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Published on: 10.27.2023, Updated on: 11.27.2023

MacBook Won't Turn On. 6 Easy & Quick Ways to Fix it

It can be incredibly frustrating to wake up one morning and find that your MacBook won’t turn on. The panic of potentially losing all your work, pictures, and precious data will make you jump out of your bed immediately. While Apple products are known for their reliability and performance, like every other technology, they are prone to some problems. There can be many reasons why your MacBook won’t turn on, which we will discuss in detail in this article. We will also provide suitable solutions and ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

Key Takeaways

If you are in a situation asking yourself, “Why won’t my MacBook won’t turn on?” you are not alone. Many users have experienced this problem at some point in their lives. A drained battery or a serious issue like a fried circuit can cause this problem. This article dives deep into all those problems step-by-step and gives solutions and ways to prevent them in the future.

Why Won't My MacBook Turn On?

If your MacBook suddenly turns off and won’t turn on, it could be one of the following reasons.

1.       The first possibility is that your MacBook’s battery is dead. It could be preventing it from turning on.

2.       You’ve been using a faulty charger that prevents your MacBook from charging and turning on.

3.       Your MacBook’s Operating system crashed, which is causing Startup problems.

4.       If you’ve been using your MacBook for a long time in a hot temperature, this will cause your device to overheat and won’t turn on.

5.       There is a troubled peripheral device connected to your device. Such devices can cause Startup problems on your MacBook.

6.       There could be serious hardware issues like faulty RAM or problems with the logic board.

What To Do If Your MacBook Won't Turn On?

It is unlikely that the entire system of your device is corrupted. There could be a minor software glitch or a component is misbehaving. Let’s look into the solutions to get your MacBook up and running. 

1.       Ensure your MacBook is fully charged or is charging when you connect it to a charger. 

2.       Now that it is fully charged, you must boost your MacBook. Press the power button for a few seconds; if you hear the fan is running, that indicates a software problem. And if it's completely silent, something is wrong with its hardware. 

3.       If your MacBook still won't turn on, enable a power cycle. It will force restart your device. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Press the power button so the device shuts down. 
  • Next, you have to unplug the power cables attached to it. 
  • Then press the power button again. 
  • This should force restart your MacBook. 

4.       Try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) of your MacBook. Its instruction can vary depending on the model you're using.  

5.       Boot your MacBook in safe mode. You do that by pressing and holding the Shift key. Release it when your device starts up in Safe Mode. 

6.       If none of these solutions works, the problem can be hardware-related. Contact Apple support to get immediate help.

MacBook Air Won't Turn On

If you're wondering why my MacBook Air won't turn on, keep reading. This article will guide you on how to fix it.

Why Won't My MacBook Air Turn On?

1.       Your MacBook Air battery is completely drained. 

2.       You are using a damaged charger that's not charging your device. 

3.       It could be a software glitch that won't let your Mac turn on.

4.       Your device is overheated. 

5.       Some serious damage to the hardware is causing start-up issues. 

How To Fix MacBook Air That Won't Turn On?

1.       Charge your Mac for at least 30 minutes to rule out the possibility of a drained battery.

2.       Check for damage on your Mac's charger or cable. 

3.       Force restart your device by pressing the power button for 10 seconds and then releasing it. 

4.       You can try resetting PRAM or NVRAM by using specific key combinations during the start-up of your device. 

5.       Boot it in Safe mode to determine if the problem is related to software or hardware. 

How To Prevent MacBook Air Not Turning On?

1.       Use Apple-certified chargers and cables to charge your MacBook Air. 

2.       Regularly back up your data on iCloud to avoid data loss. 

3.       Always update your MacOS on time. That will prevent software-related issues. 

MacBook Pro Won't Turn On

Is your MacBook Pro not turning on? Then don’t worry, you are not alone. Some Mac users have reported this problem. Luckily, we have presented a list of solutions to troubleshoot this problem.

Why Won’t My MacBook Pro Turn On?

1.       The problem could be simple, like a dead battery.

2.       That can easily be fixed. A certain program is tampering with the Mac start-up process.

3.       You are using a damaged charger or cable. It can cause start-up problems.

4.       The MacOS crashed while using the device. Such problems are rare, but they do happen.  

5.       The problem is hardware-related and won’t be resolved without professional help.

How To Fix MacBook Pro That Won’t Turn On?

1.       You can start charging your MacBook Pro for 30 to 60 minutes.  

2.       If it doesn’t turn on, then force restart your device. The procedure is mentioned earlier.  

3.       Another way to solve this problem is by booting your device in Safe mode. This will help evaluate if the problem is software-related.  

