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Published on: 10.08.2023, Updated on: 11.19.2023

iPhone 14 Repair Cost in US 2023

iPhone 14 repair cost may vary depending on the exact problem, however, it's possible to give a range so that customers will be aware of the potential repair cost. At Simply Fixable, average repair cost is $144 for iPhone 14, $157 for iPhone 14 Plus, $192 for iPhone 14 Pro, and $173 for iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Knowing your iPhone 14 repair cost is the start to looking after your phone. Keeping your iPhone in good shape is essential for maintaining its performance and longevity. However, accidents happen, and your shiny new iPhone 14 might need repair at some point in case of any damage. Repair costs for iPhone 14 can vary widely based on the type and severity of damage and the place where you choose to get it fixed. Understanding the iPhone 14 repair cost can help you make an informed decision about where to get your iPhone 14 repaired.


In this article, all the results are based on the first-party data by Simply Fixable and secondary data obtained through the market research. The costs shown are the real costs of Simply Fixable's partners, official Apple stores, and other relevant repair service providers.

iPhone repair options near you


Simply Fixable 


Asurion (formerly Ubreakifix) 

Repair warranty

90 days minimum

90 dates from the date of service

1 year minimum

Avg iPhone repair cost




Table 1. iPhone repair providers

What Are the Factors Influencing iPhone 14 Repair Cost?

There are several things that can cause the iPhone costs to differ let’s check them out.

Extent of the Damage

It will depend how badly damaged the phone is. When you drop your phone, you might see the cracked screen but you cannot see the damage done to the internal parts until the phone is opened up. You may be quoted the base rate of the screen repair, but additional costs can be incurred if something like the charger port was damaged when the phone was dropped.

The Model of Phone You Have

Older model iPhones are cheaper to repair than the newer models. The newer models have better technology and features, so repairs can be more complex, take longer, and require more expensive materials.


If you have AppleCare, you may get your repair prices at Apple at no charge or at a discounted rate. Please note that AppleCare does not cover water damage.

How much does it cost to repair iPhone 14? 

On average, the cost to repair an iPhone 14 at Simply Fixable is $144. In contrast, at an Apple store or through Apple's mail-in repair service, the cost is $309. You’ll get a 90 days warranty from both stores from the date of service. 

Model name

Simply Fixable iPhone repair cost

Apple iPhone repair cost

Asurion (formerly Ubreakifix)

iPhone repair cost

iPhone 14




iPhone 14 Plus




iPhone 14 Pro




iPhone 14 Pro Max




Table 2. iPhone 14 repair cost per model

*Data in the given table is based on Simply Fixable's market research and the official Apple website


Simply Fixable offers its customers the ability to compare the cost of repairs between service providers across the USA, making it even easier to find the best deal. With Simply Fixable, you can find a repair service that is both reliable and affordable, making it the perfect option for your mobile device repair needs. You can rest assured the partners we work with are approved by Simply Fixable as being reliable, experienced, and trustworthy to provide you with the best possible service available for your individual situation.

Here you can see costs of various iPhone 14 models per issue offered by Simply Fixable:


iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Screen repair





Battery replacement





Charging port repair





Table 3. iPhone 14 repair cost per problem

*Data in the given table is based on Simply Fixable's market research and the official Apple website


iPhone 14 screen repair cost

iPhone 14 screen repair cost At Simply Fixable will cost you $192. Their technicians will effectively remove and replace the old screen with a new original Apple screen. Keeping the iPhone 14 repair cost low means extra money in your pocket.

iPhone 14 battery replacement cost

The iPhone 14 battery replacement cost is affordable when you shop around. If your iPhone 14 battery is not working properly, it is aged and needs to be replaced. iPhone 14 battery replacement cost at Simply Fixable will cost you $152. 

iPhone 14 charging port repair cost 

The iPhone 14 charging port repair cost at Simply Fixable is $131. The price can vary depending on whether you need to repair the existing charging port or get a new one installed.  Thankfully, the iPhone 14 charging port repair cost is affordable, so you can get your phone back up and running again.

iPhone 14 camera repair cost 

At Simply Fixable, the iPhone 14 camera repair cost is $159. The price may vary depending on the nature of the damage and whether it's a front-facing camera or a rear camera that needs repairing. Nevertheless, knowing the iPhone 14 camera repair cost before getting it done ensures you know what to expect.

