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Published on: 05.09.2023, Updated on: 09.22.2023

iPhone 12 Won't Charge. How to Fix? Here are Solutions

In 2020, iPhone 12 marked a significant step forward in Apple's smartphone technology. However, experiencing a situation where your iPhone 12 wont charge can be frustrating and severely limit your device's functionality on the go. So, to troubleshoot this problem, we will explore all the minor and major reasons for this issue and offer practical solutions that have proven effective for many iPhone 12 users to get their devices working again.

Key Takeaways

If your iPhone 12 wont charge, this could be due to a damaged or clogged charging port, a defective charger or charging cable, using charge limiter apps, overheating issues, water damage, or software glitches.

To fix your iPhone 12 charging issues, try the following:

  • Try using another charger or charging cord.
  • Find and disable/uninstall charge limiter apps.
  • Update iOS.
  • Force restart or reset.
  • Avoid using bulky phone cases to prevent overheating. 
  • Clean or replace the charging port.
  • Dry the water-damaged iPhone and use a wireless charger.

How long does it take for the iPhone 12 to charge?

The time an iPhone 12 takes to charge fully can vary depending on the charging method and accessories used. Usually, it takes about an hour to charge an ‌iPhone 12‌ from zero to 50% with a MagSafe‌ Charger and 30 minutes with a 20-Watt original adapter. 

Why won't my iPhone 12 charge?

iPhone 12 won't charge

iPhone 12 series is one of the most well-received iPhone models by people around the globe and is known for its excellent battery performance and camera quality. However, if you use an iPhone 12, a few drawbacks can irritate you. One is that it frequently refuses to charge, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.

If you are wondering why your iPhone 12 wont charge, one of the following can be the reason:

  • Your iPhone 12 charging port may be damaged or filled with debris. 
  • The charger or charging cable you are using is faulty.
  • Charge limiter apps are causing your iPhone 12 to stop charging.
  • Software glitches, primarily because of an outdated iOS version.
  • Overheating due to excessive usage or applying bulky phone covers.
  • Water damage.

How do you fix an iPhone 12 that won't charge?

If you ask yourself, “How do I get my iPhone 12 to charge?” let's examine them briefly and let you in on some fixes to resolve the issue quickly before taking your iPhone 12 to a repair store.

Faulty Charger or Bad Charging Cable

A defective charging cable or a faulty charger could be the root cause of your iPhone 12 charging issue. To troubleshoot, you have to determine which accessory is causing the problem and replace it accordingly.

Why does my iPhone charger just stop working?

Your iPhone charger may stop working due to wear and tear, power surges, overheating, or using faulty power outlets.

How to determine if my iPhone 12 charger or cable is faulty?

To determine if your iPhone 12 charger or cable is faulty, inspect your lightning cable for any visible damage, such as fraying, exposed wires, or other signs of wear and tear. If you notice any deterioration, replace it.

If there is no sign of damage, try switching power sources. If you usually use a wall charger, plug the lightning cable into your computer and see if your iPhone 12 charges. If this works out, the issue may be with the adapter or power supply.

Next, check the power adapter for any signs of a short circuit, obstruction, or burnt smell. If it appears in good condition, use it to charge another iPhone. The charger is likely not the problem if the other device charges successfully.

How to determine if my iPhone 12 charger or cable is faulty?Source 

Note: surge protectors or voltage regulators can help protect your charger and iPhone from voltage spikes.

What do I do if my phone charger is plugged in but not charging?

It is possible that you have plugged in your phone charger, but one of the primary power outlets is not working, causing it not to charge at all. So try plugging the power adapter into another socket and see if this fixes the issue. 

Charge Limiter Apps

Charge limiter apps are third-party applications that allow you to limit your iPhone 12 battery charging level. These apps work by setting a maximum charge level and stopping the charging process once the limit reaches.

What apps can stop your phone from charging?

Many charge limiter apps are available on App Store that can stop your iPhone 12 from overcharging or limit the charging speed to prevent damage to the battery.

These apps can sometimes malfunction and won’t let your iPhone 12 charge at all, even if your device battery level is below the set limit. 

How to remove apps that can stop your iPhone from charging?

To remove apps that can stop your iPhone 12 from charging, follow these steps:

  • Access iPhone 12 home screen.
  • Locate and tap & hold the charge limiter app icons.
  • Tap “Remove App.” 
  • Tap  “Delete App.”

Once removed, try charging your iPhone 12 normally again with the provided charger and verify the fix. 

