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Published on: 11.12.2023, Updated on: 11.12.2023

Mastering Acer Challenges: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

Digital technology has become an integral part of our lives. But with these advancements, there come some challenges. Acer, which has become every household’s device, has a fair share of issues, such as laptop not starting, tablet having a black screen, or connectivity issues. All these problems can hinder the functionality of Acer devices, but they can be solved by following simple steps that we’ll share in this article.

Key Takeaways

This article will highlight issues that Acer users often face, such as overheating of the device, battery draining faster than usual, and touchscreen problems. We’ll also discuss the possible solutions to fix these issues by yourself, such as force restarting your device, replacing the battery, and updating the drivers.

What are the common Acer problems?

Acer users encounter many issues with their devices. One of the most common problems is when their “Acer won’t turn on”. Many reasons contribute to this problem, such as overheating, battery issues, and software glitches. Some other common Acer issues include battery draining, touch screen not working, Acer black screen, and water damage.

Acer Won't Charge     

Why does my Acer won’t charge?

·        The charger or charging cable of your Acer device might be faulty.

·        The battery might be damaged or very old.

·        The charging port could be dirty or damaged, stopping it from charging.

·        There might be an issue with the motherboard.

How do I fix my Acer that won’t charge?

·        Ensure the charger and cable are working properly.

·        Clean the charging port gently using a soft cloth from dust or debris.

·        Consider replacing the battery if it’s damaged or old.

·        If the problem persists, seek professional assistance from a reputable store recognized by Simply Fixable.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Avoid using third-party chargers as it can affect the battery of the device.

·        Keep the charging port clean and free from any dust.

·        Don't overcharge the battery. Take the plug off as soon as the device is charged.

·        Ensure a stable power source when charging.

Acer Battery Draining Fast    

Why is my Acer battery draining fast?

·        Too many background apps are running in the background.

·        The screen brightness is set too high on your Acer device.

·        The battery is old or damaged, causing it to drain fast.

·        There could be malware or software issues in your device affecting the battery charge.

How do I fix my Acer battery that is draining fast?

·        Close unnecessary background apps you are not using.

·        Adjust screen brightness to a lower setting as it will optimize the battery.

·        Replace the battery if it's old or damaged.

·        Scan your device and remove any potential malware, if any.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly update your device software as it can fix the bugs.

·        Limit the use of power-intensive apps on your device.

·        Perform regular malware scans to keep the device away from any internal damage.

·        Avoid placing your device in extreme temperatures.

Acer Overheating

Why is my Acer overheating?

·        Blocked vents can cause inadequate ventilation, resulting in overheating.

·        The cooling system of your device might be faulty.

·        Heavy software or apps running constantly on your device can cause overheating.

·        Dust accumulation inside the laptop’s charging port also leads to overheating.

How do I fix my Acer that is overheating?

·        Ensure the vents are not obstructed and remove any dust.

·        Reduce the number of apps running simultaneously.

·        Place the device in normal temperatures to cool it down a bit before using.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly clean the vents and internal of your device.

·        Avoid using the laptop on soft surfaces like beds, as it can block the vent.

·        Update software and drivers regularly whenever they are available.

·        Ensure the laptop has adequate ventilation.

Acer keeps restarting   

Why does my Acer keeps restarting?

·        The software or operating system of Acer is corrupted.

·        Overheating of your Acer device can cause automatic restarts.

·        Your device might be a victim of a virus mainly caused by downloads from unknown sources.

How do I fix my Acer that keeps restarting?

·        Boot in safe mode to diagnose software issues. You can do this by pressing and holding the shift key while you select power>restart. After that, select troubleshoot > advanced options > startup setting > restart. Once it restarts, there will be a list of options. Select “Start your PC in Safe Mode”. Remember, the process might be slightly different depending on your model and device.

·        Place your system at normal temperature if it's overheating.

·        Run a complete system malware scan and follow the steps to remove it if it suspects something.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly back up your data and update your system to fix the bugs.

·        Install a good antivirus that can save your system from viruses.

·        Avoid downloading from untrusted sources, as these downloads can bring viruses into your system.

·        Monitor system temperatures and don’t let it overheat.

Common Acer Problems


Acer Touch Screen Not Working        

Why is my Acer touchscreen not working?

·        The screen may be dirty, which is stopping the touchscreen from working.

·        There could be software or driver issues affecting the touchscreen.

·        Hardware malfunction or damage can also impact the touchscreen functionality.

·        Touch functionality might be disabled in settings.

How do I fix my Acer touchscreen that is not working?

·        Clean the screen with a soft microfiber cloth to remove any dust. Also, clean your hands before using it.

·        Update or reinstall touchscreen drivers to check if the issue goes away.

