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Published on: 08.16.2023, Updated on: 08.18.2023

How to Repair iPad Glass by Yourself? Follow All the Steps

So, you have shattered the front screen of your iPad and don’t want to pay outrageous repair costs to fix it. The display of the iPad has two different layers. The top glass layer acts as a sacrificial protective layer for the sensitive LCD screen beneath. 

If your iPad glass is scattered but the screen is still giving display and responding to touch, you are in luck! You can fix the display by replacing only the top glass panel which is a much cheaper repair than replacing the whole display. 

The following is a DIY iPad glass replacement guide by Simply Fixable to help you save money by completing the repair yourself. 

What do you need for the iPad Glass Replacement Repair? 

  • New glass panel for the iPad
  • Heat gun or Hair Dryer
  • Pry bar
  • Triangle opening pick 
  • Suction cup
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Adhesive tape
  • Safety goggles
  • Safety gloves
  • Tweezer

If your iPad screen is scattered, safety goggles are a must. During the removal process, small bits of glass can bounce off and hit the eye or imbed in the finger causing injury. So, ensuring safety and following proper protocols is a must. 

What is the Difficulty Level of iPad Glass Repair? 

Repairing the iPad glass panel and replacing it with a new one is not difficult. This process can be easily attempted by individuals that have no prior experience repairing the iPad. Since there is no special technique or complex processes involved in this repair, it gets a rating of 4 on the 1-10 difficulty scale. 

How much time does it take to complete the iPad Glass Repair? 

Removing the old glass panel and replacing it with a new one takes 2-3 hours depending on the level of expertise of the individual. Familiarity with the tools is a big plus. Individuals that are familiar with the above-mentioned tools can complete the repair faster than the ones that are not very well versed. However, replacing the iPad glass panel takes 3 hours on average. 

iPad Glass Replacement DIY Guide 

iPad glass repair by yourself - DIY guide


Step 1: Turn off the iPad and remove SIM if present

  • Press the top power button and the volume up button to turn off the iPad. 
  • Remove SIM. 

Step 2: Use a heat gun to soften the display adhesive

  • The iPad glass is attached to the frame with adhesive. With the help of a heat gun pry apart the edges of the display to separate the glass from the frame. 
  • When using a pry bar make sure to not overextend the pry bar deep into the screen as it can damage the main LCD panel beneath. So, only pry around the edges of the display. Also, constantly keep changing the position of the heat gun. Concentrating heat on a single spot can lead to panel damage. 

Step 3: Use a Suction Cup to lift up the Display

  • Using a suction cup lift up the glass panel away from the frame. Create enough that you can wedge a triangle opening pick between the glass panel and the frame. This is done to discourage contact between the glass panel and the adhesive.
  • When lifting the panel be gentle. Don’t use excessive force or make sudden movements. 

Step 4: Separate the glass panel from the frame

  • Keep prying until all the adhesive is removed. 
  • Using a tweezer separate the glass panel from the frame. The panel will not fully come apart yet because the display cable is still attached. 

Step 5: Remove the Home button

  • By using a tweezer remove the home button from the glass panel. 

Step 6: Remove the LCD screen

  • To remove the LCD screen, undo the four Phillips head screws. These screws are located at each corner of the LCD screen. 
  • Using a pry bar gently lift the LCD screen and remove it from the iPad frame. 

Step 7: Disconnect the Battery Connector

  • The battery connector is located right next to the battery. If you cannot find the battery connector, trace its origins by following the path of the battery cable. 
  • Wedge a pry bar underneath the battery connector and lift it up to remove it. 

Step 8: Disconnect the Glass Panel

  • The connector for the glass panel cables is hidden underneath the metal sheet. 
  • Use a Torx screwdriver to undo the three screws attached to the metal sheet. 
  • Use a pry bar and disconnect the two ribbon cables originating from the front glass panel.

Step 9: Clean the edges using isopropyl alcohol

  • Remove any leftover glass bits clinging to the iPad’s frame. 
  • Clean the surface of the edges using isopropyl alcohol. This ensures that the new panel adheres well to the surface.  

Step 10: Connect the Display cables

  • Connect the two glass panel ribbon cables and the one LCD cable. 
  • Screw in the metal sheet to secure the cables. 

Step 11: Attach the LCD 

  • Align the LCD panel with the corresponding screw holes on the iPad’s frame. 
  • Secure the LCD panel using four Phillips screws. 

Step 12: Plug-in home button to the new glass panel 

  • The home button clicks into place. Do not use excessive force as it can damage the fragile ribbon cable. 

Step 13: Attach the Glass Panel

  • Peel off the protective film on the adhesive tape. 
  • Align the glass panel with the iPad’s frame until it sits correctly in place. 
  • Gently press around the edges to make the adhesive bound with the panel. 
  • Turn on the iPad by pressing the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Test the touch capacity of the glass panel and inspect for any damage that may have been caused during the repair. 

Can you replace just the glass on an iPad? 

You can replace just the glass on iPads that contain LCD displays. These iPad include the regular series iPads, iPad Mini and iPad Air 1 and Air 2. iPads with LED displays require the replacement of the entire display. They cannot be repaired by replacing only the glass panel. 



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