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iOS 15.2 Update Released! Here's All The New Incoming


As Simply Fixable, we can say that our entire team is a solid Apple fan. That's why every time a new version comes out, we have the opportunity to examine it ourselves. We tested the new update for you! Let's take a look together.

iOS 15.2 Update Released! Here's All The New Incoming

Apple has released the latest update of iOS, iOS 15.2. iOS 15, which has received many complaints and criticism since its first release, has been saved from a number of errors with the latest version released. The iOS 15.2 update released for all iPhone users also includes performance improvements.

The most striking innovation that came with the iOS 15.2 update was the "Application Privacy Report" added to the "Settings" menu. With this feature, users will be able to see all their data that has been accessed by both third-party applications and Apple applications in the last 7 days. In this way, Apple will increase transparency between third-party applications and the user.

iOS 15.2


iOS 15.2 Update

With the iOS 15.2 Update, new privacy-focused features have arrived for Siri and Messages, apart from the Application Privacy Report. Thanks to the new feature added, in the "Messages" application, parents will be able to choose to receive an alert when their child receives or sends a message containing nudity or sexuality. Thus, the Messages application will become more secure.

Another remarkable innovation that comes with iOS 15.2 is the Digital Heritage feature. With this feature, Apple users will be able to determine who will have permission to access their iCloud account. In the event of the death of the users, the designated persons will have access to the deceased's account.

With iOS 15.2, some bugs in Siri have been fixed. Thus, errors in many issues such as some playback problems in video applications for iPhone 13 users have been fixed.

To sum up, the new iOS version is more focused on the iPhone 13 and everything looks perfect with all the innovations. Who knows what new Apple is preparing for us...

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