Overheating Problem

When your iPhone 12 battery gets too hot, it triggers a safety feature that stops the charging process to prevent damage to the battery or other components.

Why is my iPhone 12 getting so hot?

Your iPhone 12 may get hot and refuse to charge due to heavy usages, such as gaming or video editing, using non-Apple chargers or cables, or applying bulky back covers that do not allow air to flow through the phone’s surface.

How do I stop my iPhone 12 from overheating?

To prevent your iPhone 12 from overheating and ensure it charges and works correctly, do the following:

  • Avoid heavy usage for longer intervals.
  • Close background applications.
  • Remove bulky cases.
  • Use recommended charging accessories.
  • Keep your phone away from direct sunlight exposure.

Water Damage

Accidental water damage can be a severe problem for your iPhone 12 and cause various issues, including failing to charge.

Why wont my iPhone charge after water damage?

Why wont my iPhone charge after water damage?Source

Apple has built a liquid-detection system into the lightning port on iPhone 12 models to detect if the phone has been exposed to water or other liquids. 

If this happens, the device will display a warning message indicating that liquid has been detected in the lightning port and disables charging and accessory connection to protect your iPhone from further damage until the lightning port and other parts are dry.

How do I charge my iPhone 12 if it wont charge and gets wet?

If your iPhone 12 won't charge and gets wet, the first step is to avoid charging it immediately. Instead, turn it off and dry off thoroughly using a clean microfiber cloth.

After giving the phone ample time to dry, you can try charging it again. If charging still fails,  it's best to take it to a repair professional in your area because water might have caused damage to the charging port.

Warning: If your iPhone drops into water, do not try to dry it using an external heat source or compressed air. Also, do not insert foreign objects, such as paper towels or cotton swabs, into the lightning connector, which could cause further damage.

Software Glitches

Sometimes, an outdated or recently updated iOS version can cause your iPhone 12 to stop charging.

Can software cause the iPhone not to charge?

iPhone 12 software glitches can lead to charging issues due to outdated iOS, a bug in the current version, or the update not being installed correctly. 

How to fix software issues that cause the iPhone not to charge?

To fix software glitches causing iPhone 12 charging issues, first, force restart the device. If the problem persists, update the iOS from “Settings” > “General” and tap on “Software Update.”

How do I reset my iPhone when it won't charge?

How do I reset my iPhone when it won't charge?Source

If you want to try resetting your iPhone 12 when it won’t charge, open “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” >  “Erase All Content and Settings,” and tap “Erase iPhone.”

Once the phone resets, charge it again to see if this method has worked for you. 

iPhone 12 Won't Turn On or Charge

It can be frustrating when your iPhone 12 won’t turn on. In most cases, this is a common fix and doesn't require much to fix the issue. 

iPhone 12 Won’t Turn On or Charge. Why Is This Happening?

The most common reason for this is due to the battery. It is either not charging due to a faulty charger, or the battery is no good.  For what to do when your iPhone won't charge, read below.

Solution For iPhone 12 Won’t Turn On or Charge

The best thing you can do if iPhone 12 won’t charge or turn on is to buy a proper Apple charger and try to charge the phone. Long press the button on the side to see if the battery icon comes onto the screen. If you see this, charge your phone for about half an hour and try to turn the phone on again. If it doesn't turn on, then it’s most likely another problem such as a software or hardware issue.

How Do I Prevent Phone 12 Won’t Turn On or Charge?

If the problem is linked to a completely dead phone, ensure your phone has sufficient charge at all times. It is best to use an Apple product for charging instead of any third battery chargers that can actually wreck your battery and drain it faster.

Charger Won’t Go Into iPhone 12

If you are having trouble getting your charger to go into the port and staying there, we can help. Try changing the charger, as it might be damaged and not fit in tightly. If this doesn't solve the problem, read on.

My Charger Won’t Go Into iPhone 12. Why?

If you have gunk or specs of dirt in the charging port, it can cause problems such as iPhone 12 not charging The charger cord may not be able to push all the way in if dirt is blocking the port. This can also cause the iPhone to become stuck in headphone mode.

How to Fix the Problem of Charger Won’t Go Into iPhone 12?

Lucky, it’s an easy fix!

All you need to do is clean the charging port. Now inside, this area is very delicate, so it's best to use a soft-bristled brush to clean the port out. Never put water near this area. A can of air is also a good option it can push the dirt debris out easily. 

How to Prevent Charger Won’t Go In iPhone 12?

