts to ensure the longevity of the game console after repair.

Who will be fixing your Game Console?

Simply Fixable serves as a bridge, connecting people to local repair shops in your area that have passed our rigorous screening process. We aim to simplify and reduce the cost of game console repairs for our customers across the United States. Our carefully curated repair partners offer access to top-tier, affordable game console repair services. In the past ten years, our platform has successfully repaired more than 40,000 devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles.

How are partner stores selected at Simply Fixable? 

Simply Fixable selects repair shop partners based on certain criteria, such as the speed at which the repairs are done and the skills of the technicians who can swiftly identify and fix issues. We require that our partners have extensive experience and offer at least a 90-day warranty, assuring repair durability. Customer feedback and positive reviews are also crucial factors when partnering with repair stores.  We also adhere to strict technical standards, encouraging the use of advanced tools and safe repair methods. The game console repair shops we partner with are equipped to meet demand efficiently, ensuring our customers receive a reliable and seamless game console repair experience.

How are parts that are used during your repair sourced? 

Simply Fixable ensures that the repair partners use high-quality components that adhere to industry benchmarks, even though the repairs are not conducted by them directly. They also keep a check that every console repair should fulfill top-tier quality and reliability standards, and they hold our partners to these expectations. Simply Fixable rigorously evaluates and oversees the practices of its partner stores to confirm their alignment with their strict quality control measures. 

How to prepare your Game Console for repair?

Before sending your game console for repair, make sure that there are no discs inside the console. Detach any accessories, controllers, or memory cards. Clean the console's exterior with a dry cloth to remove dust and debris. Lastly, pack the console in a box and cushion it with bubble wrap or other packing material to keep it safe. 

Tips to keep your Game Console running smoothly and avoid problems

It is critical to keep your game console in good working order to ensure a pleasant and trouble-free gaming experience. Consider the following maintenance advice to help you protect your game console and avoid future difficulties.

  • Regularly update your console's software to the latest version for optimal performance and security.
  • Keep the console in a well-ventilated space to prevent overheating.
  • Use a surge protector to protect your console from power surges and potential electrical damage.
  • Ensure discs are free of scratches before use to save the disk drive. 
  • Regularly check and maintain controllers and other peripherals to avoid connectivity and functionality issues.
  • Turn off the game console completely occasionally instead of always leaving it in standby mode to rest the system.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Fixable is a platform that partners with more than 2000 local repair stores across the United States, including Your area. You can find the most convenient and affordable Game console repair shops in Your area at any time to schedule an appointment directly.

Although we require min. 90 day service warranty by stores that we are partnering with, still most processes are dependent on you and the store. You can contact the repair stores in Your area to learn more about their warranty policies regarding your Game console repair.

The technology behind our platform allows you to find the closest store in Your area. Simply select a date & time which is the most convenient for you.

We will inform you with detailed information about your appointment by text or email after you schedule an appointment. This means that you can contact the store in Your area directly to ask any question or learn more information about your Game console repair. If you wish to contact Simply Fixable, please email us at [email protected] anytime.

We do not require any payment upfront on our website. You will pay directly to the repair shop after you get your Game console fixed.

Price for Game console repair services depends on the brand, model, issue and the repair shop in Your area.

Simply Fixable lists top 5% repair stores that offer professional Game console repair services in Your area. We partner only with professional Game console repair stores that have earned the trust of their customers.