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Published on: 04.30.2023, Updated on: 09.12.2023

iPhone 12 Black Screen. Here are Reasons and How to Fix It

What does the article cover?

In this article, you will get multiple methods for diagnosing and rectifying the issue of black iPhone 12 screen. This article contains a step-by-step guide for all six listed methods used to fix the iPhone 12 black screen. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The black screen on the iPhone 12 is called the iPhone’s black screen of death.
  • It occurs due to hardware, firmware, application, or battery failure. 
  • The six ways to fix the iPhone’s black screen of death are charging the iPhone, force restarting the iPhone, and using iTunes to update the firmware. 

Got a black screen on your iPhone 12? Having a black screen can be very annoying and frustrating. The iPhone 12 black screen can occur due to multiple reasons, but luckily this issue is easily fixable. 

In this article, you will learn why the iPhone screen goes black and how you can fix a black iPhone screen. So, let’s jump right into it. 

iPhone 12 Black Screen

iPhone 12 black screen


The black screen of an iPhone 12 is commonly referred to as the black screen of death in the tech community. It is a state in which the iPhone 12 does not perform any function and has a constant black screen, irrespective of what the user tries to do. 

No application opens, not even the default apps. The iPhone 12 also does not restart despite best efforts. If your iPhone 12 is also displaying similar behavior, it is highly likely that it has a black screen of death. Despite its name, the black screen of death can be dealt with, so don’t worry. Here’s what you need to do if your iPhone 12 screen is black. 

Why does the iPhone 12 Black Screen of Death occur?

To fix the iPhone 12 black screen of death, it is necessary to know why this issue occurs in the first place.

Why did my iPhone 12 screen go black? The iPhone 12 black screen of death occurs due to:

  • Hardware issues
  • Firmware failure, 
  • Buggy, not responding or unresponsive applications 
  • Unusual battery drain 
  • Failure due to Low battery health

All these issues can result in the black screen of death on the iPhone 12. Therefore, one cannot disregard any one of these issues. So, it is essential to troubleshoot all of them if you want to fix the black screen of death error on the iPhone 12. 

How to fix iPhone 12 black screen?

How to fix iPhone 12 black screen when phone turns off


Method 1: Charge the iPhone 

You should first try charging the iPhone 12 using the original lightning cable supplied in the box. Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as unusual battery drainage. When charging, make sure you are not immediately powering on the iPhone 12. Let the iPhone rest for 10 minutes before powering it on.

Method 2: Try Force Restarting the iPhone 

If you are concerned about data loss, force restarting the iPhone 12 does not harm the physical storage of the phone. All the data, media, music, documents, and other files will be there after the restart. Here’s how you can force restart the iPhone 12. 

  • Press the volume up button.
  • Press the volume down button.
  • Press and keep holding the power button until you see the Apple logo

Method 3: Update all Apps 

Buggy applications can also cause the black screen of death on the iPhone 12. Bugs present in any applications are fixed in the update by the developers. Therefore, it is a good practice to keep all the applications on your iPhone up to date. 

If your iPhone 12 black screen of death has gone away after a forced restart, you should update all apps to eliminate any chance of receiving a black screen on the iPhone 12 again. To update the applications on the iPhone 12, do the following. 

  • Open the app store on your iPhone 12. 
  • Tap on the account logo. 
  • Scroll down until you see the update all option, and click on it. 

Method 4: Update iOS 

Like the apps, iOS can also have bugs and glitches, which can lead to a black screen on the iPhone 12. Apple iOS is generally quite stable. However, often times bugs can be observed in new versions of iOS. 

For instance, the iOS 13.0 update had quite a lot of bugs, which were fixed in the iOS 13.1 update. So, it is recommended to keep the iOS up to date. Although the iPhone automatically checks for iOS updates, here’s how to do it manually. 

  • Open the settings on your iPhone 12.
  • Scroll down until you see the General option, and open it. 
  • Select Software Update 
  • Let the iPhone check for software updates
  • if any new iOS update is found, download it. 

Method 5: Restore the iPhone 12 using Recovery mode 

The recovery mode on the iPhone allows users to restore the firmware of the iPhone 12. Therefore, if the black screen of the iPhone 12 is due to firmware failure, this method can fix it. Here’s how you can restore the iPhone 12 using recovery mode. 

