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Published on: 08.28.2023, Updated on: 09.22.2023

iPhone 11 Overheating. Reasons and Quick Ways to Fix

This powerful smartphone offers a plethora of features, making it a desirable gadget for tech enthusiasts, especially Apple fans. However, like any other electronic device, this one doesn’t come without any issues. Among these potential issues, overheating is one that can be particularly alarming and can hinder your day-to-day activities using your phone. 

Key Takeaways

In this blog post, we will discuss various reasons behind consistent overheating of iPhone 11, focusing on different scenarios such as overcharging, old updates, and under heavy usage. This guide will help you understand the main causes behind the overheating of your iPhone 11 and also discuss the easy steps to fix this issue right at home without getting your iPhone fixed by a third-part repair store which will save you from paying higher iPhone repair costs

Why is my iPhone 11 overheating?

Your iPhone 11 might be overheating due to various reasons. It's important to look for the triggers to effectively resolve the issue.

  • Power-intensive apps can cause overheating as they put a high strain on the processor of iPhone 11.
  • Keeping your phone under direct sunlight or in high-temperature areas can cause your device to heat up quickly.
  • Software bugs in the iOS or specific apps could also lead to overheating.
  • Continuously charging your phone, even after it hits 100%, can generate excessive heat.

How to stop iPhone 11 from overheating?

Stopping your iPhone 11 from overheating is key to ensuring its longevity. Here's how to go about it:

  • Keeping your device's software up-to-date is one preventative measure. Regular updates often include bug fixes that tackle overheating issues.
  • Limiting the use of power-intensive apps can reduce the strain on your processor and thereby control the heat generated.
  • Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight or high-temperature environments.
  • Ensuring the charger and cable you use are Apple-approved can prevent overheating during charging.

How do I cool down the temperature on my iPhone 11?

If your iPhone 11 is already overheated, certain immediate measures can help cool it down:

  • Closing all unnecessary apps running in the background can decrease processor load, reducing heat.
  • Removing your iPhone from its case might help it to cool faster as cases can often trap heat.
  • Turning off the device for a few minutes can also help reduce its temperature.
  • Reducing screen brightness or turning on battery saving mode can help lower the device's heat generation.

iPhone 11 overheating


iPhone 11 Pro Overheating

Just like the iPhone 11, its Pro version can also experience overheating. Understanding the causes and solutions is important to resolve this issue. 

Why my iPhone 11 Pro is overheating?

  • If your device is running on an outdated iOS, it could lead to overheating due to unresolved software bugs.
  • Overutilizing processing power by running heavy applications or games for extended periods can cause the iPhone 11 Pro to heat up.
  • High screen brightness or keeping your device under direct sunlight can also lead to overheating.

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro that is overheating?

  • Ensure your device is running the latest iOS update to rule out any software-related overheating issues.
  • If a particular app is causing the heat-up, consider updating the app or reinstalling it.
  • Try resetting your iPhone's settings, which won't erase your data but might solve overheating due to software glitches.
  • Limit the use of heavy applications and avoid exposing the device to high temperatures for longer periods. 

iPhone 11 Pro Max Overheating

The iPhone 11 Pro Max, despite being a top-tier smartphone, can also fall victim to overheating. Let's explore why.

Why my iPhone 11 Pro Max is overheating?

  • Power-hungry apps or features can stress the processor of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, leading to overheating.
  • Your device might heat up if it's subjected to high temperatures for hours.
  • Software errors or an outdated operating system might also cause the device to overheat.

How to fix iPhone 11 Pro Max that is overheating?

  • Make sure your device is running the most recent version of iOS, as this might solve any software-related overheating issues.
  • If a specific app seems to be causing the problem, try to uninstall it if it is not necessary to use. Some apps from third parties can also cause overheating issues in iPhone 11 Pro max. 
  • Make sure there are no power-consuming apps running in the background, as those can cause overheating. 

iPhone 11 overheated and won't turn on

Your iPhone 11 won’t turn on if it gets too overheated in some cases. Let’s discuss the causes behind it and how you can resolve it. 

Why my iPhone 11 is overheated and won’t turn on?

  • If your iPhone overheats due to excessive charging or exposure to high temperatures, it may automatically shut down and not turn on until it cools down.
  • Overheating can cause internal damage to your iPhone, which could potentially prevent it from turning on.
  • Sometimes, software glitches can cause the device to overheat and fail to turn on.

How to fix iPhone 11 that is overheated and doesn’t turn on?

  • Allow your iPhone to cool down naturally. Don’t attempt to cool it down quickly, as sudden temperature changes can cause further damage.
  • If it still doesn't turn on after cooling down, try performing a hard reset. This often resolves many software-related issues.
  • If the problem persists, it's best to take your iPhone to an authorized Apple service center for professional help.

iPhone 11 overheating while charging

Overheating while charging is a problem that some iPhone 11 users face. Let's understand why this happens.

Why my iPhone 11 is overheating while charging?

  • If you are using heavy applications, gaming, or streaming videos while your iPhone is charging, it can cause the phone to heat up.
  • Using non-Apple or poor-quality chargers and cables can lead to overheating issues due to improper voltage regulation.
  • Certain bugs in the iOS or installed apps might be causing your phone to use more power, leading to heat production.
  • Charging your phone in hot environments, such as a car in sunlight, can make it prone to overheating.

How to fix iPhone 11 that is overheating while charging?

