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Published on: 09.29.2023, Updated on: 10.18.2023

iPad Pro Won't Turn On. 5 Solutions to Get It Fixed

In a world full of modern technology, the Apple iPad is still one of the best and most commonly used tablets worldwide. People use it for multiple reasons like work, leisure, and entertainment. Its range of features and high-end hardware make it a reliable and popular device. Even though it has the latest and greatest technology, the iPad Pro can sometimes cause issues. The most common is the iPad Pro not turning on. Many people have faced this issue, but there are several ways to fix it. 

Key Takeaways

The iPad Pro not turning on is a common issue, but luckily it is easy to fix. In this article, we will discuss why your iPad Pro shuts off and won't turn on. We will also discuss quick and easy ways to fix the problem. These techniques will teach you how to fix this issue in different scenarios while saving you precious time and money.

Why Won't My iPad Pro Turn On?

There are multiple reasons why your iPad Pro might not be turning on. We will discuss some of the most recurrent ones people have faced. These reasons will help you know what to do if your iPad Pro stops turning on or shows a black screen. 

  1. A software issue is rarely why the iPad Pro is not turning on, but it can still occur. If you just updated to the latest iOS version and had an error or failure, your iOS might be corrupted. Other factors like performing a restore or jailbreaking your iPad can also cause this problem.
  2. A drained or empty battery could be the main reason for your iPad not turning on. Some people think they have enough charging and assume that some other issue is causing the black screen. But they don't realize that background apps or a low-health battery can be entirely dead even if they are not using the iPad. 
  3. If your iPad Pro is still not turning on even after plugging it in, then it means that your charger could be the culprit. Apple chargers tend to wear out or completely die after some time, so it is not uncommon. 
  4. An iPad is made of fragile internal components, so if you dropped it or caused any physical damage, it might be why it's not turning on. Even if there is no physical damage on the outside, the internal hardware could be damaged and cause the iPad not to turn. 
  5. Modern iPad Pros come with a handy, waterproof physical feature, but water can still damage your device if you're unlucky enough. If you spilled too much water on your iPad Pro or have an old non-waterproof model, water damage could be why the iPad won't boot up. 

What to do if your iPad Pro Won't Turn On?

Now that you know about problems that cause your iPad Pro not to turn on, let's talk about how to fix each of them. When you identify the primary cause of this issue, it's time to fix it or take it to an Apple-certified repair shop if you cannot fix it yourself. 

  1. The first thing you should try is plugging in your charger to your iPad Pro, as the battery might have drained even if it was at 100% the last time you checked. Get your battery replaced if you have battery draining issues. 
  2. Look for physical damage around your iPad Pro. If you can't find any visible damage, open up your iPad Pro and look for any internal damage to the hardware. If any damage is found, you just need to fix it, and the iPad Pro will turn on again. 
  3. Check if there is an issue with the screen of your iPad Pro. Sometimes the internals of the iPad can be perfectly fine, but the screen is completely dead and does not display anything. Get your screen replaced, and you can see your iPad's display again. 
  4. If your iPad is not turning on due to a software issue, then you should try doing a factory reset on your iPad Pro. If you don't want to lose your data, you can just use an iOS system recovery software to delete your current iOS and manually install a new one. 
  5. If your iPad Pro has been exposed to liquids and is not turning on, immediately dry it using a hair dryer or place it in a container and cover it with uncooked rice, as it will absorb moisture. If you didn't act fast enough and the water damage has killed the internals, seek help from Apple support. 
  6. If your iPad Pro has frozen, try a hard reset to force it to restart and clear its temporary memory. Press the 'volume up' button and release, do the same with the volume down button, and then press and hold the side button until an Apple logo appears on the screen. 

iPad Pro Won't Turn on Even When Plugged In 

If you plug the charger into your iPad Pro and it still doesn't turn on, the problem is something else. 

Why My iPad Pro Won't Turn On When Plugged In?

  • The charging cable or adapter could be damaged.
  • The battery or any other internal hardware is damaged instead.
  • It might be a software issue like the iOS is corrupted and not allowing the iPad to function properly.
  • The led screen of your iPad might be dead, which could mean your iPad is on but is just not outputting any display.

How to fix iPad Pro won't turn on when plugged in?

  • Use a different charger or get a new one.
  • Get any damaged internals repaired by an Apple-certified repair shop or a third-party repair store such as Simply Fixable. 
  • Reinstall a different version of iOS using your computer and check if that works.
  • Replace the led screen with a new one. This might fix the issue. 

iPad Pro Won't Turn On Black Screen

If your iPad Pro is not turning on and showing a black screen, there are multiple easy and quick fixes for this problem. 

Why My iPad Pro Won't Turn On and Show a Black Screen?

  • The battery of your iPad Pro could be completely exhausted, so it may not have enough power to turn on.
  • Hardware failure issues, such as a malfunctioning component, like the display or logic board, could prevent the device from turning on.
  • Physical damage from a drop or an impact could have disrupted the device's functionality.
  • The iPad Pro might be frozen or stuck due to high RAM usage or due to being used on full load for too long. 

