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Simply Simply is a full service device repair store at your area and repairs all types of smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Google, LG and more), tablet (iPad, Samsung tablet, Microsoft Surface and more) and laptop (MacBook,Lenovo, Google Chrome, Samsung laptop and more) , offering repair basically anything from cracked screen replacements to damaged frames.

Simply Fixable always keeps its promises for customers when it comes to the quality of the repair. If you are not planning to spend hundreds of dollars for a new device, our service warranty for repairs will make you feel super confident to reuse your broken device again.

What our warranty covers
Except as stated otherwise in this clause 9, we warrant that on repair, and for a period of 90 day from the date of repair (warranty period), products supplied by us will:
(a) conform in all material respects with their description;
(b) be free from part defects in design, material and workmanship; and
(c) be of satisfactory quality.

Please note that the warranty period runs from the date of the original repair. If subsequent work is carried out under our warranty, this does not extend the warranty. For example, if a warranty repair is done 3 months after the original repair, the warranty still ends 3 months from the date of the original repair.

But even with warranty agreement, Simply Fixable has a right to refuse to offer warranty after repair in certain cases explained below:
Simply Fixable will not offer any warranty if device has “water damage”
Simply Fixable will not offer any warranty if the device has a bent or damaged frame.
Simply Fixable is not responsible and will not offer any warranty if the device has defective parts .
Simply Fixable will not offer any warranty damage or faults resulting from attempted repairs by you or any third party;
Due to the unpredictable and varied nature of causes of battery performance issues, it is not always possible to diagnose whether the issue is due to hardware, software, board, or even accessories. Following completion of our services, should your device continue to display the original symptoms (at any degree, be it increased, decreased, or the same) but continue to display some functionality, regardless of how minor, we retain the right to determine that the issue is as a result of damage to the U2 ic Chip and our warranty will not apply.
Any jailbroken or “rooted” device; or
Any fault or damage unrelated to the products supplied by us under warranty.
Pre-repair issues/events. Our warranty does not apply if your device is jailbroken or “rooted” or if, at or before the time we provide the products, there is in relation to your device:
a known manufacturing or performance issue which is separate from the services ordered;
water or other liquid damage;
any performance issue with your device’s battery.

Simply Fixable will only diagnose the following parts on your device: Screen, power button, volume button, home button, front and back camera and charging port assembly, frame and Wifi connection.

Simply Fixable is not responsible for the above parts if they have been damaged or not functioning properly before the customer brought it to us.

We will charge you if you make an invalid warranty claim. If upon inspection we determine that your issue is not covered by our warranty (for example, because your device is cracked or our warranty does not apply due to one of the limitations set out above), you may opt for us to either

(a) carry out a repair (to the extent that we are able to) at our standard price or
(b) pay our $99 call out charge.

We are responsible for replacing parts by our company and we will be behind on our job anytime. For Good customer service and good quality parts we are always here to help you.