  • Avoid using intensive applications or features like GPS, AR, and heavy games while your phone is charging.
  • Make sure to use MFi-certified or original Apple chargers and cables to ensure proper power supply and voltage regulation.
  • Make sure your iPhone and all your apps are updated. Software updates often include fixes for bugs that might be causing overheating issues.
  • If the issue persists, you might want to consider resetting your iPhone to factory settings after backing up your data. This could resolve any potential software-related issues causing the problem.

iPhone 11 gets hot and battery drains

Find the potential causes and quick fixes for an iPhone 11 that heats up excessively and suffers from battery drainage.

Why my iPhone 11 gets hot and battery drains?

  • Multiple apps running in the background can use significant battery power and cause your device to heat up.
  • If your email settings are set to push, it means your phone is constantly connected to your email server, leading to battery drain and heating.
  • High screen brightness and long screen timeout durations can contribute significantly to battery drain and result in overheating.
  • If your iPhone's battery is old or defective, it may cause the device to heat up and also drain quickly.

How to fix iPhone 11 that gets hot and battery drains?

  • Regularly close unnecessary apps running in the background to reduce CPU usage and thus prevent overheating and battery drain.
  • Change your email settings from push to or manually, which reduces the constant strain on your battery and lowers device temperature.
  • Decrease your screen brightness and shorten the screen timeout duration to reduce battery usage and overheating.
  • If your iPhone's battery is old or defective, consider getting it replaced at an Apple Store or a third-party service provider such as Simply Fixable. 

iPhone 11 overheating iOS 15

Updated to iOS 15, and your iPhone 11 started overheating? Well, that’s very common and can be easily fixed. 

Why my iPhone 11 iOS 15 is overheating?

  • Newly introduced bugs in iOS 15 could cause excessive CPU usage, leading to overheating.
  • Some apps may not have been updated to be compatible with iOS 15, causing them to use excess resources and generate heat.
  • The new widget feature in iOS 15 could be consuming more resources, especially if you have a lot of widgets active.
  • Background App Refresh feature, which allows apps to update content in the background, can cause overheating if too many apps are enabled.

iPhone 11 overheating issue


How to fix iPhone 11 iOS 15 that is overheating?

  • If any bugs in iOS 15 are causing overheating, Apple will likely fix them in future updates, so ensure you always have the latest version installed.
  • Ensure all your apps are updated to the latest version available in the App Store. App updates often come with bug fixes and performance enhancements for newer OS versions.
  • Reduce the number of active widgets or remove them completely to see if it helps in lowering the device temperature.
  • Manage Background App Refresh. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and disable it for apps that you don't need to update content in the background.

iPhone 11 overheating iOS 16

There might be some factors in iOS 16 that might be causing your iPhone 11 to heat up but they can be diagnosed and fixed. 

Why my iPhone 11 iOS 16 is overheating?

  • iOS 16, being a new version, might have some initial bugs or glitches that lead to excessive processor usage and overheating.
  • Some apps might not yet be fully optimized for iOS 16, leading them to use more resources and causing the phone to heat.
  • iOS 16 comes with new features that might use more resources, leading to the device generating more heat than usual.
  • Features like iCloud sync or other cloud-based services, if constantly running, can cause the phone to heat up.

How to fix iPhone 11 iOS 16 that is overheating?

  • Make sure your iPhone and all installed apps are up to date. App and iOS updates often include bug fixes that can resolve overheating issues.
  • Resetting all settings can help clear any glitches that might be causing overheating. Be sure to back up your data before doing this.
  • If your device is overheating, try using static wallpapers and reducing motion effects via Settings > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.
  • Adjust the settings of cloud-based services to reduce their frequency or set them to run only over Wi-Fi to limit their resource usage.

iPhone 11 overheating after update

Explore why your iPhone 11 may be overheating after an update and see practical solutions to this problem. 

Why my iPhone 11 is overheating after update?

  • After an update, iPhones perform an indexing process in the background, scanning through files and data to make them searchable, which can cause temporary overheating.
  • The new update might have features or changes that certain apps aren't optimized for, leading to overheating.
  • Certain system services, like location-based services may become more active after updates, causing overheating.
  • Updates often involve significant changes to your device's operating system, and sometimes the device takes time to settle down, causing temporary heating issues.

How to fix iPhone 11 that is overheating after update?

  • After an update, give your iPhone some time to complete the indexing process and settle down, which should naturally resolve any temporary overheating.
  • Make sure all your apps are updated to their latest versions to ensure they are compatible with the new OS version.
  • Consider turning off unnecessary system services that could be causing overheating. You can manage these services under Privacy settings.
  • If overheating persists, backup your data and perform a factory reset. This should clear any software-related issues causing the overheating. After the reset, avoid restoring from backup immediately, instead, reinstall your apps manually to rule out any problematic data.


Overheating issues in iPhone 11 are not uncommon. However, understanding the root causes of this problem is the first step in resolving it. By addressing potential software bugs, limiting intensive usage, ensuring your iOS and apps are up-to-date, and using original accessories, you can avoid or resolve this overheating issue significantly. Remember, while occasional warmth is normal for electronic devices, persistent or severe overheating should be looked at by a professional. Don't hesitate to reach out to Apple Support or Simple Fixable if these tips do not resolve your problem. 



Author: Madiha Khadim

LinkedIn: Madiha Khadim

Tech Writer | Photographer

Madi is a dynamic tech writer with a passion for simplifying complex concepts. Her expertise lies in creating clear and concise guides, blogs, manuals, and tutorials that empower users to navigate the technological landscape with ease. Throughout her career, Madi has worked with numerous leading tech companies, collaborating with engineers, developers, designers and marketers to create user manuals, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and tech articles, on the websites such as "Technology Castle" and "Bilzimo". She can transform intricate technical jargon into user-friendly language, empowering users to understand and utilize products effectively.



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