The best way to prevent any dirt and debris from going into the port area is to use a protective cover that actually has a door for the charging port. That way, you can open the door to the port to charge but then close it again once you’re done to keep dirt out.

iPhone 12 Won’t Charge in Car

You’re not alone if you find your iPhone 12 won’t charge in car. It’s a common problem and here we explain what the issue could be.

iPhone 12 Won’t Charge in Car. Why Is That?

Good question! In most cases, this is because you have connected it to a USB port that is actually only used for data. This means you can plug your phone into the port to listen to music, but it won’t actually charge your phone. This port has data connection terminals that are not capable of powering devices or charging your iPhone 12.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Won’t Charge in Car?

You can talk to your car dealer and see if it’s possible to put a charging port for your phone into your car. It needs to be installed by a professional.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Won’t Charge in Car?

If the car company cannot install a charging point for your car, your next best thing is to use a portable charger for your phone when you need to charge it in the car. Try and charge your phone fully before going in the car.

iPhone 12 Won't Charge Past 80

If you find your iPhone isn't charging past 80%, don’t worry it doesn't mean there is a problem with the phone. It’s actually a feature that is on the phone, and it helps to stop the battery dying sooner than it should.

Is It Possible to Fix the Issue of iPhone 12 Won’t Charge Past 80%?

It certainly is. It’s a feature that can be easily turned off. When you turn the feature off, it will cause the battery to age faster.

  • Step 1. Navigate to settings
  • Step 2. Go to battery then battery health
  • Step 3 Find optimized battery and turn it off.

For further assistance check out this video.

How to Prevent the iPhone Stopping at 80% Charge?

Ensure the feature is always turned off in the future to avoid this problem from re-occurring.

iPhone 12 Won’t Hold Charge

If you notice that your iPhone doesn’t seem to be holding charge anymore, there is a few things you can try that might fix the problem. Check them out below.

Why iPhone 12 Won’t Hold Charge?

There a few things that can cause your battery to drain fast which might seem like the phone is not holding a charge well. Background refresh can drain your battery along with certain apps, especially if they are large or constantly running in the background.

How to Fix iPhone 12 Won’t Hold Charge?

Avoid Background Refresh

Background refresh is a program that refreshes everything you have going in the background. It does this so you can see the freshest data when the app is opened next time. While it's helpful it does drain your battery. If you feel this is not something you need then turn it off. If this is draining your battery fast, it might seem like your phone is not holding a charge well.

Here’s how to turn it off:

  • Step 1. Go to your settings
  • Step 2. G to general 
  • Step 3. Locate and go to background app refresh
  • Step 4. Turn off background refresh for apps you don't need it for.

Close Your Apps

If your iPhone 12 won't hold charge it could be because you have a large game still playing in the background. If you are using large apps and games, ensure you close the apps completely when you are finished with them. If they stay open, they will still be running in the background which will cause the iPhone to not hold charge.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Won’t Hold Charge?

Ensure all apps are closed when you are finished with them. Don't have anything running in the background that you don't need. Turning off background refresh will help and only charge your phone when it needs charging. Avoid topping the charge up here and there.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Charging Port Not Working

If you plug your iPhone 12 Pro Max in to be charged but your iPhone battery won't charge. There is one problem most likely to be causing this issue. Unfortunately, water and moisture can create rust which will affect the charging port.

What Is Causing the iPhone 12 Pro Max Charging Not Working Problem?

When the charging port becomes corroded it will cause rust. Moisture in the air and the presence of water can cause this. It will start to weaken the port which means the charger will not be able to send the right amount of power to the phone to charge it properly.

How to Fix This iPhone 12 Pro Max Charging Port Not Working?

Unfortunately, if the inside charger port has Corrosion then it needs to be sent to your local Apple repairer and replaced. This is not a DIY job and should be sent to the professionals to avoid further damage to the phone.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Max Charging Port Not Working Issue From Occurring Again?

Avoid doing anything that can contribute to corrosion, such as these:

  • Taking your iPhone in the shower or bath
  • Keeping it near your skin during workouts when your sweating
  • Holding your phone in your mouth even just breathing into the port can cause corrosion
  • Spilling water onto the phone

iPhone 12 Pro Charging Port Not Working

When the iPhone 12 Pro charging port not working occurs it’s most likely caused by an external force. In most cases, it’s when you drop the phone, or someone stands on it.

Why Is My iPhone 12 Pro Charging Port Not Working?

