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Published on: 04.07.2023

Lenovo Laptop Wont Turn On

Lenovo laptops are the most innovative machines with an outstanding balance between design and performance, and that’s why you’ve purchased one. However, you might be facing an issue where your Lenovo laptop wont turn on despite multiple efforts. So, to fix your problem, we will describe why you are facing the issue and provide you with a few tried and tested solutions that worked for many users. 

Key Takeaways

If your Lenovo laptop won't turn on, this usually happens due to the following reasons:

  • A dead battery
  • Incompatible power adapter or a faulty charging cable
  • Stuck sleep/hibernate state
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Low brightness level
  • Corrupt Windows update
  • Incorrect backlight settings
  • Damaged screen 

Lenovo laptop wont turn on

Many users who have a Lenovo laptop are happy with their purchase. However, if you are one of those users who recently faced an issue where your Lenovo laptop wont turn on, it can be frustrating and leave you stranded in the middle of work.

Why does my laptop wont turn on Lenovo?

Why does my laptop wont turn on Lenovo?

There can be numerous reasons why your Lenovo laptop wont turn on, including:

  • Your Lenovo laptop battery is bad and needs replacing.
  • The charging cable is faulty, or you are using an incompatible power adapter.
  • The brightness level on the laptop is adjusted too low, mimicking a turned-off system.
  • Lenovo laptop screen backlight settings are incorrect, or the screen is damaged.
  • The laptop is stuck in sleep or hibernate mode due to a faulty Power button.
  • Replacement RAM is conflicting with the Lenovo laptop motherboard.
  • A recent Windows update is contributing to the failure to turn on the system.

Now let’s discuss a few quick DIY solutions to turn on your Lenovo laptop and hope that one might work for you.  

Lenovo Laptop has a bad battery 

Lenovo Laptop has a bad battery 

Sometimes, your Lenovo laptop wont turn on if the battery simply does not have enough juice to power up the system. 

Why is my Lenovo laptop battery dead?

Your Lenovo laptop battery can be dead if you forget to charge it and leave the laptop on to turn it off by itself. 

Another reason might be that your battery is faulty and cannot hold a charge, resulting in fast drainage time that causes the laptop not to turn on.

How do I fix the Lenovo laptop battery? 

To diagnose the issue accurately, simply connect the power adapter to your Lenovo laptop and wait 10-15 minutes to let it charge. Afterward, press the Power button on the laptop and wait for it to turn on.

If your Lenovo laptop still wont turn on, ask a professional at the nearby computer repair store to replace the old battery with a new one. 

Incompatible Power Adapter or Faulty Charging cable

Faulty Charging cableSource

It is possible that your laptop is plugged into the power adapter but failed to charge the battery.

In this case, there might be an issue with the power adapter or the charging cable. 

Why is my Lenovo laptop plugged in but not charging?

The charging cable that comes with the Lenovo power adapter often gets damaged, resulting in no charge, and the laptop won't turn on later. 

Another reason might be that you are using a counterfeit power adapter that fails to charge the battery or not doing so adequately enough for proper system booting functionality. 

A faulty power outlet can also be the culprit for your Lenovo laptop plugged in but not charging. 

How do I fix Lenovo laptop charging issue?

The first thing you can try to fix your Lenovo charging issue is to simply plug it into another working power outlet.

If the issue persists, buy another charging cable and see if the laptop can charge the battery and turn on. The next thing to check is to verify that you are using the correct power adapter. 

For this, plug the AC adapter into a power outlet and your Lenovo laptop. If the laptop does not show a power indicator light or the battery indicator in the Windows taskbar fails to display a charging progress bar, try another compatible Lenovo AC adapter. 

Important Info: While charging your Lenovo laptop, plug the power adapter into a power outlet instead of a docking station or a power bank. 

Corrupt Windows Update

Corrupt Windows UpdateSource

In rare scenarios, your Lenovo laptop wont turn on after the Windows OS is updated either automatically or if you choose to do so to resolve existing bugs. 

Why does my Lenovo laptop wont turn after updating Windows?

Your Lenovo laptop might not turn on after updating Windows due to the corrupt updated firmware. The new patches in the software can hinder the performance of the system, shutting it down permanently or failing to boot.  

How do I repair Windows 10 startup on Lenovo?

You can troubleshoot Windows 10 or 11 boot issues on Lenovo by trying to boot it into Safe mode. If it does, uninstall the latest Windows update and verify that the laptop is turning on in normal mode. 

How to fix a Lenovo laptop that wont turn on?

How to fix a Lenovo laptop that wont turn on?

If your Lenovo laptop wont turn on after trying the above fixes, and you are scratching your head, there are a few workarounds you can try before giving up on the system and taking it for repairs. 

Low Brightness Level

Sometimes, the brightness level on your Lenovo laptop is set to too low that it may appear to have no power. So try increasing the brightness level by pressing the Fn and Home keys or simply pressing the F6 key.

Damaged Screen

If your Lenovo laptop Power LED lights up when you press it, and you can hear all the noise a system makes while booting up without any display, there is an issue with the backlight.

To confirm this, press the Fn and Space keys together and see if the backlight improves. If not, your Lenovo laptop screen is damaged. You cannot fix this issue on your own, and you need to contact a repair store to replace your damaged screen. 

Stuck In Sleep/Hibernate Mode

If you have enabled the setting on your Lenovo laptop to sleep or hibernate after a specific time of inactivity or closing the lid, it can get stuck and wont turn on later. There can be many reasons for this issue, including a system crash, which you can solve by resetting your laptop.

To reset your Lenovo laptop:

  • Unplug the power adapter from the laptop and the main wall.
  • Disconnect external devices.
  • If your Lenovo laptop has an internal battery, straighten a paper clip and put it into the reset pinhole at the bottom in older models and beside the Power button in newer laptops. 
  • Press and hold the paper clip for a few seconds.
  • If your laptop has a removable battery without a reset pinhole or Nova button, press the Power button and hold it for about 10 seconds to complete the reset process.

Note: In a few Lenovo laptops, you can press the Novo button to hard reset the system.

Your Lenovo laptop should turn on automatically now. If it does not, there might be an issue with the Power button, which does not let it come out of sleep or hibernate state when you press it. 

So, it is best to call a professional and ask for their help to look at the Power button and carry on with the repairs to fix the issue professionally.

Hardware Conflicts

If you have recently upgraded the specs, like RAM, it may cause a conflict with your Lenovo laptop due to improper installation. To fix this issue, ask a professional to reseat the RAM and make the laptop turn on again. 

Lenovo yoga laptop wont turn on

If your Lenovo Yoga laptop wont turn on after trying the above fixes, there is one little trick you can try that works for most users.

First, disconnect your Lenovo Yoga laptop from the power adapter and take out the removable battery. Next, press the Power button 10 times at one-second intervals, and then press the hold the Power button for 30 seconds. 

Now put the battery back in your Lenovo Yoga laptop and see if it turns on this time.


In this article, we've explored why your Lenovo laptop won’t turn on and explained a few solutions to resolve the issue at your home. 

Hopefully, one of the fixes has worked for you, and now you can carry on your academic or work tasks on your laptop without facing further issues. 

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