On Windows 

  • Connect the iPhone 12 to the computer with lightning to USB-A cable.
  • Open the My Computer folder and select the iPhone partition. 
  • Open the iTunes folder. 
  • Force restart the iPhone 12 using the steps mentioned in method 2. 
  • After force restarting the iPhone 12, you will see a recovery mode screen on your phone. 

Restore the iPhone 12 using Recovery mode 


  • Now, go back to the computer, and you will see two options restore and update. Click on update. 

On Mac

  • Connect the iPhone 12 to the Mac
  • On Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier, open iTunes. While on Mac with macOS Catalina or later, open finder. 
  • Select the Your iPhone option from the menu.
  • Force restart the iPhone using method 2.
  • After force restarting the iPhone, select the update option on the Mac. 

Method 6: Perform DFU Restore on the iPhone 12

If everything fails, DFU (Device Firmware Update) is your last resort for fixing the iPhone 12 black screen of death. As the name suggests, DFU can completely restore the original firmware settings of your iPhone 12. Luckily, DFU restore does not erase all data, so don’t hesitate to use this method. 

  • Connect the iPhone 12 to MAC or PC using the lightning cable. 
  • Open the iTunes folder on your MAC or PC. 
  • Next, you need to follow this sequence: press and release the volume up button > press and release the volume down button > press and hold the power button.
  • After this sequence, the iPhone 12 will turn off. As soon as the iPhone 12 turns off, keep holding the volume down and the power button. 
  • Release the power button after five seconds but keep holding the volume down button until the iPhone appears on the iTunes folder in your MAC or PC.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

iPhone 12 Black Screen Won't Turn On

If you have dropped your phone, it can damage the screen and internal parts, which will stop the phone from actually starting up. Eventually, the screen is black on iphone 12 and will remain unresponsive.

Reasons Why iPhone 12 Black Screen Won’t Turn On

What causes iPhone black screen of death? It can be many reasons listed in this article but a common one is physical damage.

Damaged iPhone 

The above may not fix the problem; if so, you may be looking at a damaged phone that someone else may have dropped and you are unaware of. Sometimes you will see an ink like substance covering the screen, eventually turning black.

How to Fix the Problem When Your iPhone 12 Black Screen Won’t Turn On?

The only fix is usually a new screen and components installed by a professional iPhone repairer. If your phone is new or you have insurance, it may be covered under warranty.

How to Avoid Your iPhone 12 Black Screen Won’t Turn on Problem From Happening?

The best way to avoid this problem in the first place is to make sure you do everything possible  to protect your phone from the damage caused by dropping it. Ensure you have a shockproof case on the iPhone 12 and a screen protector to help limit the force.

New iPhone 12 Screen Black 

When you have a new phone and it has been working fine for a while, but you open an app and suddenly you're faced with the new iPhone 12 screen black then it’s most likely connected to the app you had opened.

Why Is My New iPhone 12 Screen Black?

Why does my iPhone 12 screen go black is a common question. It’s quite possible that the problem is an app that didn’t install correctly or was a bad one to begin with. Not every app has been created the same using the same software. This can cause compatibility issues with the iPhone and software, which can cause a black screen.

How to Fix My New iPhone 12 Screen Black Problem?

If a specific app was loaded and the screen went black, that will be the problem. Let’s talk about how to resolve that.

Step 1. Press the home button twice which will bring up all the apps.

Step 2. Now swipe the screen either left or right and close all the apps.

Step 3. Go back to the home screen by pushing the home button.

Step 4. Now you can start the app again and see if the problem persists. If it does then you need to uninstall the app.

How to Prevent My New iPhone 12 Screen Black Issue From Recurring?

Avoid downloading any third-party apps and games that don’t have many reviews or good star ratings. Ensure they are from a reputable source by doing a simple Google search; otherwise you may suffer iPhone 12 on but screen black problem. 

iPhone 12 Black Screen With Apple Logo

If you are suffering the iPhone 12 black screen with Apple logo stuck on, there is a simple fix, and is usually due to a glitch.