There are a few reasons that can cause this. The port may have disconnected from the phone's connection or the port may have broken completely. Here is how this can happen.

  • Pushing in and pulling charger cord out too rough
  • Using damaged charging cords
  • Inserting things into the charging port
  • Improper cleaning
  • Dropping the phone on the floor

What Can I Do to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Charging Port Not Working?

When the charger port breaks it can become a complicated problem. The main cause is force. 

In most cases, it's from a drop.

Unfortunately, this is a job for an iPhone repairer. Most likely you will need a new charging port installed.

How to Prevent This From Happening?

Take care when inserting and pulling out the charger cord. Only use chargers meant for the type of phone you have. Only clean the phone with the correct cleaning brush or air spray. Use a protective cover on your phone to limit the amount of damage the phone takes.

iPhone 12 Won’t Charge Wirelessly

Unfortunately this has been a known problem with the iPhone 12 phones and Apple is well aware of it. There are a few reasons why the iPhone 12 won't charge wirelessly, and we are going to look into them and give you a solution to the problem.

Why iPhone 12 Won't Charge Wirelessly?

In many cases, people don’t realize they have to find a wireless charger that is actually compatible with the phone they have. If it isn't compatible, then the charger will not charge the phone at all.

What Is the Solution to iPhone 12 Won’t Charge Wirelessly?

The best solution here when my iPhone 12 won't charge is it to buy a charger from the Apple store which will ensure you get the right one for your phone and it should start charging as soon as you place it on the pad.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Won’t Charge Wirelessly?

Always use a proper wireless charger that is meant for the phone. Avoid using third-party chargers as these do not charge properly and can cause damage to the phone’s battery. Always check the packet to ensure the wireless charger will work with the iPhone 12 model phone.

iPhone 12 Mini Won’t Charge Wirelessly

When your iPhone 12 mini won’t charge wirelessly there are a few things that you can try. Some are more complex than others depending on what the actual problem is. There could be a problem with the USB cable or charging dock. Ensure it is a proper charger and not a third-party charger. It is also important that you check all the cables for any damage. Kinks in the charging dock cord can stop it from charging.

Update iPhone 12

When your iPhone 12  won't charge wirelessly you could try updating the iOS. Apple is working on a new update to improve wireless charging. 

All you need to do is go to settings, general, and then software update. If there is one update there you can download and install it. Keeping the phone updated will ensure you get a smooth charge from the wireless dock.

iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Charge Wirelessly

When your iPhone 12 Pro won't charge wirelessly you might need to force restart the phone. This can occur sometimes when the software or apps have a software glitch. Lots of people have said that once the phone has been restarted it fixes the problem. You need to force restart by pressing and releasing the volume up button then do the same for the volume down key. Then you need to press and hold the power key. Once you see the Apple logo take your finger off the side button. The glitch should now be fixed.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Won’t Charge Wirelessly

When your iPhone 12 Pro Max won't charge wirelessly there is one thing you can do and that's checking that the wireless charger is plugged in correctly. This might seem obvious, but sometimes children can play with them and pull the cord out or turn the switch off. This is definitely a solution to try before you go to more extreme measures.

iPhone 12 charging port issues

A failing charging port can restrict your iPhone 12 from charging, leaving you clueless in search of a solution.

How do I know if my charging port is broken?

Several signs indicate that your iPhone 12 charging port may be broken or damaged, such as: 

  • You have to hold your iPhone 12 at a particular angle to charge it.
  • Your charging cable and adapter work with other devices but not your iPhone 12.
  • There are visible broken pins inside the charging port of your iPhone 12.

What causes the iPhone 12 charging port to fail?

iPhone 12 charging port issuesSource

One common reason for iPhone 12 charging port failure is physical damage to the port, such as bending or breaking charging pins or connectors.

Another one is the accumulation of debris, such as dust or lint, which can clog the port and prevent the charging cable from connecting correctly.

How can the charging port on an iPhone 12 be fixed?

It will depend on what is wrong with the charging port and which solution will fix the problem. If the port is just dirty or clogged with some debris it can be easily cleaned out with an air spray can or soft-bristled brush. If there is corrosion or the port has actually become dislodged from the connection you will need to seek a reputable repairer in your area to fix the problem. Your phone may actually have to be pulled apart and a whole new charging port installed.

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Charging Port Issues?

Looking after your iPhone 12 will help to avoid damage being done to the charging port. A good heavy-duty cover can help take the force when the phone is dropped. Take care when pulling the charger cord in and out doing it too rough can cause the pins to bend and break or the port to become dislodged.