4.       You can also boot your Mac’s Hard drive. You can do so by installing a new Operating system on the device.  

5.        If nothing works, contact Apple support or take your MacBook to an Apple store.  

How To Prevent MacBook Pro Not Turning On?

1.       Regularly back up your data so that in the case of a problem, all your precious data is saved.

2.       Ensure your MacOS and other software on your device are up to date.

3.       Be careful when using it and avoid taking it near water bodies. 

MacBook Won't Turn On Or Charge

MacBook Won't Turn On


It can be very frustrating when your MacBook won’t turn on. Your first thought is that its battery is dead, but after plugging, you find out it is not charging either. Here is what the problem could be.

Why Won’t My MacBook Turn On Or Charge?

1.       The battery is completely drained, and the device won’t turn on until fully charged.

2.       You are using a damaged cable or charger.

3.       There is some problem with the display of your Mac.

4.       Certain problems with the software are preventing it from turning on.

5.       There is some issue with the hardware of your MacBook.

How To Fix MacBook That Won’t Turn On Or Charge?

1.       Fully charge your Mac and see if it turns on then. 

2.       Make sure the charging cable is not damaged. If it is, then get a new Apple-certified cable. 

3.       If your Mac has non-removable batteries, reset the System Management Controller. 

4.       Boot your MacBook in Safe Mode. 

5.       Install a new Operating system on your device.

How To Prevent MacBook Not Turning On Or Charge?

1.       Make sure to back up your data every week. 

2.       Frequently update your macOS and software. 

3.       Carefully use your MacBook and its charging accessories. Don’t let them fall. 

4.       Always buy Apple-certified chargers and cables.

MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On Or Charge

  • If you have installed complex software on your MacBook Pro, it can cause start-up problems.
  • You are using a damaged charger. Buy a new charger from the Apple store.
  • There is an issue with the macOS. We recommend you install a new one to solve the start-up problem.
  • If the problem is hardware-related, you can get it repaired from the Apple store or a third-party repair store.

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On Or Charge

  • MacBook Air can have similar problems, like a damaged charger or cable. Replace it with a new one to fix the problem.
  • If it is software-related, installing a new macOS is the best approach.
  • Seek professional help in the case of a hardware problem.

MacBook Won't Turn On But Is Charging

Here is how you can fix this problem and prevent it from happening again.

Why Won’t My MacBook Turn On But Is Charging?

1.       There is an issue with the software of your MacBook.

2       You have attached a lot of peripheral devices to your device.

3.       The SMC of your device is not working properly

4.       There are some hardware issues. 

How To Fix MacBook That Won’t Turn On But Is Charging?

1.       Unplug all the peripheral devices attached to your MacBook.

2.       Reset the SMC of your device (Note: resetting SMC will not erase the data from your Mac)

3.       Check the battery. If it looks swollen, then that is causing start-up problems. Replace the battery as soon as possible.

4.       Attempt a power cycle on your MacBook.

How To Prevent MacBook Not Turning On But Charging?

1.       Use your MacBook and its accessories carefully. Don’t let them fall or get any physical damage.

2.       Be punctual when it comes to backing up your data.

3.       Don’t overcharge your device. This can shorten the battery life and even make it swollen.

MacBook Pro Won't Turn On But Is Charging

  • There could be something wrong with the macOS of your MacBook Pro. This can be resolved by reinstalling the operating system.
  • If your device is charging but not turning on, you can force restart it.
  • Reset the SMC of your MacBook Pro. This can help turn it on. 

MacBook Air Won't Turn On But Is Charging

The problems are the same even if you use a lighter version of the MacBook. Its solution and prevention are similar to the MacBook Pro. 

MacBook Won't Turn On and Have a Black Screen

Let's find out why you're having this problem and how to fix it.  

Why Won't My MacBook Turn On and Have a Black Screen?

1.       Maybe the power is not turned on, or the charger is not correctly connected.

2.       There are peripheral connections that are interfering with the Mac's display setting.

3.       Another possibility is that you unknowingly dimmed your laptop's screen.

4.       The macOS of your device is corrupted.

How To Fix MacBook That Won't Turn On and Have a Black Screen?

1.       Let it charge for at least 20 minutes to ensure the problem is not battery-related.

2.       Disconnect all peripheral and external devices from your MacBook.

3.       Reset your screen brightness. Press the F1 or F2 buttons to increase the screen brightness.

4.       If you know the problem is a black screen, then force restarting your Mac will help.

5.       Reset the System management controller and Mac's NVRAM settings.

How To Prevent MacBook Not Turning On and Having a Black Screen?

