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MacBook repair in Rochester NY

Is your MacBook slowing down, crashing, or can't hold a charge? We know how important it is to have a fast and working computer! Get in touch today with our partner repair shops in Rochester NY that offer fast and quality services, affordable prices and at least at least a 90-day warranty.

MacBook repair stores in Rochester NY

MacBook repair stores in Rochester NY

Quickfix it wireless
Simply Fixable Partner
Quickfix it wireless
Simply Fixable Partner
1717 Clifford Ave,
Rochester , NY , 14609
Open now: 10:30 AM - 08:00 PM
iFixandRepair -Henrietta Walmart
Simply Fixable Partner
iFixandRepair -Henrietta Walmart
Simply Fixable Partner
1200 Marketplace Dr,,
Rochester , NY , 14623
Open now: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

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Customer Simply Fixable

My screen was cracked and I called Fixable to get information and they were fast, convenient, and professional. I’m so glad I contacted them!

Customer Simply Fixable

My iPhone was having problems. Fixable was very helpful. Great response time and communication. The service was great would highly recommend!

Customer Simply Fixable

Awesome, awesome company and person to do business with. Was extremely helpful in helping me with a minor Microsoft Surface Pro laptop issue. Would love to come here again anytime!

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Macbooks are incredibly handy, whether it be for academic, work or entertainment purposes. But it can’t be avoided that you’ll face some sort of issue with it down the road.

When that happens, you can trust Simply Fixable to steer you toward the best Macbook repair shops in Rochester NY. All you have to do is enter your zip code on our website to receive a list of the nearest repair shops.

Make sure to go through the FAQs below to answer any concerns you might have.

Is it worth repairing a Macbook?

It can depend on whether the damage is still repairable. It’s best to have it looked at by an expert first before deciding whether to repair or replace your Macbook. However, Macbook repair does have more advantages such as that it would cost a lot less. Macbook repair also allows you to maximize your warranty. Not to mention, you won’t be contributing to the carbon footprint of manufacturing industries. Overall, it’s wiser to repair your Macbook instead of replacing it outright.

Can I repair a Macbook by myself?

It can be tempting to perform a DIY Macbook repair, especially when the internet allows unlimited access to guide videos and articles. However, keep in mind that repairing your Macbook by yourself will void your warranty. Not to mention, if you make one mistake during your repair, you’ll end up having to pay more than you originally would have. 

How much does it cost to repair a Macbook?

The cost of a Macbook repair depends on the extent of the damage done to it. Screen repairs typically cost a lot more. Having it repaired directly through Apple can also be expensive. Fortunately, our partners listed on Simply Fixable in Rochester NY have affordable prices and transparent fees. 

The approximate cost of Macbook repair is between $75 and $750. To learn the exact final price, you need to contact the partner stores directly.

Is the Macbook screen replaceable?

Yes, definitely. If you accidentally damaged your Macbook, you can have it replaced at one of the trusted shops listed on our site in Rochester NY. 

Is it okay if I dropped my Macbook?

Although dropping a Macbook isn’t a good thing, it also doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence for your device. If you can still troubleshoot it and have it working again, then there’s no need to bring it to a repair shop. However, if there are any additional difficulties that you encounter or if noticeable damage has been to your device then urgent repair is a must. 

How long does a Macbook last?

In general, Macbooks can last up to 10 years if it’s been handled properly. Even with Apple releasing new macOS updates, a brand new Macbook would still be able to receive it for the next 7 years and the OS released during the seventh year would still be supported by Apple three years after the fact. So, unless there are any unforeseen hardware issues or damage, then you should be able to use your Macbook for a long time. 


From United States Postal Service head southwest toward Waring Rd 112 feet, then turn right toward Waring Rd 43 feet, and then turn left toward Waring Rd 72 feet. After that, turn left onto Waring Rd 26 feet and turn right onto Ashwood Dr for 0.1 mile. Then turn left onto Lyceum St for 0.6 mile and turn right onto Clifford Ave for 0.4 mile. Simply Fixable Rochester NY store will be on your left.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply Fixable is a platform that partners with more than 2000 local repair stores across the United States, including Rochester NY. You can find the most convenient and affordable MacBook repair shops in Rochester NY at any time to schedule an appointment directly.

Although we require min. 90 day service warranty by stores that we are partnering with, still most processes are dependent on you and the store. You can contact the repair stores in Rochester NY to learn more about their warranty policies regarding your MacBook repair.

The technology behind our platform allows you to find the closest store in Rochester NY. Simply select a date & time which is the most convenient for you.

We will inform you with detailed information about your appointment by text or email after you schedule an appointment. This means that you can contact the store in Rochester NY directly to ask any question or learn more information about your MacBook repair. If you wish to contact Simply Fixable, please email us at [email protected] anytime.

We do not require any payment upfront on our website. You will pay directly to the repair shop after you get your MacBook fixed.

Price for MacBook repair services depends on the model, issue and the repair shop in Rochester NY.

Simply Fixable lists top 5% repair stores that offer professional MacBook repair services in Rochester NY. We partner only with professional MacBook repair stores that have earned the trust of their customers.