How to fix iPad Pro Won't Turn On and Shows Black Screen?

  • Charge the iPad first. If it doesn't charge, try to change your charger cable or adapter or upgrade to a new one.
  • Let the iPad Pro charge for at least 15-30 minutes before trying to power it on again.
  • Contact Apple support or Simply Fixable if you face any hardware issues or physical damage and get them repaired.
  • If your iPad is frozen, perform a hard reset by pushing down the 'volume up' button, then push down the' volume down' button. After that, push down the side button and hold it until a restart is forced on your iPad Pro. 

iPad Pro Won't Charge or Turn On

Many people report that their iPad Pro is not charging when it's plugged in and does not turn on. There are several remedies for these issues. 

Why iPad Pro Won't Charge or Turn On?

  • A charger issue might be where a faulty charger or cable prevents the iPad Pro from charging. 
  • The battery might have stopped receiving power due to a malfunction.
  • The charging port of your iPad Pro is damaged or blocked due to dirt.

How to fix iPad Pro Won't Charge or Turn On?

  • Use a different charger or purchase a new one from the Apple store.
  • Replace the battery by going to the Apple store and buying a new authentic battery for your iPad Pro.
  • Clean your charging port to remove all dust or debris. If it's damaged, then get it repaired from Apple store or Simply Fixable. 

Brand New iPad Pro Won't Turn On

iPad Pro won't turn on


You just bought a brand new iPad Pro with your hard-earned money, you unbox it and try to turn it on, but nothing happens. Instead of panicking in this situation, try to understand the problem.

Why Brand New iPad Pro Won't Turn On?

  • The battery might be all used, which is why the iPad Pro does not have enough juice to boot up.
  • Incorrect button combinations or procedures might prevent the device from turning on.
  • New devices can sometimes experience software glitches that prevent them from turning on.
  • The iPad Pro might be defective out of the box.

How to fix Brand New iPad Pro Won't Turn On?

  • Plug in the iPad Pro and let it charge for some time before trying to turn it on again.
  • Make sure you are pressing the correct power button and the power button only. 
  • Perform a hard reset by pressing down the 'volume up' button, followed by the' volume down' button. Then press down and hold the side button until the iPad Pro fully boots up.
  • If it is defective out of the box, claim your warranty from Apple and get the device repaired and replaced for free.

iPad Pro 12.9 Won't Turn On

You don't need to worry if you have one of the latest and greatest iPad Pro 12.9, which stops turning on. We have got you covered.

Why iPad Pro 12.9 won't turn on?

  • There might be a software glitch or issue that's causing the device to be unresponsive and not turn on.
  • Physical damage on the outside or damage to the hardware of the iPad Pro 12.9.
  • Exposure to water and other liquids might have caused water damage.

How to fix iPad Pro 12.9 Won't Turn On?

  • Reinstall the iOS on your iPad Pro 12.9 on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Inspect the iPad Pro for any visible signs of physical damage. If there is significant damage, consider contacting Apple Support.
  • Place the iPad in a bag of uncooked rice or silica gel packets, as they will absorb moisture from the iPad to fix water damage.

iPad Pro 11 Won't Turn On

The iPad Pro 11 is also a beast of a tablet, but it is still prone to this issue. If you own an iPad Pro 11 and encounter a situation where it fails to power on, don't worry. We are here to provide the necessary assistance.

Why iPad Pro 11 Won't Turn On?

  • The battery might be dead or not functioning properly. 
  • Your iPad Pro might be stuck in recovery mode or update mode.
  • Accessory interference can occur as some accessories can interfere with the startup process of the iPad Pro.

How to fix iPad Pro 11 Won't Turn On?

  • Try plugging in your iPad Pro 11 for at least 15-30 minutes before trying to power it on.
  • Connect your iPad Pro 11 to a computer and use the iTunes software to restore the device.
  • Disconnect all the wireless or wired accessories connected to your iPad, and then try turning it on. 

How to Prevent this Issue in the Future?

  • Now that you have successfully recovered your iPad Pro from this issue, here's a list of ways to prevent this in the future:
  • Make sure your iPad Pro is regularly charged, and the battery has reasonable health.
  • Make sure any updates are not interrupted during their installation to avoid corruption of the software.
  • Keep your iPad Pro away from water and other liquids to prevent water damage.
  • Handle your iPad Pro with care and use a protective case to avoid any physical damage.
  • Restart your iPad Pro occasionally to allow the memory to refresh and clear any temporary glitches.

Where to get professional help for iPad Pro not Turning On?

If you are unable to do so, it is better to take your iPad to a nearby Apple repair service or Simply Fixable. If you want to get an idea about iPad repair costs, check this article.

Service Provider                    Description   Average Repair Cost           
  Apple   Official iPad repair service        $224.96
  Simply Fixable

  Local repair service


Table. iPad repair costs

*Data in the given table is based on Simply Fixable's market research and the official Apple website


iPad Pro is one of the best Apple devices in the market. But like any other gadget, they, too, can encounter issues. Luckily, as mentioned above, there are some quick ways to fix your device at home.




Author: Madiha Khadim

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