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How to repair a cell phone battery?

Cell phone batteries ultimately lose their capacity to keep a charge when they have been depleted to their maximum capacity or left on charge for an extended time. 


But if the batteries do die, why not attempt to revive them before throwing them out? Maybe the battery just needs a little prodding to start working properly again.


This practical tutorial will highlight the key techniques for fast and easy extension of your battery life.

battery usage


How long do phone batteries last? 


There is no simple answer to how long batteries last because various factors affect battery life. However, a mobile phone battery typically loses 20% of its power after 500 recharge cycles and stops functioning after roughly 2500.


Apple estimates that the iPhone batteries will withstand at least 500 complete recharge cycles before their capacity falls below 80%. You will notice a noticeable decline in battery performance with the following:


If you charge your phone twice daily, it will last for eight months

If you only charge your phone once every day, it will last for 16 months

If you charge once every two days, it will last for 32 months


Also, per the manufacturer ratings of cell phone batteries, the typical lithium-ion battery life of a modern phone is 2 to 3 years or roughly 300 to 500 charge cycles. The battery's capacity will, after that, decrease by about 20%.


Reasons for your phone's battery depleting quickly


Many reasons can lead to the rapid depletion of your cell phone battery. These include:


  • Ineffective software
  • Automatic background syncing of mobile applications and media
  • The use of highly processed apps
  • Wi-Fi is always looking for open networks
  • A screen with an excessive brightness
  • Android applications running in the background
  • Continuous streams of alerts
  • Hardware difficulties


How do you know if your phone battery is damaged? 

The mobile phone will not operate correctly if the battery is broken and may cease working altogether. Here's how to determine if a cell phone battery needs to be repaired.


  • Looking at how the battery looks
  • A battery is likely damaged if it is bloated, dented, etc.
  • Battery voltage gauge (voltmeter)
  • Use a voltmeter to determine the voltage. If the voltage after charging is still 3.6V, it may be a sign that the battery has been damaged. 
  • Normally, while the battery is fully charged, the voltage value is around 4.2V, and the voltage after the battery is used up is about 3.6V.
  • Status of software operation
  • Charging time increases
  • A malfunctioning battery can be determined if its charging time increases.

You can also determine the battery's damage if you utilize the mobile phone's software. If it frequently crashes and runs slowly, it might be because of your battery.

 Fix your phone batteries with these easy steps

Technique 1: Launching the battery again


1.) Gather your materials first. 

Any brand will work with a 9-volt battery.

A maximum of five inches of electric tape is required.

The simplest, thinnest electrical wire will do. The colors of choice are red (+) and black (-).


2.) Since the end terminals of the mobile phone batteries are smaller, connect them first with the electrical cable. 


By glancing at the battery's side, you can tell where its terminals are. For terminal identification, it will have a plus (+) and minus (-) symbol. Please keep in mind that each terminal requires two independent wires or split wires.


It is not advisable to connect either battery's positive or negative connections.

Use the terminals farthest from one another or those outside the battery (most cell phone batteries have more than two terminals). There is no need to use the center terminals.

iphone battery


3.) Apply electric tape to the connectors.


To avoid connecting a positive side to a negative side, note which wires connect to which battery.


4.) Connect the cable from the positive terminal of the battery in your cell phone to the positive terminal of the 9-volt battery and use the negative wire in the same way.


Note that positive to negative connections should never be made since they can shorten your phone's battery.


5.) Use electrical tape to firmly fasten the connections between the wires and the battery terminals.


Put them away from heat or water in a cool, dry area.


6.) Disconnect for up to a minute or until your cell phone's battery feels warm. Every ten seconds or so, you should examine the battery for heat.


7.) When the mobile phone’s battery feels warm to the touch, disconnect the connections.


8.) Check to see if your phone turns on after reinstalling the battery in your phone.


9.) Check battery level once you turn on your phone. If the battery is low, connect the phone to a charger and let it charge completely.


Technique 2: Battery freezing


1.) Take your phone's battery out.


2.) Put it both inside a sealed plastic container and a sealed plastic bag. 


By doing this, it will stay dry. Avoid using foil or paper bags since water can readily seep through them.


3.) Put the sealed battery into the freezer and leave it there for at least 12 hours or overnight.


This enables the battery cells to recharge a little, just enough to hold enough charge to be attached to a phone charger by exposing the battery to low temperatures.


4.) Take the battery out of the refrigerator. Let it warm up until it reaches room temperature.


If the battery is still cold, DO NOT USE IT!


5.) Dry off the battery of any moisture.


6.) Re-insert it into your phone, but turn it off. Connect the phone to the correct charger and give it 48 hours to charge.


7.) Check the battery's power level after the gadget has been charging for 48 hours. You might discover that your battery, which was previously dead and unable to hold a charge, has been revived.


How much does it cost to replace a phone battery Android?

You can repair your cell phone batteries at home; if the methods work, what to do if they don't? 

In that case, taking your mobile phones to certified smartphone repair companies is a good option. The service and charges you choose will mostly decide on what you need to spend to get your batteries repaired. 


Typically, expenditure varies between $25 and $100 to replace your battery but be assured since the comprehensive skills of good repair companies will ensure your investments will never go to vain.


Frequently asked questions on  phone battery repair?


What causes a battery not to hold a charge?


It's possible that a fall or water damage caused your battery to lose its ability to hold a charge. Any battery damage could result in your phone's inability to maintain a charge. Additionally, the charger input or the charger itself may be defective.


Does charging your phone overnight ruin the battery?

Overnight charging may cause the phone battery to malfunction or even explode. Most of you have a habit of leaving your phones on chargers overnight; however, this harms the device's health. 

Longer charging durations result in overheating, short circuits, and occasional explosions.


How many times should you charge your phone in a day?

Even though the answer can vary, the gist is that the battery won't get worse if you charge it twice or three times daily. Occasionally, charging your phone several times a day is more effective because you'll prevent battery degradation when it drops below 20%.


Repair your iPhone batteries in the best ways


Where the above methods give you an alternative to repair your iPhone batteries and save money, always remember that trusting certified repair shops will always be a better option.


Regardless of your use, be sure to remain alert.

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