Back of iPhone 14 repair cost

The back of iPhone 14 repair cost at Simply Fixable is $187. At this affordable price, you can get your device’s back glass replaced and get a new one. There is no need to buy a new phone when the back of iPhone 14 repair cost is budget-friendly.

iPhone 14 water damage repair cost 

iPhone 14 Water damage repair costs can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage. It's recommended to get a quote from a good repair service provider such as Simply Fixable, which strives to give you the best service, and iPhone 14 water damage repair cost that is affordable.

How much does it cost to repair iPhone 14 Pro?

The average cost to repair an iPhone 14 Pro at Simply Fixable is $192, while at an Apple store, it's $339. The repair costs may fluctuate depending on the nature and severity of damage to your device. 

iPhone 14 Pro screen replacement cost

At Simply Fixable, the iPhone 14 Pro screen replacement cost is $473. Their professional technicians carefully remove the old screen and replace it with a new screen. The good thing about Simply Fixables iPhone 14 Pro screen replacement cost is everyone can afford the repair, so no one misses out on using their phone.

iPhone 14 Pro battery replacement cost

Do you need an iPhone 14 Pro battery replacement cost quote? If your iPhone 14 Pro battery is draining sooner than normal, it’s time to get it replaced by a repair store. Replacing the iPhone 14 Pro battery replacement cost will be $161. 

iPhone 14 Pro charging port repair cost

Get yourself an iPhone 14 Pro charging port repair cost, and you’ll be surprised at the affordability. The cost to repair the charging port of an iPhone 14 Pro at Simply Fixable is $131.  The iPhone 14 Pro charging port repair cost is both affordable and reasonable.

How much does it cost to repair iPhone 14 Pro Max? 

The average cost to repair an iPhone 14 Pro Max at Simply Fixable is $173, with 90 days of warranty. If you get your iPhone 14 pro max repaired at Apple, the average cost will be around $392, which can be lower or higher depending on the type of damage done to your device.

iPhone 14 Pro Max screen repair cost

At Simply Fixable, the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen repair cost is $370. Their trained technicians will remove the screen and replace it with a new one for a clear and crisp display. Getting an  iPhone 14 Pro Max screen repair cost quote first in important to know exactly what charges you can expect.

iPhone 14 Pro Max battery replacement cost

iPhone 14 Pro Max battery replacement cost at Simply Fixable will cost you $166. This is one of the best competitive prices you can get in the United States for your iPhone 14 Pro Max battery replacement cost.

iPhone 14 Pro Max charging port repair cost

iPhone 14 Pro Max charging port repair cost at Simply Fixable is $ 144. Your phone will stay under warranty for 90 days starting from the day of service. The iPhone 14 Pro Max charging port repair cost is affordable, given you get a 90-day warranty.

How much does it cost to repair iPhone 14 Plus? 

The average cost to repair an iPhone 14 Plus at Simply Fixable is $157. If you are a student or a veteran in NYC, you can avail 10% off the total repair cost. At Apple, the cost to repair iPhone 14 plus is around $342 on average.

iPhone 14 Plus screen replacement cost

At Simply Fixable, the iPhone 14 plus screen replacement cost is $195. Don’t miss out on the 10% discount offer on your iPhone 14 plus screen replacement cost if you are a student in New York City.

iPhone 14 Plus battery replacement cost

iPhone 14 plus battery replacement cost is only $159 if you get it from Simply Fixable – one of the best and most affordable iPhone repair service providers in the United States. With affordable iPhone 14 plus battery replacement cost there is no reason to avoid getting it done.

iPhone 14 Plus charging port repair cost

You need to get a quote for your iPhone 14 plus charging port repair cost. If your iPhone 14 plus charging port is not working as it should, you should get it repaired. The professional technicians of Simply Fixable will assess the charging port carefully and repair or replace the charging port at a reasonable price, which is $130. When you have a company with affordable iPhone 14 plus charging port repair cost fees, take them up on the offer and get your phone repaired quickly.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 14 by yourself?