How to clean iPhone 12 charging port?

You can clean your iPhone 12 charging port and fix charging issues with these steps:

  • Turn off your iPhone 12 and unplug it from the power source.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect the charging port for any visible debris or damage.
  • If debris is present, use a soft-bristled brush to remove it from the port gently. 
  • If the debris is jammed, use a toothpick or a SIM ejecting tool to carefully dislodge it from the port. Be careful not to damage the pins or connectors.
  • Once you have removed all visible debris, plug in the charging cable to test whether the port is working.

Can an iPhone 12 charge wirelessly?

Can an iPhone 12 charge wirelessly?Source

Yes you certainly can. If your iPhone 12 fails to charge due to a faulty adapter or charging cable, you can set up and use wireless charging to juice it up. As long as you have a wireless charger that is compatible with your iPhone 12 then yes you won't have any problems charging it wirelessly. Just plug the wireless charger in and place the phone on the pad; it should start charging immediately.

iPhone 12 Mini Won't Charge

If you are suffering from an iPhone 12 mini that won't charge, it’s most likely something small that is easy to fix. 

iPhone 12 Mini Won’t Charge. Why is That?

It can be a problem with the cords or even the socket. Also, having a dirty charging port can cause the iPhone mini not to charge. 

How to Fix iPhone Mini Won’t Charge?

If your iPhone 12 Mini won't charge, reset the device and update the iOS afterward. If the issue persists, ensure the charging cable, power adapter, and power socket are working correctly. If they are, clean the charging port with a soft-bristled brush to clear any debris or dirt that may obstruct the charging process.

How to Prevent iPhone Mini Won’t Charge Problem?

Keeping the port clear of all debris and ensuring you charge the phone in a clean area. Always check over the charger end to make sure no fluff or anything is attached before putting it into your phone.

iPhone 12 Pro Won't Charge 

Are you finding that your iPhone 12 pro won't charge? If this is the case, follow along to find out why and what you can do about the problem.

Why iPhone 12 Pro Won't Charge?

A faulty lightning cable or power adapter, bent charging port pins, or overheating can stop your iPhone 12 Pro from charging. 

How To Fix iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Charge?

So first, try changing the cable and then address the overheating issues by using a thin phone cover and closing background apps. If your iPhone 12 Pro still doesn't charge, take it to a repair professional for charging port replacement

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Charge?

Ensure you always use a proper Apple charging cord and charger when your iPhone 12 Pro won’t charge. Keep the phone updated, which will help with glitches that can occur and stop the phone from charging. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max Won't Charge

Sometimes the little things can cause the iPhone 12 pro max won’t charge properly. It only takes a small bit of water or improper charging cords and corrupted files to stop the phone from charging. 

Why iPhone 12 Pro Max Won’t Charge?

Your iPhone 12 Pro Max won't charge due to iPhone 12 water in charging port or damaged charging accessories, or the current iOS is outdated or corrupt. 

How to Fix iPhone 12 Pro Max Won’t Charge Issue?

If you have updated your iPhone 12 Pro iOS and the charging cable and adapter are working fine, dry the phone, including the charging port, and use a wireless charger.  

How to Prevent iPhone 12 Pro Max Won't Charge Problem?

Always keep the phone away from water. Bathrooms create a lot of moisture which can get into the charging port on our iPhones. Avoid taking your phone into rooms with a lot of moisture and heat. Water will damage and corrode the port so it will not charge. Alwaysa try to keep your phone updated by installing updates whenever they come out.

iPhone 12 Charging Port Repair

If you cannot charge your phone with the solutions above, then it may be time to get your actual iPhone 12 charging port fixed. The cost to fix the charging port in your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro is $155.00, in iPhone 12 Pro Max is $205.00.

How to Prevent “iPhone 12 Won’t Charge” Issue in the Future?

Just doing a few extra steps when it comes to looking after your iPhone 12 will ensure you don't face the iPhone 12 won't charge problem any longer. Take a look at these precautions:

  • Always ensure you have a shockproof cover on your phone
  • Always keep the charging port clean with the correct tools
  • Keep the phone away from moisture and water
  • Make sure your phone is always updated
  • Give the phone a restart every now and again to start a fresh


In this article, we’ve discussed possible reasons why your iPhone 12 wont charge and shared a few troubleshooting hacks to help you quickly resolve the issue.

Hopefully, one of the hacks has worked for you, and your iPhone 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max are charging without further issues.



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