1.       Always use your MacBook with care, and don't let it fall.

2.       Install all the latest updates and security patches on your device.

3.       Don't attach many or unnecessary external devices to your MacBook.

MacBook Pro Won't Turn On Black Screen

  • The Black Screen problem on a MacBook Pro can be solved by switching off the Automatic Graphic Switching option.
  • Another way of solving this problem is by resetting the PRAM. The reset is just like the SMC reset.
  • Lastly, force starting works on every MacBook model.  

MacBook Air Won't Turn On Black Screen

The solutions will be similar to that of a MacBook Pro.

MacBook Suddenly Shuts Down And Won't Turn On

Why won't MacBook turn on?


You’re working on a project due in 30 minutes, and your MacBook suddenly shuts down and is now turning on. It is indeed a nerve-wracking situation. Let us help you fix your problem.

Why Did My MacBook Suddenly Shut Down And Won’t Turn On?

1.       Your device is overheated and suddenly shut down to prevent further malfunctions.

2.       The battery of your Mac is dead and won’t turn on until you fully charge it.

3.       Another reason could be a software glitch or bug.

4.       A troubled peripheral device is causing conflicts in the device.

How To Fix MacBook That Suddenly Shut Down And Won’t Turn On?

1.       Firstly, let your MacBook cool down for a while. Try turning it on after 10 minutes.

2.       Remove all the external devices and try turning the device on.

3.       If it still doesn’t work, try force start. This should start your Mac.

4.       If the problem persists, contact Apple Support. 

How to prevent MacBook from suddenly shutting down and not turning on?

1.       Don’t use your MacBook in extremely hot temperatures. If you notice it heating up, stop working on it for a while.

2.       Regularly update your device and limit external devices. 

MacBook got wet and won't turn on

There is a reason why everyone stops you from using electronic devices near water. Water damage is severe and can cost you a fortune when you’re getting it fixed. Here are some solutions you can practice.

Why won’t my MacBook turn on after getting wet?

1.       The liquid entered the internal wiring of your MacBook and damaged the logic board.

2.       Water can cause short circuits, which may be why your MacBook won’t turn on.

How to fix MacBook that won’t turn on after getting wet?

1.       Take quick action and connect all peripheral devices.

2.       Try to drain the water out. Place it in a warm place, and don’t open it up for at least 24 hours.

3.       Go to Apple support for immediate help. There is nothing else you can do at home.

How to prevent MacBook from getting wet and won’t turn on?

1.       Never use your MacBook near water, such as a bathtub or a pool.

2.       Always place your MacBook in a waterproof bag when you go out. 

My MacBook Is Cold And Won't Turn On

Just like overheating, cold MacBooks aren't even good. Here are some of the problems and their solution.

Why won't my MacBook turn on when it is cold?

1.       Cold temperature depletes the MacBook's battery, which may be why it won't turn on. 

2.       Some parts of the MacBook may have contracted due to cold temperatures. It causes start-up issues.

How To Fix A Cold MacBook That Won't Turn On

1.       Keep your Mac in a warm place until it returns to optimal temperature.

2.       After that, recharge the depleted battery.

3.       If it still won't turn on, then do force start.

4.       You can contact support if none of these solutions work.

How to prevent MacBook from getting cold and not turning on?

1.       Always use it in a place that is not too hot or cold.

2.       Put your device in a bag If you are going out in the cold temperature.

How To Prevent MacBook Not Turning On Issue? 

  • Never forget to back up your data on iCloud. 
  • Only buy your MacBook’s accessories and charger from Apple-certified suppliers and stores. 
  • Whenever a new software update comes, make sure to install it on time to prevent start-up problems. 
  • Don’t overcharge your MacBook, as this can damage its battery and cause more problems. 
  • Attach minimum external devices to your Mac.


How Do I Force Start My Mac?

  • Press the power button for 10 seconds until it turns off.
  • Let go and press the button again to restart your MacBook.

How Do I Turn On My MacBook Without The Power Button?

1.       Plug your MacBook to a charger.

2.       Press any key on the keyboard or tap on Trackpad.

3.       This will turn on your Mac.


A MacBook is an excellent device with many amazing features. But like any other device, it can face problems sometimes. Follow the guidelines given in this article and enjoy a seamless experience with your MacBook. If you cannot solve the issue by yourself, it's recommended to get your MacBook fixed by one the professional MacBook repair service providers.






Author: Madiha Khadim

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