The cost of the necessary tools and parts need to repair iPhone 14 by yourself can vary greatly. At the same time, you’ll need to learn technical skills to perform the repair by yourself. It is best to follow a comprehensive DIY guide before attempting to repair iPhone 14 at home. 

Is it Better to Buy a New iPhone 14 or Replace it? 

There are pros and cons for each option. Let’s find out what they are.



  • More affordable
  • More eco-friendly
  • Get the maximum money worth out of the phone


  • The phone may be starting to become slow
  • Other components may break as the phone gets older
  • Battery may be starting to degrade



  • A new phone that has faster performance
  • New phones have new features


  • New iPhones often have waiting lists
  • You may not need all the features 
  • Expensive 

Is it Cheaper to Buy a New iPhone 14 or Replace It?

In most cases it is cheaper to get the phone repaired. If you have Applecare+, you may be entitled to a cheaper rate also. Most common reapirs like cracked screen and battery replacment are affordable and dont take long to fix.

Common iPhone 14 Problems

If you find yourself suffering from an iPhone 14 overheating problem, it is a good idea to get your phone to a professional repairer to fix the problem before the overheating problem causes further damage to the phone.

Is your iPhone 14 battery draining fast? It can be frustrating when your battery is draining so quickly. Ensure all apps are closed in the background; if the battery still drains quickly, you may have a degraded battery that needs replacing.

You won't be able to use your phone if you have an iPhone 14 black screen problem. It can mean your phone has overheated and has turned itself off to cool down. Another reason could be the phone is flat, and the battery is not charging. You may need a replacement if a soft reset doesn’t fix the problem. 

If your iPhone 14 won’t turn on, you can first try another charger in case the charger is not charging the phone. Also, check to ensure nothing is sticky around the on/off button, which could be causing the button to stay down and not allow the phone to turn on. 

iPhone 14 won’t charge, which is a common problem. The two main reasons are a bad, degraded battery and a bad charger. When the battery is old or when you overcharge the phone, it can cause the battery to degrade, meaning it won’t charge sufficiently and will drain fast. If this is the case, you will need a replacement.

iPhone 14 frozen and won’t turn off problem can be caused by an overheating problem, and the phone has malfunctioned; there’s a glitch in the system or a cracked screen. If the screen is cracked, it will need to be repaired, but if it is just a glitch, a simple soft reset should fix the problem.

Third-party camera apps often cause iPhone 14 camera issues. These can cause the camera to glitch. If you need one, try using a good quality 5-star app to avoid these problems. You may also experience camera problems if the screen is cracked or you drop the phone and damage the camera. You can attempt a hard reset, which can fix problems, but always back up your phone first, as you risk losing data.  How to Hard Reset iPhone 14 is easy. You just need to press and release your volume up switch, then do the same for the volume down one. Now hold the side button, and when you see the Apple logo on the screen, take your finger off the side button, and the phone should start up. 

Can iPhone 14 Be Repaired?

Yes, they can. Nearly everything on an iPhone can be repaired or replaced. What the cost and time to take will be is determined by the extent of the damage and which provider you choose to go with. Things like cracked screens, broken charging ports, and degraded batteries can all be repaired. 

Is iPhone 14 Easy to Repair?

It will depend on the type of damage done to the phone as to whether it is an easy job or not. Common problems like a cracked screen or broken charging port are fairly easy, but when it comes to water damage things can get complex. Hardware issues in the motherboard can become a complicated job also.

How Do You Know If Your iPhone 14 is Damaged?

There will be signs that you have a damaged iPhone, such as a dark, cracked, or flickering screen. Different chargers will not charge the phone, or if the phone will not hold charge for long, that battery is damaged. If the phone keeps turning off then you may have a software or hardware problem. Another indicator of a damaged battery is the phone tends to overheat and get quite hot to the touch. All of these problems need to be repaired ASAP before further issues occur.

What Can Damage iPhone 14?

One of the most common damages that occurs to the phone is dropping it. This can affect the hardware inside and the screen. Pushing and pulling the charger cord roughly can damage the port, and using the phone when charging it can cause the phone to overheat and damage the battery and internal components. 

What is the Biggest Problem with iPhone 14?

