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Published on: 04.07.2023

Expected New iPad Pros in 2022

Apple’s event was hosted on September 7th, when the company launched its new flagship iPhone series, a new AirPods Pro, and a new slew of Apple Watch models.

However, the company didn’t unveil the new iPad Pro, but the rumors and reports are stating that the new iPad Pro could come out later this year.

Chances are it may be launched in the next fall event in October. Although the launch of a new iPad is hyped, the jump forward in performance and specs is not expected to be as impressive as it could have been.

So, what are the expected specs of the new iPad Pro? What is the predicted iPad Pro 2022 launch date? Is it worth buying?

Let’s find out. Here are Simply Fixable's findings.

What is the iPad Pro 2022 release date?

ipad pro 2022



Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the new iPad Pro models can go into the mass production stage in the last quarter of 2022. The prediction is that the production can start between October, November, or December based on the condition of ongoing supply constraints.

There’s a high probability that Apple may launch its new iPad Pro in the coming months to make a decent upgrade in its iPad series. If the plan is executed with finesse, you can expect the new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros to launch.

You can pre-order the new device during the next Apple event within the same week. The release date for stores and deliveries will follow next week.

Ming-Chi Kuo also states that Apple supplier TSMC doesn’t have the 3nm chips ready before 2023, so the new iPad Pro will be sticking to a 5nm chipset.

The smaller the size of the nanometers, the higher the processor's performance. Rumors also claim that Apple will release a new iPad Pro with M2.

Besides Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman also says the new iPad is expected to arrive in October. The theory is backed up by Apple’s recent confirmation that iPadOS 16 will be delayed until later in the fall.

What is expected of the iPad Pro 2022?

With the announcement of the M2 chip as the standard for the next generation Apple silicon, the company launched the chip in the latest MacBook Air and a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

But the chip is also expected to feature in this year's iPad Pro. The current iPad Pro model uses the M1 and a switch to a GPU with up to 10 cores, and an eight-core CPU can transform the power of the new iPad Pro for iOS16 apps.

Does the iPad Pro 2022 look different?

Rumors suggest that Apple is focusing on launching the new 14-inch iPad, but the release window is less clear. Display analyst Ross Young predicts a Q1 2023 release, while leaker Majin Bu strongly believes a release later this year.

Different reports also claim that the new 14-inch iPad won't come with ProMotion or mini-LED tech. We expect Apple to debut two new versions for its 11-inch and 12.9-inch lineups.

There are also rumors about the materials used for the iPad Pro. You can expect the use of titanium for future iPad products, but for which specific models? That’s unknown at this point.

Reports also claim that Apple may shrink the bezels. However, it isn't clear how much because people need a place to keep their thumb while holding the tablet.

What are the iPad Pro 2022 features?


ipad pro 2022 features



Apple's 2021 iPad Pro has mini-LED technology in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that provides it with improved colors, HDR, and more.

Apple has termed the technology Liquid Retina XDR, which could bring it to the new 11-inch iPad Pro this year.

However, following previous reports that the technology would be shrunk to the 11-inch chassis, that outcome now seems less likely.

Ross Young doesn't expect the new 11-inch iPad Pro to gain mini-LED this year. Irrespective of what happens with the new 11-inch model, Apple can offer the same Liquid Retina XDR technology in the new 12.9-inch model.

Also, there are claims of introducing wireless charging capabilities in the new iPad Pro. It isn't clear what that wireless charging feature for the iPad Pro would offer or at what speeds, but hopes are high that we could see reverse wireless charging for the Apple device for the first time.

Different displays and connectivity improvements are expected to improve the overall experience of using the flagship tablet from Apple.

What is the iPad Pro 2022 price?

The accurate prediction for pricing is a tough one this year. The iPad Pro 11-inch is priced at $899, while the 12.9-inch begins at $1,099.

Almost similar iPad Pro pricing is required this year, but the fluctuating currency exchange rates and global inflation could result in you paying more depending on your current location.

Considering the limited changes expected in the new iPad Pro 2022, the variation in the pricing will not be drastic.

Final Point

The rumors and talk going around for the new iPad Pro after Apple’s September Far Out event are rising.

Even though most of these speculations may seem destined for the iPad Pro, it's never simple to predict what Apple will do next.

We have compiled reliable information to ensure you get the best updates on the new iPad Pro's expected launch.

Since anything can happen in the coming months, stay updated with the latest news.


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