Why Is My iPhone 12 Black Screen With Apple Logo Stuck On?

The iPhone like all other technology will suffer glitches now and again. It can get stuck in start up mode after the battery went flat or you restarted the phone. Follow the steps below to see if the solution works for your iPhone 12 dark screen problem.

How to Fix the Problem of iPhone 12 Black Screen With Apple Logo?

When starting your phone up if you come across the Apple logo on the screen but nothing else happens try working through these steps:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop. Open iTunes and make sure it is updated. 

Step 2. Locate your iPhone in the list

Step 3. Keeping your phone connected to the computer you need to press and release the volume up key quickly and do the same for the down button. Now quickly press down the side button and hold it until the recovery mode pops up on the screen.

Step 4. It will ask you if you want to update or restore, and you need to choose update.

Step 5. A download will start containing the software your device needs to start up. Let the iPhone finish the process, and it should automatically start up.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Black Screen With Apple Logo From Happening?

There really isn’t a fix to prevent this from occurring but keeping your phone charged and keeping the software up to date may prevent it from happening again.

iPhone 12 Black Screen But Vibrates

It can be confusing that you have the black screen of death, which leads you to think the phone is dead, but it’s still vibrating.

iPhone 12 Black Screen but Vibrates; What Does It Mean?

This can happen for many reasons. The two main ones are your iOS is outdated, or there is a problem with the screen’s hardware.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Black Screen but Vibrates?

If you have an out of date iOS, then you may get the black screen with vibrations. It could also be a bug that can sometimes rectify with an update.

Follow these steps to update the iOS.

Step 1. Go to your setting, press general, and go into software updates.

Step 2. If there is a firmware update available, then tap install

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Black Screen but Vibrates?

Keep checking the update section and always install any available and pending updates. These have updates that help with bugs and malfunctions and keep your iPhone running smoothly.

iPhone 12 Keeps Going to Black Screen With Spinning Wheel

My iPhone 12 Keeps Going to Black Screen With Spinning Wheel Why?

When you experience iPhone 12 black screen spinning wheel it’s often after you have updated software or have rebooted your device. Usually it is caused by a malfunction in the rebooting process or just a basic system error that has occurred.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Keeps Going to Black Screen With Spinning Wheel?

In this case you need to force the phone to restart. Don’t worry it won’t cause any data loss. Here’s how to restart your iPhone 12:

  • Press and quickly let go of the volume up button
  • Do the same with the volume down button by pushing and letting go of the volume down button.
  • Now push and hold your iphone’s power button until the screen shows the apple logo. The device should restart itself.

How to Prevent the iPhone 12 Keeps Going to Black Screen With Spinning Wheel Problem?

Keep the device up to date to prevent apps and the phone's software from malfunctioning. Avoiding downloading apps that can make changes to the phone's software. 

iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black Randomly

You might be playing with your iPhone and suddenly, it malfunctions.

When your iPhone 12 screen goes black randomly, it can be scary, but quite often, it is a problem with an easy solution such as the one below.

iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black Randomly What Has Happened?

An iphone that has been exposed to the sun and reaches a dangerous temp will shut down. This will result in a sudden black screen often with a warning.

iPhone 12 temperature warning


How to Fix iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black Randomly?

When the iPhone gets too hot it shuts down to try and cool itself down. If you have left the phone in the sun you need to cool it down slowly. The best thing to do is palace the phone in a cool shaded place preferably inside the house. Wait one hour and try to turn the phone back on. If it doesn’t start up you may have fried the battery permanently, requiring an Apple specialist.

How to Prevent the iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black Randomly?

iPhones can be damaged beyond use when exposed to heat for long periods. Always keep your phone out of direct sunlight and avoid putting it close to hot things like a heater or oven.

iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black During Call

You have just called someone and suddenly the phone's screen goes black. Unfortunately that means that you cannot use all of the capabilities on your phone. What has caused this iphone 12 screen black but still works issue?

iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black During Call Why?

Just by having the wrong settings on the phone can cause the screen to go black. 

How to Fix the iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black During Call?

Try the steps below to reset the phone settings:

  • You need to force restart the phone to get out of the call.
  • Open the settings menu and go to general
  • Select reset iPhone

How to Prevent the iPhone 12 Screen Goes Black During Call?