·        Check if touch functionality is enabled in the device’s settings.

·        Consider consulting an Acer repair professional if it's a hardware issue.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly clean the touch screen so it doesn’t catch any dirt.

·        Ensure the software and drivers are up-to-date.

·        Use a screen protector to avoid any damage to it.

Acer Won't Connect to WiFi 

Why does my Acer won’t connect to WiFi?

·        There could be incorrect WiFi passwords or settings.

·        Outdated or corrupted network drivers can stop WiFi from connecting.

·        Router or modem issues are also the reasons behind connectivity issues.

How do I fix my Acer that won’t connect to WiFi?

·        Double-check the WiFi password and settings on your device.

·        Update or reinstall network drivers and then see if the issue resolves.

·        Restart or reset the router or modem.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly update the network drivers on your device.

·        Position your router in an optimal location so it can be easier to connect to WiFi.

·        Secure the WiFi network to prevent unauthorized access.

Acer black screen 

Why does my Acer has a black screen?

·        The display connection might be loose, causing the black screen.

·        The laptop might be in sleep or hibernation mode.

·        There could be an issue with the graphic card or driver.

How do I fix my Acer that has a black screen?

·        Ensure the laptop isn't in sleep or hibernation mode.

·        Boot in safe mode to check for driver issues.

·        If nothing helps, you should immediately take your device to a repair store.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly update the graphics drivers on your device.

·        Avoid rough handling or dropping the laptop, which can affect the internal components.

·        Keep the laptop away from water bodies to avoid any damage to the screen or drivers.

Acer water damage

Why does my Acer have water damage?

·        Your device might be exposed to any form of liquids.

·        There could be water spills on your laptop, tablet’s keyboard, or vent.

How do I fix my Acer that has water damage?

·        Immediately turn off your device and disconnect from power.

·        Remove the battery if possible and dry it out.

·        Place the device in a dry environment so it can cool down.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Keep your device away from water or any form of liquid.

·        Use a waterproof laptop case or sleeve if you are carrying your device outside.

Acer frozen screen

Why does my Acer have a frozen screen?

·        Your device's memory card might be faulty.  

·        There could be conflicts or issues with the drivers.

·        Malware or virus infections can also freeze the Acer screen.

How do I fix my Acer that has frozen screen?

·        Boot your Acer device in safe mode to diagnose the issues.

·        Run a malware scan and remove any potential viruses.

·        If you feel there is a fault in the memory card, take the device to a repair store before investing in a new system.

How do I prevent this issue in the future?

·        Regularly update software and drivers on your laptop.

·        Avoid opening too many apps simultaneously, as it can often freeze the device.

·        Regularly check for malware, as any kind of virus can affect the system.

·        Ensure adequate RAM and storage for smooth operation on your device.

Acer issues and their solutions


How to prevent Acer issues in the future?

By following these preventive measures, you can enhance the longevity and performance of your Acer laptop:

Use a soft cloth to clean the screen and keyboard. For the internals, like fans and vents, use compressed air to blow out dust.

·        Keep your operating system, drivers, and software updated to ensure optimal performance and reduce vulnerabilities.

·        Don’t keep the laptop plugged in at all times. Charge it to 100% and unplug it, then charge it again when it’s around 20-30%.

·        Always use the charger that came with your laptop or a trusted replacement.

·        Make sure the laptop's vents aren’t blocked to prevent overheating. Use it on a hard, flat surface, or consider a cooling pad.

·        Don’t leave your laptop in places that are too hot or cold, as this can damage the battery and internal components.

·        Keep your laptop away from high-humidity areas or potential sources of water.


Why is my Acer laptop not starting?

Several reasons could cause an Acer laptop not to start, including a dead battery, faulty power adapter, corrupted operating system, or hardware issues.

Do Acer laptops have a reset button?

Yes, some Acer laptops come with a tiny pinhole reset button, usually located on the bottom of the laptop.

How do I unfreeze my Acer laptop?

If your Acer laptop freezes, you can try pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the device shuts off. Then, restart it. If the issue persists, boot into safe mode and check for possible software issues.

What is the boot key button for Acer?

For Acer laptops, the boot key is usually the F2 key. By pressing this key repeatedly during startup, you can access the BIOS setup. Alternatively, the F12 key can be used to access the boot menu.

What is Acer boot recovery?

Acer boot recovery refers to Acer's built-in recovery system that allows users to restore their laptops to factory settings in case of software problems or malfunctions.


A well-maintained device is not just about longevity; it's about making the most out of every digital experience. Unfortunately, sometimes, even the best devices can encounter some issues, but if you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you can eliminate these issues. 





Author: Madiha Khadim

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