The one thing many iPhone users complain about is the battery life. If you are suffering from poor battery life, you can adjust the screen brightness and close down apps you are not using to increase the battery life. If you have had the phone for a while, it may need a battery replacement. If you have bad charging habits, such as using the phone when charging or overcharging the phone and leaving it charged overnight, you could have degraded your battery, which will require replacement.

Can I buy AppleCare After Purchase?

Yes, you can. You have 60 days after purchasing the phone to organize AppleCare. If you have damaged the phone within this period before buying Applecare, you won’t be covered unless the problems are a fault with the phone.

Is AppleCare Plus Worth It?

Some say yes, and some say no. AppleCare+ seems to be the best warranty out there, with good customer service, but many feel it is overpriced. It will depend on which iPhone you have and how often you are prone to need repairs.

How Much is AppleCare on iPhone 14?

AppleCare+ costs you $149, which will cover you for two years. You can pay monthly if you choose, which costs $7.99 per month. For theft coverage, it is $219 for a two-year policy. 

How Long is iPhone 14 Warranty?

Apple's general warranty is one year with a purchased phone. You can opt to go with Applecare+ for additional coverage. Simple Fixable offers at least a 90-day warranty on their replacements and repairs.

Does iPhone 14 Warranty Cover Cracked Screen?

There is no cover for accidental damage to the phone, such as a cracked screen. 

How Many Years Will iPhone 14 Last?

The Apple updates for the 14 model will stop in 2029. Without updating the phone, it will eventually become useless. Most iPhones will need repairs and replacements in this time frame, such as battery replacements, as they can degrade quickly. Cracked screen replacements and charging ports are all common problems that will need fixing if you are to keep your phone that long. The phones must be replaced for optimal use every 3-4 years.

Is iPhone 14 Back Glass Scratch Proof?

The front and back glass have a ceramic shield, which is scratch-resistant but not scratch-proof. You still need to look after the phone and use a cover if you don't want to end up with scratches on the phone.

What is the Price of iPhone 14 Back Glass?

The cost to fix a damaged back glass on the iPhone 14 is $550 from Apple, according to PCMAG

Does iPhone 14 Glass Break?

Yes, it does. Although Apple has added a ceramic shield to their iPhone screens, they still cannot handle being dropped or suffering blunt force trauma. Putting a cover on the phone can prevent this problem when the phone is dropped.

Are iPhone 14 Screens Durable?

Yes, they are, to an extent. They offer a ceramic shield, which makes the phone more durable regarding surface scratches. The phone screen can still break when you drop it or drop something on top of the phone.

Can a Damaged iPhone 14 Screen Be Replaced?

It certainly can. Both Simply Fixable and Apple offer screen replacements with warranties.

What Can Be Repaired on iPhone 14?

You can get many things replaced and repaired on the Iphone 14. For example, the screen, charging port, battery, water damage, hardware components etc., will depend on how much damage it has caused and whether the damages can be fixed.

Does iPhone 14 Overheat?

Yes, all phones are capable of overheating. It is often due to a degraded battery or too many apps running in the background. Your phone can also overheat when you leave it near a heat source or in the sun. Always keep the phone in a shaded area and avoid leaving it sitting in the hot car.

Can I Use My iPhone 14 While Charging?

It is a good idea not to play with the phone when charging as this can cause the phone to overheat. The battery is functioning while it’s charging and is already in use, so when you play with the phone, it uses more battery and causes the phone to overheat.

How Long Can iPhone 14 Battery Last?

It will depend on how you use the phone. If you are playing games and running apps in the background all the time, you will only get about 5 hours out of the phone, but it can last all day for those who hardly use their phone and always close apps when they are finished.

Is iPhone 14 Waterproof?

No, it has a water-resistant rating but is not waterproof. If you spill water on the phone or some gets inside the charging port, chances are, the phone will be ok. If you immerse the phone in water, it will get inside the components and start eroding them, and the phone will become unusable. 

iPhone 14 repair insurance

Repair insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to accidental damages. Options such as AppleCare+ cover two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months.

iPhone 14 repair discount opportunities 

For your iPhone 14 repair cost, there are a variety of discount opportunities available for iPhone 14 repairs. For example, Simply Fixable offers a generous 10% discount to students and veterans in New York City. taking this amount off can reduce your iPhone 14 repair cost significantly.





Author: Madiha Khadim

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