Ensuring that you have the correct call settings on to avoid the call dropping out and causing a black screen when talking on the phone.

iPhone 12 Unresponsive Black Screen 

If you have the black screen of death on your phone and it’s unresponsive, meaning you cannot push any buttons or the phone won’t turn on at all, then there are two methods to try and see if the problem is fixed.

Why Is My iPhone 12 Black Screen Unresponsive?

Sometimes your phone can become unresponsive in certain modes like sleep or idle mode. This can cause your phone to malfunction, causing a black screen to appear.

How to Fix the Unresponsive iPhone 12 Black Screen?

Recovery Mode Restore:

This is an advanced solution, but it may be the solution on your iPhone 12 black screen unresponsive problem.  It will restore everything and is a popular solution with iOS electronics that suffer from malfunctions often related to the device’s software. To do this, you need a computer with an updated version of iTunes and an operating system capable of working with your iPhone. 

Step 1. Connect the iPhone 12 to your computer with the lightning cable. Let iTunes create a backup and sync with the phone, then restore the iOS.

Step 2. Once you have the back-up done follow the below steps to force the phone into recovery mode and restore.

Step 3. Push and quickly let go of the volume up key.

Step 4. Push and quickly let go of the volume down key

Step 5. Push and hold the side power button when prompted to with the connect itunes logo. Don’t let go of the button even when the logo appears as you need to let the phone enter recovery mode. 

Step 6. You should see a restore or update choice once you are successfully in the recovery mode.

Step 7. You want to select the restore option, which means you can reinstall the iOS on your iPhone 12 without losing your data.

Ensure you follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.

You will be asked to disconnect the iPhone from your computer at the end of the process. 

iPhone 12 black screen but still on

The black screen of the iPhone 12 does not always turn the phone off. Therefore, it is totally normal if your iPhone 12 screen is black, but the phone is on. "iPhone 12 screen is black but phone is on" situation mostly occurs when the firmware fails. 

When a firmware or application fails, the iPhone 12 becomes unresponsive. However, the hardware keeps running, so the phone does not turn off. 

How to fix the "iPhone 12 black screen but still on" issue?

Here is a simple solution that is known to work for this situation:

  • Try turning the screen off and on again 

Turning the iPhone off and turning it on again can sometimes fix this issue. To turn the iPhone 12 off, simply press the power button. To turn the iPhone 12 back on, press the power button again. 

iPhone 12 Pro Black Screen

When an advanced phone like the iPhone 12 pro has developed the black screen, there are a few things it can be, and we list them below.

Why Am I Seeing the iPhone 12 Pro Black Screen All of a Sudden?

If you have the iPhone 12 pro black screen and can’t do anything with the phone, it is most likely from a firmware problem or an issue with the hardware.

Solutions for the iPhone 12 Pro Black Screen Issue

Restart Your iPhone

If you don't have any physical damage to the phone that you can see and haven’t dropped it, try forcing the phone into a restart. In some cases, this can solve the malfunction.

Step 1.To do so, tap and release the Volume Up button, followed by the Volume Down switch.

Step 2. Now hold down the Power key for ten seconds. The phone will start up once this is done. 

Step 3. After the Apple logo appears, let go of the power button and let the iPhone reboot.

It can be hard to do this the first time, so if the problem isn’t fixed, try repeating these steps in case you didn't do it correctly the first time. If you see the Apple logo, then this has fixed the problem.

How to Prevent the iPhone 12 Pro Black Screen Problem?

Keeping your iPhone up to date will help prevent your iPhone 12 Pro black screen from occurring due to firmware malfunctions.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Screen

Here are the reasons and solutions for iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Screen issue.

Why Do I Have an iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Screen?

A drained battery from a charger that isn't working can cause your phone not to turn on hence the black screen. If you have not updated your iOS, it could be out of date and causing things to go wrong.

Solutions for Your iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Screen

Charge the Battery

Another reason for the iPhone to give you a black screen is that your battery has drained completely and won’t start up. This may have occurred if your charger is old or it has been dropped. It can also occur when you use non-apple branded chargers.

Plug your phone into the charger and ensure the cord and plug looks ok. Once you have done that, if it still isn’t working, try using an Apple-branded charger. Avoid using third-party brands. Let it charge for 30 mins, and try to turn the phone on. If nothing happens, then try the next solution.

Update Your iOS

We all get busy and need to remember to update our phones. Sometimes when you are running an outdated iOS, it can cause problems, and you might witness the iPhone Pro Max black screen.

Step 1. Open iTunes on your computer and ensure it has the latest update.

Step 2. Plug the handset into the computer using a USB cable.

Step 3. Locate devices and open the tab.

Step 4. Go into the summary tab.

Step 5. Update the iPhone.

Let it run through the installation process, and then try to turn the phone on.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Screen Issues?

Ensure you are using a proper charger that came with the phone or a replacement from the Apple store. Third party chargers can damage the battery and cause you to see the iPhone 12 pro max black screen. 

Always stop and update your phone as soon as updates are ready.

iPhone Black Screen of Death Repair Cost

There are times when problems of the iPhone 12 are beyond the solutions above and require professional assistance. How to fix black screen on iphone 12 is best left to those qualified in iphone repair. If you need to get the phone repaired for screen problems we can help!

We have the quality, professional advice and the skills to get the job done with affordable rates. The final iPhone 12 repair costs depend on the exact problem, but if we have to tell the approximate costs, they are: For an iPhone 12 $299, iPhone 12 Mini $319 iPhone 12 Pro $299 iPhone 12 Pro Max $419.

How to Restart iPhone 12 When Screen is Black?

The best solution that works in many cases is to restart iPhone 12 black screen when screen is black. This is a technique that works for many hardware glitches and software malfunctions. When you try an iPhone 12 force restart black screen it will start the phone up and force it to restart a fresh. 

Always try this method before you send your phone off to the specialists for repair. Follow these steps to restart when phone unresponsive black screen occurs.

Step 1. Quickly press and let go of the volume up button then do the same for the volume down button. 

Step 2. Straight away hold down the button on the side until the Apple logo comes onto the screen.

Step 3. Release the buttons when the logo appears and the phone should start up right away.

How to Reset iPhone 12 When Screen Is Black?

If the reset iPhone 12 when screen is black did not help then you can move onto resetting your iPhone 12. Unfortunantly this solution needs to be done as a last resort as it will wipe everything off your phone. Ensure you back everything up if possible, before conducting this solution. 

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Open and ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed

Step 2. Plug the iPhone 12 into the computer via a lightning cord

Step 3. Press and hold the volume up key and the volume down key. Then hold the power key for about ten seconds. You now need to quickly let go of the power key once you see the recovery screen appear. 

Step 4. Now you press restore iPhone, and that’s it. 

If this doesn’t work then you need to send your iPhone 12 into repair.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Black Screen Issue? 

Black Screen Protector iPhone 12

Black screen of death on an iPhone can occur when you drop your phone and the screen is damaged. A heavy-duty black screen protector on your phone adds an extra layer of protection when it hits the ground. 

If your iPhone 12 screen keeps going black try the other ways to prevent iPhone 12 black screen problems:

  • Use a shock proof cover to prevent damage from drops
  • Avoid high temperatures where the phone can overheat
  • Uninstall glitchy apps
  • Avoid downloading apps without good reviews
  • Always keep your phone updated 
  • Delete photos, documents and anything else you don’t need to save 


The black screen of your iPhone 12 should be gone by now. However, if the issue still persists, take your iPhone 12 to an Apple repair center or any certified repair shop to further diagnose the issue.  

It is better to get your iPhone 12 black screen handled by a professional so the issue can be rectified before any further damage occurs to your phone. 



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Hollie is a technical writer with over 15 years of experience specializing in creating content to help keep the rest of the world informed and updated on all tech-related subjects. Hollie has created content for many writing platforms in the tech and IT industry, and her passion for turning words into helpful articles is still growing. Hollie holds several certifications, like "Professional Article and Blog Writing", "Writing Editing and Publishing", "Creative Writing" and "Technology Digital Solutions" by Open Education and Thompsons Education Direct. When she isn’t creating content for the web, she is enjoying a crazy life with her family and friends.




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